Commandment of Pants

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Why are Hao's pants the best, you ask?

1. They are floofy.
2. They have stars. Stars are good. And kind of a theme in Mankin.
3. They are unique. Who else has pants like that?
4. They're extravagant enough to make an impression, and yet not too gaudy.
5.  They are probably fireproof. That's a plus!
6.  They belong to Hao, who is spiffy, not to mention very powerful.
7.   They direct your attention away from Hao's scrawniness...momentarily.
8.    The belt matches the gloves!
9.     It also matches the earrings. Where'd Hao GET this outfit?
10.    They have a shrine. Do your pants have a shrine? I think not!
"If you threw an insane amount of crack, lucky charms, and Hot Topic merchandise into a blender, you'd get Hao's pants." - Flyingcucumber


That is enough reasons to convince people of the greatness of Hao's pants, yes?