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You have just entered room "Wedding of RC and Horo Horo."
drgnelf88 has entered the room.
HighPriestessKal has entered the room.
HighPriestessKal: Whee! Congratulations RC and Horo Horo!
drgnelf88: ^.^
Wingweaver Hope: wheeeeeere is Niisan.....
Zeikfried182 has entered the room.
Wingweaver Hope: there he is!
Wingweaver Hope: alright!
Wingweaver Hope: Here's the prest!
Wingweaver Hope: *shoves Miroku in*
Wingweaver Hope: Hes a monk............ close enough
HighPriestessKal: >>
drgnelf88: hehe
Wingweaver Hope: and Niisan will kill him if he tries to marry me @@
ScurvyPeep: ...Miroku, whoo! O.o;
Wingweaver Hope: ok!
Wingweaver Hope: is everyone ready?!
ScurvyPeep: Hai~! ^_^
HighPriestessKal: Yep!
ScurvyPeep: Yoh: ^_^
Zeikfried182: that and my guardian will be watching him, come here seiryuu!
Wingweaver Hope: Seiryuu; *watches Miroku like a hawk*
Wingweaver Hope: Miroku; ^^;; Aheheh.. Well.... let's get this started........
Zeikfried182: If he does anything funny beat him
HighPriestessKal: *pulls Noa next to her* Sit down and be good now!
Wingweaver Hope: Seiryuu: *nods*
Wingweaver Hope: OK! *goes to the back of the @@*
Zeikfried182: Kenshin, inuyasha, and a few others take empty seats
ScurvyPeep: **fixing Yoh's tie** You can't be haphazard today _~_
drgnelf88: Pyra: *sitting with Kaya and Istas*
Wingweaver Hope: Eiko: *running around* I want floweeeeers!
drgnelf88: Pyra: good now
drgnelf88: Istas: *sleeping in one of the seats*
HighPriestessKal: Inuyasha, don't fight with Yoh today...
Wingweaver Hope: Chouji and Miyuki: *grab Eiko and force her to sit down by Gochien and Goten* Stay with Dad!
ScurvyPeep: Chocolove: ... **skitters over to set up DJ stuff**
Wingweaver Hope: Eiko: *pouts*
Zeikfried182: Inuyasha: I'll do what I want since kagome isn't here!
FullMoonChan450 has entered the room.
ScurvyPeep: Oh dear god. _~_
Wingweaver Hope: Kagome: >.> You were saying?
FullMoonChan450: Allo.^^ Mr. Panda: *waves*
HighPriestessKal: Well, ok.. as long as no ramen is around >>
ScurvyPeep: Kagome! **perks up!**
Wingweaver Hope: Kagome: Ahem. Sit.
Zeikfried182: Inuyasha: AHHHH!!!
Zeikfried182: *thud*
ScurvyPeep: **wince**
Wingweaver Hope: Miroku: *awtches them all boredly*
FullMoonChan450: Poor Inu...
drgnelf88: Kaya: *wearing a dress and is not happy about it*
Wingweaver Hope: OK!!!!!!!! Let's go poeples!
ScurvyPeep: **cue music!**
Zeikfried182: Oh seiryuu, spray him
drgnelf88: ^.^
FullMoonChan450: Uhh, not yet..^^;; I gotta do the dishes...
Wingweaver Hope: Seiryuu: *does!*
Zeikfried182: he kinda smells
Wingweaver Hope: Miroku: *wet......*
Wingweaver Hope: Pirika, you're the flower girl!
Zeikfried182: *Gochien roars with laughter*
Wingweaver Hope: You go first!
ScurvyPeep: Pirika: Hai! **skipples out, pretty white flower petals**
Zeikfried182: where am I? *looks around*
Wingweaver Hope: *grabs romp and hauls him back* You stay with me!
Wingweaver Hope: Manta: *walks forward in a tux with the rings, red*
ScurvyPeep: Okay, so now it's HoroHoro, right? Aooh, we didn't have a rehersal _~_
Zeikfried182: KOOL I didn't even dress up *is supporting his tux t-shirt*
Zeikfried182: XD
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: *comes out in his black and blueish purple outfit*
Wingweaver Hope: AWWWWWWWWW HE'S SO HANDSOME!!!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: Ren: ..... Doesnt look any different to me.
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: *goes up to Miroku, eyes him warily*
Zeikfried182: *confusion sets in*
Wingweaver Hope: Miroku: *eyes back*
ScurvyPeep: **bonks Ren as she walks out with Yoh, followed by the other bridesmaids/groomsmen**
Wingweaver Hope: Ren: *walks out*
ScurvyPeep: Lyserg: **wearing the floofy white shirt/red tie thing! It's so kyoot awwh! Walks out too**
Wingweaver Hope: Ren: *escorting Jun with Pailong*
ScurvyPeep: Lyserg: **escorting Tamao** O.o
Wingweaver Hope: ANd they get up to the top! Whee!
Zeikfried182: (psst, hey goten I'm hungry)
Wingweaver Hope: Okay, Niisan! ^^ I'm ready! *flicks him* Are you even paying attention?!
Wingweaver Hope: Goten: *blinks*
Zeikfried182: Niisan: OW! Yes I was paying attention imouto
Wingweaver Hope: Well? My husband to be is waiting for me! >.<!
Wingweaver Hope: walk me down the aisle!
Zeikfried182: niisan: oh haha lets fly!
Wingweaver Hope: >.>
Wingweaver Hope: *flicks him*
Zeikfried182: *escorts his little sister down the aisle*
Wingweaver Hope: ^^ Thank you!
Zeikfried182: (Don't flick me anymore that hurts)
Wingweaver Hope: (XD)
Wingweaver Hope: *gets to the aisle!*
Wingweaver Hope: Or what ever it is.....
Wingweaver Hope: lol
Zeikfried182: *finally gets to the very top of the aisle and gives Horo Horo the evil eye*
Wingweaver Hope: Miroku: Alright. I am a monk. I do not know how to do a wedding. So. *looks at Horo Horo* Do you take RC to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and cherish her, in sickness and in health and all that othe stuff?
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: ^_^ Hai! *glares at Romp*
Zeikfried182: *thinks: Oh I would love it if seiryuu sprays him right now! XD*
Wingweaver Hope: Miroku: *looks at RC* Do you take Horo Horo to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and cherish him, in sickness and in health and all that othe stuff?
Wingweaver Hope: RC: HAAAAAAAAI! ^_^
Wingweaver Hope: Miroku: I now prounounce you man and wife. Kiss her.
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: *does!*
Wingweaver Hope: Goten: ewwwwww..........
Wingweaver Hope: Eiko: *covers eyes*
Wingweaver Hope: Chouji: ick......
Wingweaver Hope: Miyuki: AWWWWWWWW!
HighPriestessKal: Noa: *takes pictures*
ScurvyPeep: (( Oi, can I bring my friend in? =D ))
Zeikfried182: Gochien: I don't do that with Anmarica
Wingweaver Hope: ((sure!))
Wingweaver Hope: Manta: *grin!*
Zeikfried182: *Inuyasha looks in horror*
KamunaSan has entered the room.
Wingweaver Hope: RC: *grabs Horo Horo and runs over to the reception food thing.....*
ScurvyPeep: Yoh: **grins in the Yoh way**
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: *heads towards the food*
ScurvyPeep: (( Minna, this is Suka-chan! =3 ))
Wingweaver Hope: *smacks him* HORO! DANCE WITH ME!
Zeikfried182: Gochien: FOOD!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: Hiya Suka! XD
KamunaSan: (( Kon'wa~! --wavewave; wedding sparkle-- ))
: Hello Suka!
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: ^^ *dances with RC to Real Emotion*
Wingweaver Hope: RC: Whee!
ScurvyPeep: Yoh: ... **has to do a toast! o_o! **
HighPriestessKal: Oh! Food time already? Come on Noa!
Wingweaver Hope: RC: .... Chocolove stop the music!
HighPriestessKal: Noa: *keeps taking pictures*
Wingweaver Hope: RC: Yoh has to toast before we eat!
Zeikfried182: Gochien looks in disappoint ment: That's it?
ScurvyPeep: Chocolove: ... *nodnod** o.o; **flicks it off**
KamunaSan: ....--disappointed look--
Wingweaver Hope
: Horo Horo: *looks at the best man!*
Wingweaver Hope: *whispers to Horo Horo* I hope Anna didn't cause him to much pain with it @@
Zeikfried182: niisan: Where's the bar? Weddings always have a bar
Zeikfried182: Kenshin: Shut up that you must
ScurvyPeep: Yoh: ... **Anna was locked in a dungeon, remember! Prepared nothing! Walks calmly and confidently over, will have to wing it!** n_n ...
Wingweaver Hope: Lmao!
ScurvyPeep: Yoh: n_n Well, HoroHoro has always been a good friend to everyone, but the whole time I knew him he had always wanted a girlfriend. ^_^ It's so good to see RC make him happy, and I know everything will turn out great between them.
FullMoonChan450: ^^
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: *beams*
Wingweaver Hope: that it?
ScurvyPeep: Yoh: n_n Kanpai! **holds up goblet thingy**
Wingweaver Hope: *holds up cup!*
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: *holds up other cup*
ScurvyPeep: Lyserg: Cheers ^^ **cup**
Zeikfried182: *holds up goblet*
KamunaSan: --follows suit-- n.n
Wingweaver Hope
: Ren: *holds up cup looking bored*
ScurvyPeep: **sigh of relief! Not bad for impromptu, Yoh. o.o**
ScurvyPeep: **holds up glass!**
Zeikfried182: (Thinks: THIS IS WHITE GRAPE JUICE!!)
HighPriestessKal: *claps and holds up cup*
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: *holds up cup, wondering if there's any dragon rum around*
FullMoonChan450: *holds up a cup too*
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: *holds up cup!* ^_^
ScurvyPeep: _~_ **sweatdrops at Kaiba**
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: .....................If that's wine, you're not getting any, Mokuba.
Zeikfried182: *Inuyasha holds up his cup:* Kagome what is this stuff?
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: *sighs* I know.
HighPriestessKal: Noa: *holds up cup* ^-^
Wingweaver Hope: Kagome: It's called wine. *cup!*
ScurvyPeep: Yoh: **takes a seat, Yoh-laugh** n__n
Zeikfried182: Inuyasha: Is it any good?
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: *drinks some soda instead*
Wingweaver Hope: Kagome: Try it. I don't want any.
Wingweaver Hope: *drags Horo Horo out to dance!* Choco! Music!
Wingweaver Hope: I wanna sing and dance!
Zeikfried182: Inu: Then what do you want *drinks* mmm liquid candy
HighPriestessKal: Oh, and if anyone was wondering, I brought Dragon Rum if nobody else did >> *points to beverages's table*
ScurvyPeep: Chocolove: **musics!**
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: *goes to get some!*
Wingweaver Hope: Kagome: Ahe..... >.>;;
HighPriestessKal: *claps to music's beat*
Zeikfried182: *Niisan charges to the beverage table* Seiryuu get seto away from that table!
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: ....................*pouts, wishing someone would dance with him*
drgnelf88: Pyra: .......*trying to drag a sleeping Istas out of the church thingy*
HighPriestessKal: Noa: *keeps taking pictures and video tapes this for memorial!*
drgnelf88: Kaya: *waves at Mokuba*
Wingweaver Hope: LOL
FullMoonChan450: Uhh, is it ok if I brought Mr. Panda with me?^^;
drgnelf88: Pyra: C"MOOOOON ISTAS!!!!!
drgnelf88: Pyra: THERE"S FOOD RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: Kaya! *waves and walks up to her* uh....................*turns red* Do
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: Doyouwannadanceiwhtme? *very veyr fast*
ScurvyPeep: ... Bakuraaaa! ^o^ **drags him over to dance with her**
drgnelf88: Kaya: SURE!! *blush*
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: ^_^! *and they dance!*
HighPriestessKal: *sits and watches everyone dance* ^^
Wingweaver Hope: Awwwwwwww lookie the cute couple! *points at Moku and Kaya*
Wingweaver Hope: MOkuba: *red!!!!!*
FullMoonChan450: *takes a picture* Kawaii~!^^
drgnelf88: Pyra: *manages to get Istas in the reception area*
Wingweaver Hope: Seiryuu: *sprays Seto*
drgnelf88: Pyra: *PANT PANT*
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: ....................................
Zeikfried182: *Inu drags kagome to dance, hes got a buzz going*
Wingweaver Hope: Kagome: @@
Wingweaver Hope: Miroku: *wants to dance with Kagome*
drgnelf88: Istas: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Wingweaver Hope: Kagome: >.> Oh no you dont!
Wingweaver Hope: Kagome: *qukcly dances with Inu*
Wingweaver Hope: *quickly*
Zeikfried182: *Gochien blasts miroku* I asked her
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *has gotten to the wedding somehow and jumps up on Seto*
Wingweaver Hope: Miroku: @@ ASked who/
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: ...................Hello...............................What are you doing here
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *CHIRP!!!!!*
HighPriestessKal has left the room.
Zeikfried182: *anmarica stares at him* You asked who?! *gochien blushes and goes with her to the dance floor*
FullMoonChan450: *looks around* I wonder where Domon is...
ScurvyPeep: **skitters out to help Suka with the UTB's surprise for RC!**
KamunaSan: >.> <.< --skitters out with Des, humming brightly to herself--
: **and yanks Chocolove out with her** >D
Zeikfried182: *niisan stays by the drinks guarding the dragon rum*
HighPriestessKal has entered the room.
FullMoonChan450: wb Kal-chan!^^
ScurvyPeep: Chocolove: Ack! Oi! ><
KamunaSan: --pops her head back in!-- Anou! Minna-san? May i have your attention? =D
: Eh, sorry people! ^^;
FullMoonChan450: Hai?
drgnelf88: Pyra: *gets Draken to keep her company*
ScurvyPeep: RC deserves the bestest music EVER at her wedding, soooo we chucked Chocolove and got~!
Wingweaver Hope: *perks up*
HighPriestessKal: *pays attention*
FullMoonChan450: Chocobo music?
KamunaSan: THE~ Nittle Grasper. Bask in thier glory. >3333
Wingweaver Hope: *faints*
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: @@...........
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: *douses smoe water on her*
moonymonster has entered the room.
Zeikfried182: Niisan: o.O
Wingweaver Hope: *leaps up* AAAAAAH NITTEL GRASPER!!!!!!!!!
moonymonster: wheeee
moonymonster: how much did I miss?
Wingweaver Hope: RYU-CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!
FullMoonChan450: Ano...I'll probably end up getting killed for this question but...who's Nittle Grasper?^^;;;;
Wingweaver Hope: *runs up to play Sleepless Beauty!!!!!!!*
Wingweaver Hope: I wana plaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!!!!!! and siiiiiiiiiing!
Wingweaver Hope: START THE MUSIC!!!!!!
Zeikfried182: I'm wonderin the same thing, don't feel bad
FullMoonChan450: Okie.^.^
KamunaSan: =^-^= --smiles brightly; jabs Ryu-chan til he goes serious and starts-- >D
: .......
Wingweaver Hope: *plays!*
ScurvyPeep: Tohma: ^_^ ... **goes serious too, play!**
KamunaSan: .........but you never meet any Bad Luck fans. ._.
: Can I bring Rockman into this craziness?
Wingweaver Hope: TOHMAAAAAAAAAAA! *would glomp Tohma but playing!*
moonymonster: I want to rp too ... and I think I'm not allowed to do Mokuba
ScurvyPeep: **patpats Shuichi, he'll get his chance soon** n_n
moonymonster: .....dude, that sounds wrong.....
Wingweaver Hope: ((*gives Mokuba to Marisa* He's dancing with Kaya now XD!!!!!))
moonymonster: ((KAWWWAII!!!))
HighPriestessKal: ((What's everyone currently doing? *is kind of lost*))
ScurvyPeep: Tohma: **lets RC play with them, because it's her wedding day. Nice guy when he's not being sadistic!**
KamunaSan: Because. You know. Pink-haired vocalists kick all SORTS of ass. --pokes Nori-chan out too-- n.n
: ((Apparently Mokuba is dancing with Kaya....))
Wingweaver Hope: Todokanu hikari no yukue azayakani ......................... HELP!
Zeikfried182: Niisan: Kenshin did I miss anything? Kenshin: Pretty much everything, that you did
Wingweaver Hope: I dont remember the rest of the words!
moonymonster: *pokes Kaya*
FullMoonChan450: (I'm pretty much just watching everybody dance while looking for Domon and Mr. Panda's laying on the ground eating some bamboo I gave him.^^)
drgnelf88: Kaya: OW!!!!
drgnelf88: Kaya: don't DO that
drgnelf88: Kaya: bad enough I'm in a dress
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: *glaring at Kaya and Mokuba dancing*
KamunaSan: Ryu: --guides her through it!-- =D
: Mokuba: o_O *shoves Marisa away*
HighPriestessKal: Oh! Did Seto get any Dragon Rum yet?
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *attacks Seto's collar*
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: No *glares at blasted Seiryuu*
moonymonster: ((By the way, I adopted Mokuba a looonnnng time ago, so he calls me Okaasan, okay?))
KamunaSan: (( You take keep Tohma, Des, that's just too much for me to deal with. n.n; ))
Wingweaver Hope
: Seto: >.<
HighPriestessKal: Aww. Poor Seto
ScurvyPeep: (( Sure. XD ))
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *chirp?*
Wingweaver Hope: *sings away!*
moonymonster: Hey, Seto-kuuuuuun......I have dragon rum *holds up a giant jug*
Zeikfried182: *Niisan laughs standing next to seiryuu*
FullMoonChan450: XD
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: *grabs it and chugs*
ScurvyPeep: (( I already took Tohma, anyway. ))
HighPriestessKal: *grabs a bottle and hands it to Seto*
drgnelf88: Pyra: o.O
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: *grabs that and chugs too*
FullMoonChan450: He'll be out in no time!^^
moonymonster: Mokuba: .....oh lord.....
drgnelf88: Pyra: *gets Kubbie before Seto passes out*
HighPriestessKal: Yeah! ^^^
HighPriestessKal: *^^
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: .....................................
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: *looks around for someone to dance with*
moonymonster: ...who's Kubbie?
ScurvyPeep: **applauds for RC and NG!** ^O^
moonymonster: Sparky: *eats the wedding cake*
Wingweaver Hope: ^_______^!
drgnelf88: Pyra: The gryphon I bought Seto
FullMoonChan450: *hands Seto a bottle of Dragon Rum*^^ Here ya go!^.^
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: *chugs it!*
HighPriestessKal: Wedding cake! >>!
KamunaSan: --applaud! sparkly eyed, as she usually is in the presence of live music, ah well--
: He's getting a lot of Dragon Rum today ^^;
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: .... *grabs RC and dances with her*
ScurvyPeep: Yoh: **smile! Goes to dance by himself~**
moonymonster: Mokuba: *pales in fear*
Wingweaver Hope: @@.................................. SETO'S DANCING WITH ME!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEE!
moonymonster: you know, I've never seen Seto drunk
ScurvyPeep: Lyserg: **sitting at a table, watching it all quietly with a little smile**
drgnelf88: Pyra: *hands Kubbie to Draken* take care of her will you?
FullMoonChan450: Oh it's quite hilarious when he is.^^
Zeikfried182: Hey seiryuu, I guess there's no need to guard it anymore. *starts chugging* mmm liquid candy
drgnelf88: Draken: ........uh....sure?
HighPriestessKal: It's quite and experience, really! ^^;
moonymonster: Sparky: *wonders if she can eat Draken*
moonymonster: WHO THE HELL IS KUBBIE?!?!
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *runs around on Draken's shoulders*
FullMoonChan450: Kubbie is Seto's pet Gryphon!^^
ScurvyPeep: Faust: It's so romantiiiic **drapes an arm over his Eliza, heart heart heart**
drgnelf88: Pyra: I TOLD YOU!!!!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: *pokes Seto*
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: ........................ *falls over*
Wingweaver Hope: o.o
moonymonster: Sparky: Can I eat it?
drgnelf88: Pyra: I wouldn't do taht
drgnelf88: *that
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: *leaps up runs over to sparky and strangesl her* TOUCH HER AND DIIIIIIIIE!
moonymonster: Sparky: Can I eat that dragon too? He looks yummy
drgnelf88: Pyra: ^.^
drgnelf88: Draken: o.O
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: *suddenly goes limp and passes out*
moonymonster: Sparky: ACCCCKK!!! *eats Seto*
drgnelf88: Draken: everyone hates me
FullMoonChan450: *blinks*
Wingweaver Hope: ..... Mokuba, it ate your brother......
Zeikfried182: *niisan gives death glare* You can't eat my guardian!
moonymonster: Mokuba: O____O NIISAMA!! *grabs Sparky and cuts her gut open*
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: *falls out*
moonymonster: Sparky: @_@
drgnelf88: Kaya:
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: @@,,,,,,
moonymonster: (did you know Sparky is eight inches long? I wonder how she eats all this...)
drgnelf88: Kaya: I WANTED TO DO THAT DAMMIT!!!!!!!!
ScurvyPeep: **sweat... drop...**
moonymonster: Mokuba: Are you okay Niisama??!!??!
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: @@..........
drgnelf88: Kaya: get to have all the fun.....
Wingweaver Hope: *pokes Ryu* Sing anothre song!
HighPriestessKal: >>! Seto are you ok? oo
moonymonster: Sparky: I'm....alive.....
Wingweaver Hope: *glomps Tohma* TOHMA-KUUUUUUUN!
moonymonster: Mokuba: *steps on Sparky*
ScurvyPeep: Shining collection~ <.< >.>
drgnelf88: Kaya: unfortunately
Wingweaver Hope: YESH!!!!!!!! SING SING SING!
moonymonster: ........
ScurvyPeep: Tohma: !! ... <.< o_O
KamunaSan: Ryu: o.o Happy wedding day, na no da! =^_____^= --strikes into Shining Collection-- >D
Wingweaver Hope: ^_^ Tohma you're so coooooool!
Wingweaver Hope: *shoves him* NOW GO PLAY!
moonymonster: I gotta go
moonymonster has left the room.
KamunaSan: Noriko: --winks, for lack of better things to do; play!--
Wingweaver Hope
: oo
HighPriestessKal: Bye >>
Wingweaver Hope: Noriko!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're my idol!!!!!!!!!!
ScurvyPeep: Tohma: Oi!
Wingweaver Hope: I learned how to play Sleepless Beauty just cuz you inspired me!!!!!!!!!
KamunaSan: Noriko: --who, ore-sama? type gesture-- ^-~
: Draken: *still trying to keep Kubbie under control* GAH!!!!!
drgnelf88: Draken: It doesn't like me!!!
Wingweaver Hope: ^_^ Hai, you Nori-sama!
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *chirps reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaally loud in Draken's ear*
Wingweaver Hope: ^_^ *thinks Nori-sams is the BEST!!!!*
drgnelf88: Draken: AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: *Nori-sama
drgnelf88: Draken: *claps hand over his ear*
KamunaSan: It's so nice to meet someone with appreciateion for the fine arts. n.n
: Hai! ^-^
KamunaSan: Ryu: --sings, cos he's RYU, and that's what he does--
: Aww, gtg everyone. Save some wedding cake for me and could someone please send me the chat? I want to read it!
drgnelf88: Pyra: *pokes Seto*
HighPriestessKal has left the room.
ScurvyPeep: Yoh: **looks calm and smiley as usual**
ScurvyPeep: ....... ........ -CAKE!-
drgnelf88: Pyra:'re gryphon is doing a number on my boyfriend!
KamunaSan: --not leaving the stage area. FOR ANYTHING.--
: Pyra: much longer and he won't be sane.....
Zeikfried182: 1/\/\ 901|\|9 2 90 2 J4P4|\| 2 937 |)3P0R73|), 1375 90 531R`/(_)(_)
ScurvyPeep: Tohma: **Really? He's going to stop for cake...**
drgnelf88: Pyra: *looks back at Kubbie trying to eat Draken's hand*
KamunaSan: --honto ni. n.n--
Wingweaver Hope
: Seto: @@>.........
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: *grabs Kubbie sinces he's sober*
drgnelf88: Draken: GOD!!!!!!!! IT"S THE GRYPHON FROM HELL OR SOMETHING!!!!!
KamunaSan: Ryu: --waves THE BUNNY around!-- Kumagorou wants cake too, na no da!
Wingweaver Hope
: KUMA-CHAAAAAAN! *hugs the bunny*
ScurvyPeep: Tohma: **It's an important part of the wedding. Band shouldn't take sight away from the actual event!**
drgnelf88: Kubbie: ^.^ *glad to be back with one of her owners*
drgnelf88: Pyra: *comforts Draken*
KamunaSan: --but it's a STAGE. I can't leave a STAGE. o.o--
: Draken: .....never give me that thing again!
KamunaSan: Nori: --suit yourself~! hops down--
: Pyra: okay then
ScurvyPeep: Tohma: ^_^ I hope you don't mind, RC?
Wingweaver Hope: Nope! *glomps him*
KamunaSan: Ryu: Oooh~! Kumagoro likes you, na no da. =DDDD
Wingweaver Hope
: *hugs Kumagorou*
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *playing in Mokuba's hair*
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: Don't get lost in it again.....
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *chirp? Pokes her head out*
ScurvyPeep: Itadaikimasu! ^o^
ScurvyPeep: Cut the cake, RC, HoroHoro!
Wingweaver Hope: Ren: *drinking 3 glasses of milk*
Wingweaver Hope: *grabs Horo Horo and goes to cut the cake with him*
Wingweaver Hope: *and they both cut the cake*
FullMoonChan450: Yay!^^
Wingweaver Hope: *and eat the first piece!*
ScurvyPeep: Manta, you're recording this with your ever-present cameras, ne?
drgnelf88: Pyra: I love....CAKE!!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: Manta: ^_^ Hai!
ScurvyPeep: Oh good. ^^
drgnelf88: Draken: .......that's nice......
ScurvyPeep: **skitters over to get cake, knocking over Ren**
Wingweaver Hope: Ren: GAH!
Wingweaver Hope: *blinks* Des you should dance with Yoh!
ScurvyPeep: ...Eh? o.o
Wingweaver Hope: Or Ren!
KamunaSan: --SOMEHOW manages to tear herself away from the stage and join the rest of the world-- Oo;
: *blink*
Wingweaver Hope: Yoh can dance with uuuuuuh Des and Ren can dance with SUka!
Wingweaver Hope: Ren: @@
KamunaSan: ...--bursts out laughing--
: ^^
FullMoonChan450: Can I take pictures?
ScurvyPeep: Figures you get randomly paired with the cold one. XD
Wingweaver Hope: SOMEONE has to dance with Ren! *make it her missions to get REn to dance!*
KamunaSan: It's my FATE. XD
Wingweaver Hope
: Ren: I do not dance, kisama!
drgnelf88: Pyra: *eating cake*
FullMoonChan450: At this wedding, you do!^^
Zeikfried182: ren? where's stimpy? lol *hides*
FullMoonChan450: XD
KamunaSan: Everyone dances. =D
: ... I'll dance with Ren, because he's got Kwan. =D
FullMoonChan450: I dunno who to ask to dance though..^^;
drgnelf88: Draken: *sitting with Istas* -_-...I feel so alone.....
Wingweaver Hope: Ren: *slowly turns to glare at Romp, getting veeeeeeeeeery red and shaking*
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: I'll dance with you, Chikolin! ^^
Wingweaver Hope: Ren: *throws Kwan Dao at RomP!*
FullMoonChan450: ^^ Ok Mokuba
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *right in Mokuba's ear....Chirp?*
Zeikfried182: O.o;;
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: *sets Kubbie on Seto's head and goes to dance with Chikolin*
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *looks at Seto from the top of his head*......*cocks head.......mrrrrrrrp?*
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: *blinks, staring at the ceiling*
ScurvyPeep: **eats cake... and has the feeling looming over her that RC will have her dance with SOME Mankin bish before the event is over**
FullMoonChan450: Ok Mr. Panda, you stay here and be good. I'll be back in a little bit.^.^ Mr. Panda: *nods, acting like he understands*
KamunaSan: Ryu: --having cake and waving Kumagoro rather animatedly about-- =D
Wingweaver Hope
: Des, dance with Ryu!
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *very confused at Seto's condition*....*climps down to his chest and nuzzles his chin*
ScurvyPeep: .... Oooo...
KamunaSan: No girl can turn that down. XD
Wingweaver Hope
: *thinks* Hmmmmm maybe if Kubbie picks him in the head really hard......
Wingweaver Hope: *percks
ScurvyPeep: Nope! XD
Wingweaver Hope: *pecks!
KamunaSan: Ryu: --blink-- Nan'?
: Pyra: ^.^ *eating more cake*
Zeikfried182: ((who is kewn dao? *hides because of P|-|34R of thrown objects*))
ScurvyPeep: **glomps Ryu** n_n Well, you heard her.
drgnelf88: Kaya: didn't you already have your piece, Pyra?
ScurvyPeep: **drag, sparkle**
drgnelf88: Pyra: *has a mouth full of cake* NO!!!
KamunaSan: Ryu: --random cheer, strong of "na no da"s--
Wingweaver Hope
: Kwan Dao is Ren's........glaive thingy
drgnelf88: Kaya: -_-
ScurvyPeep: ((Kwan dao is Ren's glaive ))
KamunaSan: (( String. XD; ))
: ^O^ **glee!**
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *hear what RC said and pecks Seto's forhead a few times*
drgnelf88: *heard
FullMoonChan450: *dances with Mokuba*
KamunaSan: Ryu: --and thus! Sakuma-sama dances with Des - the lucky girl - whilst Noriko ingests a very small amount of cake. Oo--
: Kaya: *now sitting with Draken and still sleeping Istas*.....
drgnelf88: Draken: *nursing the hand that Kubbie chewed on*
ScurvyPeep: Tohma: **has cake and is all calm and somewhat aloof and spiffy and.... yeah. Tohma.**
FullMoonChan450: Mr. Panda: *sleeping underneath a table now*
ScurvyPeep: Yoh: **dances by himself, and is fine with that** n_n
drgnelf88: Kubbie: >.< *Seto's not waking up so she pecks a LITTLE bit harder*
ScurvyPeep: Yoh: ... **but gets Amidamaru to dance with him anyway XD**
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: *blinks hard*
ScurvyPeep: Amidamaru: ... o_o **is a horrible dancer**
KamunaSan: --points and laughs at Amidamaru-- XD;
: Kubbie: ^.^ *ppprrrrrrrppp?*
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *nuzzles Seto's cheek*
ScurvyPeep: **if she weren't in GLEE! with dancing with Ryuichi, she'd also be pointing and laughing at Amidamaru!**
ScurvyPeep: Pirika: **bouncing cheerfully about**
KamunaSan: Noriko: Dance me, Tohma! >D
: Tohma: Oh, fine...
Wingweaver Hope: ((Des, explain what a glaive is to Romp @@))
ScurvyPeep: (( ... _~_ It's like a big ol' curved sword on a stick. ))
Wingweaver Hope has left the room.
drgnelf88: naginatas rule
Wingweaver Hope has entered the room.
FullMoonChan450: wb!^^
Wingweaver Hope: *bawls* I JUST LOST MY OWN WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ScurvyPeep: Don't worry, I'll send it to you! ^^
Wingweaver Hope: *murders AIM!!!!!!!*
FullMoonChan450: I will if AIM doesn't error up on me...*saves it right now just in case*
drgnelf88: Pyra: *still eating cake*.......gooooooood cake
Wingweaver Hope: Lol @ whoever said Bride Overboard! When inviting me back @@
ScurvyPeep: That was me. XD
Wingweaver Hope: XD!
FullMoonChan450: ^^
Zeikfried182: ((Still confused on what a glaive is))
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: *hugs her*
ScurvyPeep: Pirika: **glomps Horo Horo** Niichan, niichan! Dance with me~!
drgnelf88: (a glaive is a staff with a curved blade at the end of it...)
ScurvyPeep: (( Like a halberd, but not. ))
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: ^_^ Okay!
Zeikfried182: ((oh then I'm dead lol))
FullMoonChan450: (LOL)
Wingweaver Hope: *goes over to Seto and pulls him to his feet*
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: .............*stubmles into a chair*
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *falls off his chest* @.@
FullMoonChan450: Mr. Panda: *still sleeping underneath a table, hidden from everybody*
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: *sits down next to him a lil tired from allt he dancing* Nii-sama, daijobu ka.....?
ScurvyPeep: Pirika: **drags Horox2 onto ze dance floor merrily**
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: ..................................Hai....... give me more dragon rum........
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: @@ NO!
KamunaSan: --quite happy on the dancefloor with nobody really, thanks. o.o;--
: *looks around* Ah! Where's Mr. Panda?! He's missing!!O.O;;
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *crawls over to Seto...MRRRRRRRP??!!!!!*
drgnelf88: Istas: ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz
drgnelf88: Kaya: that cat sure can sleep when he wants to
Zeikfried182: Rc's Niisan: P|-|34R /\/\`/ |>34|> 5|
Wingweaver Hope: fear my what?
ScurvyPeep: Dead ... something.
Wingweaver Hope: lol
KamunaSan: Skills, i believe.
: XD
ScurvyPeep: ... Yah, probably. I bet AIM cut it off. XD;
Zeikfried182: ((Phear my dead skillz!))
KamunaSan: .....--toooo many Largo-wannabe friends-- o.o;
: **Largo doesn't speak that kind of 1337...**
FullMoonChan450: No he does not...
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *wonders why she's being ignored* ;;;;;;_;;;;;;
ScurvyPeep: **The 1337 g4m3r does, but Largo doesn't. He just does the vowels. XD **
Zeikfried182: ((yeah I got my own way of saying it))
KamunaSan: --But slinkies do, so. n.n;--
: --this is true!--
: Has anybody seen Mr. Panda? He's gone missing!
ScurvyPeep: .... I hope he isn't in space with Mr. Hippy. ;_;
Wingweaver Hope: Chinchi: *finds Mr. Panda*
drgnelf88: Pyra: *brings Draken some cake*
Wingweaver Hope: Chinchi: Mokuba's pet chinchilla.
Zeikfried182: *floats away*
drgnelf88: Draken: ^.^ *eats cake*
drgnelf88: Kaya: I didn't get any...
FullMoonChan450: ^^;
ScurvyPeep: **finally falls over the table to catch her breath... ** @_@
Zeikfried182: Imouto Im dead
KamunaSan: Ryu: Wai, wai! That was fun! =D
: Hai! ^^
ScurvyPeep: **drinks a big glass of Josta!**
ScurvyPeep: **Which exists in this world, because I miss it. ;_;**
FullMoonChan450: *looks under a table and sees a sleeping Mr. Panda**sighes in relief* He's sleeping..
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *trying to get on Seto but keeps falling over*
ScurvyPeep: **pokes Ren, for he is being a stick-in-the-mud** >.>
Zeikfried182: Seiryuu, can you bring me back to life so I can dance with imouto?
ScurvyPeep: Lyserg: **waiting for a waltz or something o.o**
ScurvyPeep: **Don't hold your breath Lyserg XD **
KamunaSan: ...--poor guy. XD;--
: (Aw but we should humor him or something like that!^^;
ScurvyPeep: (( I would rack up at Suka waltz. ))
ScurvyPeep: (( ...crack. ))
FullMoonChan450: (Okie..^^; )
KamunaSan: (( Shut the hell up. ~_~ ))
Wingweaver Hope
: I want a waltz!!!!!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: Seiryuu: *brings Romp blac*
Wingweaver Hope: *back
Wingweaver Hope: Ren: >.>
drgnelf88: Kubbie: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;_;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
ScurvyPeep: Lyserg: **doesn't have a partner anyway o.O**
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: *pets her*
drgnelf88: Kubbie: ^.^
Wingweaver Hope: Lyserg!you can dance with me!
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *puuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr*
FullMoonChan450: Ooh ooh, can I request a song randomly?^^
Wingweaver Hope: *grabs him and starts waltzing around the room*
Wingweaver Hope: Sure!
ScurvyPeep: Lyserg: Well, alright, if it's fine with Horo Horo. ^^ **waltz!**
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: *watlzes with Pirika*
ScurvyPeep: ... **wants to waltz! >.< **
FullMoonChan450: I wanna hear Cross Colors! It's the image song from Dynasty Warriors 4!^^
KamunaSan: Ryu: --can't waltz. blink.-- o.o
: <_< >_> **looks for someone to waltz with**
FullMoonChan450: It can be after the waltz though.^^
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: .... Des-kun, wanna waltz?
ScurvyPeep: .... Eh, sure, why not.
Wingweaver Hope: Horo horo: We can switch parnters in the middle!
ScurvyPeep: Okay! =D
KamunaSan: ...squre dance. >D
: Draken: *bows in front of Pyra* may I have this dance?
drgnelf88: Pyra: SURE!!!!!!! *grabs him and they waltz*
ScurvyPeep: Jeff: Did someone say Square? =D
FullMoonChan450: ^^;
drgnelf88: Draken: o.O
ScurvyPeep: Random: **pops up behind Jeff, looking hopeful**
FullMoonChan450: Is it a waltz or a square dance?^^;;
KamunaSan: .....--sweatdrops--
: Waltz. o.O;; Don't mind Suka. Really. Do NOT. XD
KamunaSan: Dude! I thought Random was monogomous. o____o;
: *sits in front of the table Mr. Panda is sleeping under watching people dance*^^;
ScurvyPeep: Random: **hopeful for SQUARE! Not Jeff!**
KamunaSan: --Suuuuuuure.--
: Random: **just happened to be behind Jeff. Blame Vashy Des.**
Wingweaver Hope: *switches partners! Now dancing with horo horo!*
KamunaSan: --well, anyway. n.n;--
: **Dancing with Lyserg, after having her feet stepped on. A lot.**
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: ^^;;;;
Zeikfried182: *kenshin exits*
FullMoonChan450: I wish Domon was here...*sighes dreamily and daydreams slightly*
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: *tries to dance with Kubbie*
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: @@ He's stil drunk.....
ScurvyPeep: Lyserg: **Waltz. Smooooth. Sexy Britishguy, uh-huh**
drgnelf88: Kubbie: o.O
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *doesn't even know what a dance is*
Wingweaver Hope: ((remembers the time when YAmi Bakura was drunk and dnaced with a cat in another RPG @@))
Wingweaver Hope: ((the cat clawed him XD))
FullMoonChan450: (XDD)
drgnelf88: (kubbie loves Seto too much to do that)
FullMoonChan450: (Yup.)
ScurvyPeep: **watches Suka dance with her friend from another window, sweatdrop**
FullMoonChan450: (But it would be humorous to see that happen to somebody.^^)
KamunaSan: ........--shuddap, Des. x_x--
: (Draken already had his hand chewed on by Kubbie)
FullMoonChan450: (Ok..^^;; )
drgnelf88: (Kubbie don't like him much)
ScurvyPeep: **idly wonders if there will be any more trade-offs, if this is like one of those "Everyone dance with the bride and groom and eachother!" things**
Wingweaver Hope: Let's do a square dance now!
drgnelf88: Pyra: o.O
KamunaSan: HAH!
: ^^; Ok...
ScurvyPeep: ... **throws on the techno remix of Cotton Eye Joe** XD
drgnelf88: Pyra: No thanks.....*drags Draken off*
Wingweaver Hope: WHEEEEEE! *dances*!
KamunaSan: ...XD;
: *dances too* Wahoo~!!^^
Zeikfried182: *runs in horror*
drgnelf88: Draken: o.O.....I don't have any say what I do today do I?
drgnelf88: Pyra: *thinks* don't
FullMoonChan450: Probably not!^^
ScurvyPeep: **Doesn't know how to Squaredance! O.o;**
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *wonders why Seto's being weird*
FullMoonChan450: *is attempting to square dance* I don't know how to either but I'm just wingin' it!^.^
KamunaSan: Oh, it's easy. =D --hops in--
: .. **hops in, shrug, follows Suka's lead!**
drgnelf88: Kaya: *sleeping with Istas*
ScurvyPeep: Yoh: **squaredance and is merry.**
ScurvyPeep: Amidamaru: **STILL doesn't know how to dance**
FullMoonChan450: *square dancing while laughing*
ScurvyPeep: Amidamaru: **MAYBE BECAUSE HE DOES NOT HAVE FEET ><** Yoh-dono o_o
KamunaSan: Okay, okay! It's easy, minna. XD;;;; Just follow the patterns.
: (( If anyone wants me to send them the song. XD ))
ScurvyPeep: (( I happen to have it. XD ))
Wingweaver Hope: ((I DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!))
KamunaSan: (( ...I just stole it from Kim about ten minutes ago, actually. ))
Wingweaver Hope
: ((SEND SEND SEND!..........and those Mankin eps too!))
ScurvyPeep: (( .... I forgot which ones you need! o.o; ))
Zeikfried182: *plugs ears*
FullMoonChan450: ^^;
ScurvyPeep: (( Is that why you said Square Dance in the first place? XD ))
IrreleventNimrod has entered the room.
FullMoonChan450: (I wanna see the patterns too!)
FullMoonChan450: Hello!^^
KamunaSan: ((, actually, I was listening to The Tiger Song at that point. XD; It just popped inot my head. ))
: j0
Zeikfried182: j0
KamunaSan: Kon'wa! n.n --leading several people SLOWLY in a square-dance pattern--
: Wow! An irrelevent nimrod! Just what every universe needs. **welcomes with open arms** n_n
FullMoonChan450: XD
ScurvyPeep: **By the way, Bunny-guitarist is playing the BGM now that NG is off partying. Spoooky!**
IrreleventNimrod: |>00|> 3'/3|\/| 1057
ScurvyPeep: Bunny-guitarist: *DJ*
: Chocolove: Mic! >.< **Assault! Wants his job back!**
Zeikfried182: 1\/3 833|\| 51|\|(3 1 907Z |-|3R3
IrreleventNimrod: |>47 5(_)(|<5 455
ScurvyPeep: Bunny-guitarist: **some sort of evil forcefield eminates from the bunny suit XD**
Zeikfried182: |\|0 5|-|1Z17. 8(_)7 \/\/|-|47 (4|\| j00 |>0
: ^^;; Riiight..
ScurvyPeep: Bunny-guitarist: No, Suka. I just play the music. **creepy grin**
Wingweaver Hope: *cries*
Wingweaver Hope: Niisan and Chris are saying mean things about us!
ScurvyPeep: Mic: **clawing at the forcefield** <_<
KamunaSan: --freaked out by the bunny-guitarist, who just spoke up. for the first time. around her. EVER.--
: no were not
FullMoonChan450: *blinks at the bunny guitarist's creepy grin* O.o;;; O...k...
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *trying to figure out if Seto's back to normal yet*
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: *pets her*
drgnelf88: Kaya: ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz
KamunaSan: Heeee's gooonna kiiill meeeee... >.> <.<
: ** That's not true! He talked when we made him be Hiro in the Gravi-RP! **
drgnelf88: Kubbie: ^.^
drgnelf88: Istas: ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz
ScurvyPeep: **His first appearance, remember? **
Wingweaver Hope: then what are you guys saying? >.>
KamunaSan: ...-OH!--
: were lost
KamunaSan: --But he wasn't FREAKY then!--
: ** He's only freaky because he's doing the BGM. XD **
IrreleventNimrod: \/\/3 8 (_)51|/| 0(_)R 1337 5|<111z 0 (|-|47
KamunaSan: --and grinning freakily.--
: **Because he's cool that way**
Wingweaver Hope: why are you talking in leet? *thins thats why they are syaing bad things*
KamunaSan: --I disagree. ><--
: They aren't saying bad things. o.o **flu3n7**
KamunaSan: --only knows enough to translate occaisonal angry outbursts-- Oo
: They're just saying they're lost in this convo. XD
Wingweaver Hope: Leet is evil >.<
IrreleventNimrod: j00 |>0|/|7 533|\/| 4|>\/4(|/|3 7|-|0(_)9|-|
FullMoonChan450: ^^;;;
Wingweaver Hope: Chris doesnt like when i talk in spanish
KamunaSan: NO! NOT SPANISH! -r-ecoil--
: 1 F4113|> 5P4|\|15|-|
drgnelf88: Pyra: *boooooooooooooooooored*
FullMoonChan450: ^^;; Stop speaking leet then!
IrreleventNimrod: '/0 |/|0 |\/|3 9(_)574 5P4|/|15|-|
ScurvyPeep: =P 3`/3 |-|4|2|>1`/ $p34[< 1337 8-<uZ /\/\027 <4|\|'7 |234|> 17 >.>
Wingweaver Hope: @@
KamunaSan: ........--sits in the "Unfluent! ^-^" corner-- -.-
Wingweaver Hope
has left the room.
ScurvyPeep: ... o.o; Did we scare her off? <.<;
IrreleventNimrod: (001 j00 (_)53 \/\/31R|> 5'/|\/|801z
FullMoonChan450: I think so..
KamunaSan: You didn't even bring out the Cloudes. Weak.
: So? XP
ScurvyPeep: I have my own style. ^^
Zeikfried182: lol
KamunaSan: ZERO TALENT. --falls sideways off her chair--
: ...Thank you, Eiri. <.<
Wingweaver Hope has entered the room.
Wingweaver Hope: >.< No more leet!
KamunaSan: ..............--doesn't bother getting back up-- Welcome back! n.n
: **randomly listens to Straw~berry se~x** o.O;
KamunaSan: ...dude, that just finished. XD;
: Go listen to it! XD It's fun!
ScurvyPeep: It sounds like 70's disco. XD
FullMoonChan450: ^^;
Zeikfried182: hey imouto want to start up the alpha code?
IrreleventNimrod: no leet?
KamunaSan: That's not real compelling, dear. --sigh; ...still on the floor, blinking at someone's feet--
: how bout binary?
Zeikfried182: LMAO
Wingweaver Hope: @@ everyone;s names are dif color now
Wingweaver Hope: RYU-CHAN!
ScurvyPeep: ... Let's not spam the chat with 1 and 0, shall we? ^^;
IrreleventNimrod: 01001001001000000110110001101001 01101011011001010010000001100010 01101001011011100110000101110010 01111001
KamunaSan: Ryu: Naaan'? =D ...woo! Alright, na no da! --cheer; hauls Noriko and Tohma up--
: Tohma: **hauled!** O.o
ScurvyPeep: Tohma: Hai, hai...
KamunaSan: Noriko: --hauled-- ~-~
: Uno: Yosh. o.O
Wingweaver Hope: Uno?
KamunaSan: ...--falls right back over--
Wingweaver Hope
: Where's K-sama?
ScurvyPeep: ...He's a Stormtrooper what lives in my head. XD
Wingweaver Hope: *wants a gun for her wedding present from him*
KamunaSan: God, Des! What am I, a can of worms? One person comes, the rest of the UTB follows? X.X;
: =P Of course!
Zeikfried182: brb
KamunaSan: .............well, shit. o.o --runs up to hug RC-- I'm SO SORRY!
: Besides, I've used some of them in chat before. Nobody ever noticed. XD
Wingweaver Hope: o.o *hugs back?*
Wingweaver Hope: sorry for what?
KamunaSan: Uno, for one thing. Dude! Who's head did K live in, do you remember?
: .. Uh.... I have no idea! O.o
ScurvyPeep: Isn't K off managing Badluck? o.o;
ScurvyPeep: We brought Grasper. o.O
KamunaSan: Shu'll be FINE on his own for a few hours, i should know! Just bring him.
: Pyra: *has a bottle of Dragon Rum and is sipping it*
ScurvyPeep: But what if I've interrupted something and I get shooooot?
KamunaSan: die a lot anyway.
: ....This is true. **skitter**
KamunaSan: >.> Honestly. Some people have no respect for a bride's wishes.
: (( By the way, I think Kim was K the last time we used K. .......Which was a long time ago. o.o ))
Zeikfried182: hey imouto I got you a present *hands her a bubble and hides*
drgnelf88: Pyra: *mid sip on the Dragon Rum*
KamunaSan: (( I think we stopped using him because we caused enough property damage on our own. Haya was losing it. ))
: Pyra: *sets the bottle down and runs to get her present* Draken.....if Seto touchs the bottle.....put him in an earth cage or something...
drgnelf88: Draken: *sigh* okay...
ScurvyPeep: (( I use DM in here sometimes, even before you came. ... But nobody pays much attention to him, so he usually just ends up sulking somewhere and talking to the cards. o.o ))
KamunaSan: (( ..............really? O.o ))
: (( Uh-huh. o.O ... He's not stolen anyone's lungs yet, though. I think he only does that to people he likes. n_n ))
KamunaSan: (( Charmed, I'm sure. _~_; ))
: (( DM: ^^v ))
KamunaSan: (( What the hell are we doing in brackets at someone else's wedding reception? O.o ))
Wingweaver Hope
: *takes the bubble* Arigatou, Niisan! ^^
ScurvyPeep: (( Nobody else was talking anyway o.O ))
drgnelf88: Pyra: *runs back to RC and gives her a crystal pendant with a little flame inside*
drgnelf88: Pyra: Didn't quite know what to get so I made you this! The flame changes to match any outfit...^.^;;;;;;
KamunaSan: ...--staring as-if-hypnotized at the band...-- n___n
: **Gives Horo Horo ....a MOOSE! **
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: *blinks* Hi! ^^
Wingweaver Hope: Moose: .....................
FullMoonChan450: ^^
KamunaSan: ...moose. =33333
: =^^= Name your moose, Horox2!
Wingweaver Hope: Woooooooooooow coooool!
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: I shall call him........... it a girl or boy moose?
drgnelf88: Pyra: *comes back and the Dragon Rum is gone* SETOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: *hic*
ScurvyPeep: How should I know? ._.
FullMoonChan450: Whoo, Seto's in trouble now.^^
KamunaSan: Maybe it's androgynous. >.> <.<
: Draken: .....*knows he's in trouble too*
Wingweaver Hope: Horo horo: It is a ..........boy moose. *looks*
FullMoonChan450: XD
ScurvyPeep: ... o.O;
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: And let's see...........his name shall be....
drgnelf88: Pyra: *attacks Seto* THAT WAS MIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: @@
FullMoonChan450: Mini Moose! Make it Mini Moose!XD
Wingweaver Hope: Seto:
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *attacks Pyra*
ScurvyPeep: Minimoooooooooose! >O< Invader Ziiiim!
drgnelf88: Pyra: ACK!!!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: o.o
FullMoonChan450: Or Super Moose!^^
drgnelf88: Pyra: *singes Kubbie's tail*
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: He shall be called........uh........
KamunaSan: --random glazed look; hum-- Name it Wally.
Wingweaver Hope
: Seto: *strangles Pyra* YOU DID NOT DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!
FullMoonChan450: XD
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *WHIMPER!!!!!!.....Runs behind Seto*
drgnelf88: Pyra: @.@
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: @@
FullMoonChan450: Wally's a funny name!XD
KamunaSan: Wally's a good name, isn't it? =D
: It's hilarious and good!^^
ScurvyPeep: Wally, King of Darkness! XD
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *sees her tail* ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;_;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Wingweaver Hope: Horo Horo: I shall call him...... Wallace! and you can call him Wally for short....
KamunaSan: WOO! Someone who understands my twisted little garlic-hating soul!
ScurvyPeep: ....Yaaaaaaaaaaywallace.
KamunaSan: ..WOOO~!
: Pyra: *unconcious*
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: *banagdes her tail*
drgnelf88: Draken: o.O
KamunaSan: The Horo!Horo bent to the will of the WALLY!
: --pleased--
Wingweaver Hope
: lmao
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *shivering...hiding behind Seto*
Wingweaver Hope: ((brb, must poll the last YGO survey! XD))
FullMoonChan450: (KK.)
ScurvyPeep: **applaude**
ScurvyPeep: DM: **mwahahahas at the e, runs off**
KamunaSan: ....TALLY HO! --gives chase, for lack of more interesting things to do--
: DM: <.<!
ScurvyPeep: DM: **runs from Suka, eh, humor her XD **
KamunaSan: --thank you. =D humored, humored.--
: 01001000011011010110110101101101 01101101011011010110110101101101 01101101011011010110110101101101
FullMoonChan450 has left the room.
drgnelf88: *going to read The Shining after she gets off IM*
drgnelf88: weeeeeeeee.....I'm going to scare myself
ScurvyPeep: Huzzah.
drgnelf88: YES!!!!!!!
Zeikfried182: 001010100111100101100001011101110110 111000101010
drgnelf88: Someone else who uses 'huzzah'
drgnelf88: Kel would be so happy
KamunaSan: Sweet. =D --never read the book, but the movie was HELLA cool, so--
: hehe
ScurvyPeep: Huzzah for Kel. XD
drgnelf88: books are always better though
drgnelf88: ^.^
drgnelf88: I'll tell her
Zeikfried182: nah movies are better
drgnelf88: ........
drgnelf88: suuuuuuuuuuuuure
drgnelf88: to you I guess
ScurvyPeep: ... No, they really aren't.
KamunaSan: I know, but Suka has no patience. XD; --can't sit still long enough tor ead it--
: readin puts me 2 sleep
drgnelf88: heh
Zeikfried182: *books
IrreleventNimrod: me too
drgnelf88: I get pissed off at boring books
drgnelf88: *kills evil boring text books*
KamunaSan: I LIKE books, I just... like music better. And I can't sit still for more than a half an hour max without jumping around, so.
: I don't get how they expect us to read those things
ScurvyPeep: Some textbooks are pretty interesting, I think o.O
drgnelf88: SOME!!!!!
drgnelf88: but that's a select few
KamunaSan: I HATE textbooks. XD;
: >.< me too
KamunaSan: As a rule, I pretty much detest most school subjects. n.n;
: specialy History text books
ScurvyPeep: Yeah, history ones suck. x_o
KamunaSan: -EUH-! History kills. X.X
: most of it is just estimates at what really happened
drgnelf88: most of that stuff is what they think happened
ScurvyPeep: **listens to Waffle** O.o
drgnelf88: heh
Wingweaver Hope: Yami B is the Best Bad guy XD
drgnelf88: *claps hands* I helped!
Wingweaver Hope: yep!
KamunaSan: ......--STILL listening to Pierrot-- Well no shit. =D
: Bring me a light! Make my LIFE! WORTH! Something mooooo~re... XD
ScurvyPeep: Of course he is! *_*
drgnelf88: who's the worst bad guy?
Wingweaver Hope: Gozaburo and Pegasus
Wingweaver Hope: tied
drgnelf88: hehe
HighPriestessKal has entered the room.
drgnelf88: Pegasus is gaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy
Wingweaver Hope: lol
HighPriestessKal: O____O?