Commandment of Pants
Fan Art

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Here is where the Mankin fan art goes! It doesn't necessarily have to do with Hao's pants, but whatever. ^_^ I've changed the format to text listing because there were so few thumbnails it just looked kinda sad. Send me your fan art! Weh! >.<



Obey the Pants!!

Not the legoes!

A nice, monochrome, sparkly~ Ren.

Lyserg. o.O

Manta, who is by accident a bit taller than he should be. ...Manta loves me now. XD

Horo Horo as a Spirit ball! ...This is so cute. XD

Another Spiritball! Ish Yoh~!

An irate Spiritballed Ren XD

An even more irate Ren in a really floofy dress. XD

Floating Horohoro Heads!

Likewise, Floating Yoh Heads!


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