Macrocosm says (3:47:06 PM): >.> <.<
HighPriestessKal (3:47:20 PM): >> <<
HighPriestessKal (3:47:27 PM): Beach chair huh
HighPriestessKal (3:47:39 PM): Okay so this XD
Macrocosm says (3:47:46 PM): ...kay
Macrocosm says (3:48:25 PM): Read what?
HighPriestessKal (3:48:29 PM): Hold on
HighPriestessKal (3:49:21 PM): ....hold on longer
Macrocosm says (3:49:27 PM): o0
Macrocosm says (3:49:42 PM): **drums fingers**
HighPriestessKal (3:51:59 PM): ....
HighPriestessKal (3:52:04 PM): Stupid AIM
Macrocosm says (3:52:17 PM): Is the message too big or something? XD
HighPriestessKal (3:53:32 PM): Mihael 'Mello-chan' Keehl wrote
at 5:10pm

..... -blink-

Mello Keehl (no network) wrote
at 5:15pm
[[ OoC: Oh boy, Both Mellos are gonna have one hell o' a break down from shock xD :shrugs: ]]

:Mello was drinking his chocolate latte, he slowly averted his head since he sensed the presense of the boy. As soon as he took a look of the kid, his eyes widened in shock and panic as he spat out the latte:

HighPriestessKal (3:53:40 PM): Mihael 'Mello-chan' Keehl wrote
at 5:18pm

((That's the fun part kukukukuuku.))

-staring with dropped jaw, pointing, gaping despite being told that was very rude, but in such a situation those rules are easily forgotten- WHO ARE YOU?!

Mello Keehl (no network) wrote
at 5:22pm
:Mello gawked at his child self, not believing it at all, he rubbed his eyes and kept on staring:
I'm Mello! Who the hell are you!?

HighPriestessKal (3:53:49 PM): Mihael 'Mello-chan' Keehl wrote
at 5:25pm

-he seemed taken aback, and reacted in what appeared to be anger in the fact that his identity was "possible stolen" to cover up his shock and disbelief- I'M Mello! -he shouted with more force than necessary as if raising his volume would make that fact more concrete-
Mello Keehl (no network) wrote
at 5:29pm

:Mello scowled leaning down to the kid and flicked his forhead:
No! I am! I've got a fuckin' I.D for god's sakes! Who the hell are you to steal -my- identity and -MY- looks?!
:He growled: And YOU'RE FRAMIN' ME ARN'T YA?!
:Mello took hold of the kid's shirt from behind and hoisted him up and holding the kid infront of his face:
HighPriestessKal (3:54:02 PM): Mihael 'Mello-chan' Keehl wrote
at 5:34pm

-now his real anger was starting to bleed through, leaving no room for fear or shock- I COULD ASK YOU THE SAME, FAKER! ALL MY INFORMATION IS AT WAMMY HOUSE! JUST ASK ROGER! -struggles, trying to kick you- LET! ME! GO!
Mello Keehl (no network) wrote
at 5:36pm

:Mello grabbed the kid's foot before he kicks him and sneered:
Watari-san?! You're in the freakin' orphanage too?!
:Mello slammed the kid onto the wall glaring at him, he pulled out a pistol and shoved it on the kid's stomach:
Listen you, I don't give a shit. . You're gonna tell me WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE AND -WHY- YOU'RE FRAMING ME WHEN I WAS A KID!
HighPriestessKal (3:54:10 PM): Mihael 'Mello-chan' Keehl wrote
at 5:41pm
I...already..TOLD YOU I'M MELLO! -he grit his teeth, still defiant till the end- And I'm not FRAMING you! Why would someone even WANT to, huh?!
Mello Keehl (no network) wrote
at 5:43pm
:Mello let go of the kid and pulled out his leather wallet pulling out his I.D. holding it out infront of the child's face for him to see:
Here, I'm Mello Keehl. . And My name's fuckin' confidencial. . And WHY THE FUCK DO YOU LOOK LIKE ME WHEN I WAS YOUNGER?!
HighPriestessKal (3:54:19 PM): Mihael 'Mello-chan' Keehl wrote
at 5:44pm
-he stayed silent when he saw the I.D. but the idea of fake I.D.s crossed his mind and he returned to glaring at his older self- I'VE ALWAYS LOOKED LIKE THIS.
Mello Keehl (no network) wrote
at 5:47pm
:Mello growled tilting his chin down as his bagns shadowed his eyes:
You think I have a fake I.D., Kid? . .Think about it . . .Why, a high ranked freakin' Yakuza, would wanna frame a kid like yourself?!
Macrocosm says (3:55:21 PM): ...
Macrocosm says (3:55:32 PM): That there's pretty special.
HighPriestessKal (3:56:36 PM): I know, right?!
HighPriestessKal (3:56:39 PM): It's funny
Macrocosm says (3:57:15 PM): I don't really like his portrayal of Mello though XD For one thing, he's not a YAKUZA.
HighPriestessKal (3:57:43 PM): Well true...
HighPriestessKal (3:57:46 PM): How's my Mello-chan?
Macrocosm says (3:58:08 PM): I dunno how Mello acted at that age
Macrocosm says (3:58:22 PM): But it works XD
Macrocosm says (3:58:37 PM): Why the hell would Mello have an ID card anyway!
HighPriestessKal (3:58:44 PM): !
HighPriestessKal (3:58:45 PM): XD
Macrocosm says (3:59:14 PM): I mean
Macrocosm says (3:59:16 PM): That's kind of like
Macrocosm says (3:59:21 PM): the first rule of what NOT to do
HighPriestessKal (3:59:25 PM): "Hey look lolz my real name"
Macrocosm says (3:59:33 PM): YEAH XD
Macrocosm says (3:59:37 PM): And my picture
Macrocosm says (4:00:49 PM): Anyway, Mello-chan is fine, pretty much he's like your usual Mello but ... less inclined to shoot people I guess?
Macrocosm says (4:01:05 PM): Younger Mello seemed funny based on some manga panels my friend pointed out XDD
Macrocosm says (4:01:19 PM): Like apparently there was some nerdy kid that he used to pull around by his hair 8D
HighPriestessKal (4:01:45 PM): Eh?
Macrocosm says (4:01:55 PM): Let's see if I can find it XD
Macrocosm says (4:02:43 PM):
Macrocosm says (4:02:50 PM): Roger's pulling Mello's hand away from the kid's head
Macrocosm says (4:03:24 PM): And the kid is like X(
HighPriestessKal (4:07:27 PM): ...oh
HighPriestessKal (4:07:31 PM): I didn't notice that before...
Macrocosm says (4:07:48 PM): Yeah, it's kind of a really minor detail
Macrocosm says (4:07:55 PM): But well XD
Macrocosm says (4:08:06 PM): The person who showed me that was a Mello RPer.
Macrocosm says (4:08:42 PM): (He was playing younger Mello on that RP where Des got suckered into working at Wammy's and they made brownies together. XDD)
HighPriestessKal (4:08:52 PM): ((Awh :-D )
Macrocosm says (4:09:06 PM): Yeah so
Macrocosm says (4:09:09 PM): I guess he does research.
HighPriestessKal (4:09:27 PM): ((Yeah see I try to make my Mello not cuss as much and seem aware of the rules his caretakers might make him do yet at the same time lose his temper easily and etc)
Macrocosm says (4:09:50 PM): Yeah.
Macrocosm says (4:09:56 PM): Cause he IS still a lil' kid
Macrocosm says (4:10:20 PM): But it's pretty fair to say that Mello did pwn random people at Wammy's XD
HighPriestessKal (4:11:39 PM): Tru dat :-D
Macrocosm says (4:12:51 PM): That RP was funny :-D;;; Des and Mello made friends, and then like. Linda comes over and is all. "Ooh new sitter! *-* YOU CAN PROTECT NEAR FROM MELLO."  And Des is like. "... hai? -_-;;;"
Macrocosm says (4:14:21 PM): Goes over to Mello. "...Do you know a Linda?" "yeah." "She asked me to rescue Near from you. What's THAT about?" "...**LOL** nothin' :-D"  " .... **facepalm** "
HighPriestessKal (4:14:37 PM): XDDD
Macrocosm says (4:16:15 PM): Yeahhh
Macrocosm says (4:16:37 PM): But unfortunately the majority of people on that RP were n00bs and Mello quit because there was too much bullshit emo romance :<
Macrocosm says (4:16:40 PM): So now it is boring
Macrocosm says (4:18:29 PM): ... HAHAHA
Macrocosm says (4:18:35 PM): oh man I just found the best icon.
ATTENTION (4:20:29 PM): Transfer complete: GENIUSES.JPG.
Macrocosm says (4:21:00 PM): it's so stupid it's awesome
HighPriestessKal (4:21:36 PM): ...... XDDD
Macrocosm says (4:22:01 PM): Also, the factorizor is making me pfft
Macrocosm says (4:22:16 PM): "Des is about as innocent as a nun doing push-ups in a cucumber field."
HighPriestessKal (4:22:36 PM): ......
Macrocosm says (4:22:56 PM): ... "If Des was god, there would be no such thing as Atheism." 8D;
HighPriestessKal (4:23:42 PM): ...... 0o
Macrocosm says (4:23:58 PM): o0 Yeah they made these really random
Macrocosm says (4:24:02 PM):
Macrocosm says (4:25:09 PM): "Des knits sweaters. By knits I mean kicks and by sweaters I mean babies." ... WTF XDD
HighPriestessKal (4:25:20 PM): ....
Macrocosm says (4:25:26 PM): "Once, Des lobbed a turtle at Bono."
Macrocosm says (4:25:40 PM): do tell me what you get
HighPriestessKal (4:26:02 PM): "For every infant in your household, Kalitra will most likely steal it and raise it"
Macrocosm says (4:26:14 PM): ... XD
Macrocosm says (4:26:29 PM): Weeeelllp. **points at Mello-chan**
HighPriestessKal (4:27:03 PM): XD hehe
Macrocosm says (4:27:41 PM): Oh my god these are RIDICULOUS. XD
Macrocosm says (4:27:56 PM): "A wise man once said, the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure." Then Des killed him and wore his face as a hat."
Macrocosm says (4:28:37 PM): ... Wow. I'm putting in other people
HighPriestessKal (4:29:04 PM): ........WTF
Macrocosm says (4:29:11 PM): "Far caught every single pokemon in one hour."  ........... NO WONDER ITACHI WANTS HIM
Macrocosm says (4:30:32 PM): He keeps getting gamer stuff! o0 "Far beat Goldeneye 00 with one hand." "Far invented l337." "All your base are belong to Far."
HighPriestessKal (4:30:41 PM):
Macrocosm says (4:31:08 PM): ... ... Now I have this mental image of like
Macrocosm says (4:31:42 PM): Itachi, Matt and Des playing MMOs together, and some random guy keeps singlehandedly pwning them all, and they're like "WHO IS THAT? WHO THE FUCK IS THAT!? D<"
Macrocosm says (4:31:43 PM): and it's Far
Macrocosm says (4:32:40 PM): ....... "Far once shot an enemy plane down with a finger, by yelling, 'Bang'"
Macrocosm says (4:32:50 PM): ... wow if that isn't L x Near XD
HighPriestessKal (4:32:55 PM): ..........
HighPriestessKal (4:32:59 PM): Srsly..
Macrocosm says (4:33:58 PM): I bet that actually happened. :P
HighPriestessKal (4:34:59 PM): Yep :-D
Macrocosm says (4:36:04 PM): Aaanyawy.
Macrocosm says (4:36:06 PM): *anyway
Macrocosm says (4:36:15 PM): Speaking of Far
Macrocosm says (4:36:36 PM): I ... guess I should ... go back to what I was doin'. o0;
Macrocosm says (4:37:23 PM): **ghosts back off** oo;
Macrocosm says (4:39:00 PM): (( By the way, I posted the earlier RP on BWT_record :3b ))
HighPriestessKal (4:41:03 PM): ((Yay! :-D)
HighPriestessKal (4:41:05 PM): Yes :-D
HighPriestessKal (4:41:09 PM): Bai Des!
HighPriestessKal (4:41:13 PM): Matsuda: Oh look Far-san!
HighPriestessKal (4:41:23 PM): Matsuda: Furniture! *sits down on it, the trap completely unset*
Macrocosm says (4:41:27 PM): Far: ah....
Macrocosm says (4:41:39 PM): Far: I wonder...
Macrocosm says (4:41:41 PM): Far: is it...
Macrocosm says (4:41:46 PM): Far: ....comfortable?
Macrocosm says (4:42:48 PM): **ghooostin' through the roof of the Jinx**
HighPriestessKal (4:44:46 PM): Matsuda: Un! Very!
Macrocosm says (4:53:34 PM): ((... oh sorry, I got distracted by Gaia 8D ))
HighPriestessKal (4:53:44 PM): (( *punt* ))
Macrocosm says (4:53:51 PM): (( I HAVE MANY RPS TO RUN 8D; ))
Macrocosm says (4:54:06 PM): **RIGHT. SO NOW THAT DES'S ADD MOMENT IS OVER.**
Macrocosm says (4:54:41 PM): Far: **goes over to see the furniture too :-D**
Macrocosm says (4:54:47 PM): Far: **but**
Macrocosm says (4:54:50 PM): Far: **stops in place**
Macrocosm says (4:55:02 PM): **BECAUSE I JUST GHOSTTACKLED HIM. :-D**
Macrocosm says (4:55:22 PM): Far: ............
Macrocosm says (4:56:50 PM): Far: **starts walkin' in a circle** ... Huhuhu. >3
Macrocosm says (4:59:13 PM): Far: **crosses arms**
Macrocosm says (4:59:57 PM): Far: ...Seems to be in good working order!
HighPriestessKal (5:00:03 PM): Matsuda: ...huh?
Macrocosm says (5:01:18 PM): Far: Later, Matsuda! >3 **wave and runs off. ...YOU BETTER FOLLOW OR HIS GOOD LUCK ON YOU AIN'T GONNA STICK**
HighPriestessKal (5:01:53 PM): Matsuda: ! *RUNS AFTER* WHAT?!
Macrocosm says (5:02:51 PM): Far: **yeah you're faster than me, but Far's still skittering off**
HighPriestessKal (5:06:09 PM): Matsuda: T_T; F-FAR-SAN?!
Macrocosm says (5:06:49 PM): Far: **stops**
Macrocosm says (5:08:23 PM): Far: Hey! I didn't tell you to - **covers hand with his sleeve~ (as he is back in a decent outfit now)** ....... **just sort of stares at it for a while** ... ah.....
Macrocosm says (5:11:28 PM): Far: **looks down** ... .... I wonder......
Macrocosm says (5:12:14 PM): Far: ... how we were found out so easily. **moves his hand to chest level and flips it over, cuppin' a Des spirit ball 8D**
Macrocosm says (5:12:18 PM): OI!
HighPriestessKal (5:12:56 PM): Matsuda: ...EH?
Macrocosm says (5:12:59 PM): Far: **yay for almost freezing to death?**
Macrocosm says (5:13:53 PM): Oh you gotta be kidding me. ~~
Macrocosm says (5:14:27 PM): Far: ....
Macrocosm says (5:15:50 PM): Far: .... Matsuda-san..... **closes his eyes** ..... .... I ...ah....
Macrocosm says (5:16:21 PM): Far: ....should ... probably.... return.
Macrocosm says (5:20:53 PM): Far: **kinda looks like a little kid that got busteeeed 8D**
HighPriestessKal signed off at 5:22:16 PM.
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HighPriestessKal signed on at 5:24:12 PM.
Macrocosm says (5:24:22 PM): (( ... need a repost? ))
HighPriestessKal (5:24:55 PM): Matsuda: ........ Far-san..
HighPriestessKal (5:25:03 PM): Matsuda: But they...were working you so hard..
Macrocosm says (5:27:01 PM): Far: ....... but... L ... asked me to do it.... **looks down** .... for how long... do you think I can run? .....and for what reason?
HighPriestessKal (5:29:31 PM): Matusda: ......
HighPriestessKal (5:29:34 PM): Matsuda: Far-san...
HighPriestessKal (5:29:37 PM): Matsuda: *sigh* .....
Macrocosm says (5:33:18 PM): Far: .... **holds out his hand to him** .... Matsuda-san. ....In... knowing that... you worry about me... 
Macrocosm says (5:33:20 PM): Far: .... I realize...
Macrocosm says (5:35:01 PM): Far: ... that... I can become stronger... and possibly not die....
HighPriestessKal (5:35:38 PM): Matsuda: .......
HighPriestessKal (5:35:42 PM): Matusda: H-honto ni?
HighPriestessKal (5:35:49 PM): Matsuda: *LIP WIBBLE*
Macrocosm says (5:37:48 PM): Far: ... I have you to protect me.... and.... to have fun with.... **mouth cover** .....
Macrocosm says (5:38:01 PM): Far: .... ... I'll always come back.
HighPriestessKal (5:39:30 PM): Matsuda: ......!
HighPriestessKal (5:39:34 PM): Matsuda: S-souka...
HighPriestessKal (5:39:41 PM): Matsuda: ... I'll.. I'll keep cheering you on!
Macrocosm says (5:41:27 PM): Far: **smile** .... .... ** turns around to walk out of the Jinx**
HighPriestessKal (5:41:49 PM): **GLADIATOR MUSIC**
Macrocosm says (5:42:23 PM): Far: ....... **RUNS BACK AND GIVES HIM A HUG gladiator music do not want BUT THEN GOES OUT.**
Macrocosm says (5:42:45 PM): **hovers around Matsuda** .... You know, you're so gonna get kidnapped before this is over. Oo
HighPriestessKal (5:43:09 PM): Matsuda: .....huh?
Macrocosm says (5:43:20 PM): Love interest always does :o
Macrocosm says (5:44:21 PM): Watch your step, Matsudaaaa
HighPriestessKal (5:45:59 PM): Matusda: *walks out* Pfft yeah right like that'll ever happe-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAHHHH *disappears*
Macrocosm says (5:46:17 PM): ... I'm so on-target today.
HighPriestessKal (5:46:17 PM): Lidner: Near, we have the target. Gevanni, drive back to HQ. Out.
Macrocosm says (5:46:43 PM): Gevanni: **DRIVIN'.**
HighPriestessKal (5:46:54 PM): Lidner: FASTER SLAVE
Macrocosm says (5:46:56 PM): Far: **did I see that?**
HighPriestessKal (5:47:05 PM): **you see the helicopter when it's too far**
Macrocosm says (5:48:45 PM): Far: **huh. a copter. that's odd**
HighPriestessKal (5:48:51 PM): Malik: Oi!
HighPriestessKal (5:48:55 PM): Mello: THERE YOU ARE
HighPriestessKal (5:49:02 PM): Mello: *on the bike with Malik*
Macrocosm says (5:49:21 PM): Far: ... .... senpai.
HighPriestessKal (5:50:56 PM): Mello: Geez what were you thinking?!
Macrocosm says (5:51:15 PM): Far: ... ah....
Macrocosm says (5:51:29 PM): Far: **it wasn't really my idea**
HighPriestessKal (5:52:40 PM): Mello: You need to get back to training ASAP!
Macrocosm says (5:52:48 PM): Far: **nods**
Macrocosm says (5:54:47 PM): **floatin' back out of the Jinx, shaking her head** Should've left at the same time Far did, of course you'll trigger a trap at the freaking JINX.
Macrocosm says (5:55:15 PM): Far: .... ?
Macrocosm says (5:55:27 PM): Matsuda!
Macrocosm says (5:55:30 PM): Has been KIDNAPP'D.
Macrocosm says (5:55:50 PM): Far: ......
Macrocosm says (5:56:15 PM): Far: aniki..... .....
HighPriestessKal (5:57:26 PM): Mello: ...oh no...
HighPriestessKal (5:57:37 PM): Mello: NI-A! THAT'S PLAYING DIRTY!
Macrocosm says (5:59:36 PM): (( ... **headhold** XDD I have the mad urge for something but it'd be possibly OOC... ))
Macrocosm says (6:01:09 PM): (( but it's so cute ))
HighPriestessKal (6:01:51 PM): (( What? :-D )
Macrocosm says (6:02:14 PM): (( Far doing a fistshake at the heavens XDDD ))
HighPriestessKal (6:02:23 PM): (( ... XDDD )
Macrocosm says (6:03:04 PM): (( ... Screw it, I'm doing it anyway ))
Macrocosm says (6:04:05 PM): Far: **...fistshake!** Niaaaah! DX
Macrocosm says (6:04:11 PM): (( dfghjkl XDXDXD ))
HighPriestessKal (6:04:55 PM): (( XDDD DES)
Macrocosm says (6:05:07 PM): (( IT WAS JUST TOO CUTE! ))
Macrocosm says (6:05:33 PM): (( his voice can't EVER reach Mello's range imagine how squeeky it is ))
HighPriestessKal (6:08:44 PM): (( a chipmunk...acting as Mello)
Macrocosm says (6:09:13 PM): (( also I want to see Mello react to that ))
Macrocosm says (6:09:52 PM): (( cause Far NEVER EVER calls Near by his name, let alone... XD ))
Macrocosm says (6:10:01 PM): (( NIAHHHH-ing ))
Macrocosm says (6:10:13 PM): (( special occasion ))
HighPriestessKal (6:10:39 PM): (( Yes XD ))
HighPriestessKal (6:10:48 PM): Mello: *JUST STARES*
Macrocosm says (6:12:03 PM): Far: **continues fistshaking slightly after the duration of the NIAH!, but then slowly goes back to emo mode. sigh.**
HighPriestessKal (6:12:59 PM): Mello: ..................
HighPriestessKal (6:13:12 PM): Mello: Far. *gets down from the bike and walks right up to him, clapping both hands on his shoulders*
Macrocosm says (6:13:24 PM): Far: **looks up slightly**
Macrocosm says (6:14:24 PM): Far: **but with a hint of surprise!**
HighPriestessKal (6:15:41 PM): Mello: .... *SPARKLING*
Macrocosm says (6:15:59 PM): Far: **yes that is what the surprise is for**
HighPriestessKal (6:16:03 PM): Mello: Far.. after this... I'm getting you whatever the freakin' hell you want.
Macrocosm says (6:16:30 PM): Far: .... o-oh. 8D
Macrocosm says (6:17:59 PM): Far: .... thank.... you?
HighPriestessKal (6:18:09 PM): Mello: And...
HighPriestessKal (6:18:16 PM): Mello: ....
HighPriestessKal (6:18:20 PM): Mello: *sniffle*
HighPriestessKal (6:18:25 PM): Mello: You've made me very proud
Macrocosm says (6:18:45 PM): Far: .......... ah.......
Macrocosm says (6:19:06 PM): Far: **just sort of looks bewildered, it's out of his system 8D;**
Macrocosm says (6:20:15 PM): Far: **GIVE HIM A HUG, MELLO :-D/**
HighPriestessKal (6:21:07 PM): Mello: *HUGS*
Macrocosm says (6:22:21 PM): Far: **...o-okay, hugs back?** .... M-Mello.....
Macrocosm says (6:26:53 PM): Far:'re....
Macrocosm says (6:29:03 PM): Far: ... .... **decides not to say it, but it was "scaring me a bit. 8D"**
Macrocosm says (6:31:46 PM): Far:  ... ah... thank you.
HighPriestessKal (6:31:53 PM): Mello: ...... *nods*
HighPriestessKal (6:32:05 PM): Mello: Sa! *pats him hard on the back, a bit too overenthusiastic* Let's get back to training!
Macrocosm says (6:32:13 PM): Far: **wince**
Macrocosm says (6:32:41 PM): Far: ...but, Matsuda-san.... do we ... ?
HighPriestessKal (6:33:01 PM): Mello: THAT COMES LATER! AFTER YOU KICK HIS ASS!
Macrocosm says (6:33:51 PM): Far: **sigh** ...  I wonder... what aniki is thinking.
HighPriestessKal (6:35:19 PM): Near: Mua...ha..ha..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
HighPriestessKal (6:35:27 PM): **that is from his lair of course**
Macrocosm says (6:35:50 PM): **are we switching to the lair, or is he THAT LOUD?!**
HighPriestessKal (6:36:27 PM): **SWITCHING OF COURSE he's not that stupid to let you guys know where he is**
HighPriestessKal (6:36:31 PM): Near: GEVANNI *SNAP*
Macrocosm says (6:36:41 PM): Gevanni:  **sigh** What.
Macrocosm says (6:39:37 PM): Gevanni: **has a tied-up Matsuda hanging off his back by the way. 8D**
HighPriestessKal (6:47:40 PM): Near: Is it done.
Macrocosm says (6:48:03 PM): Gevanni: Of course!
HighPriestessKal (6:48:43 PM): Near: ...good.... *looks up at the sky, swirling a glass of orange soda around as storm clouds roll in*
Macrocosm says (6:49:32 PM): Gevanni: So uh.
Macrocosm says (6:49:40 PM): Gevanni: What should I do with... *point* >>;
HighPriestessKal (6:50:49 PM): Near: ..... Throw him in the....dungeon...
Macrocosm says (6:51:37 PM): Gevanni: .... When did we get a dungeon? o0
Macrocosm says (6:51:59 PM): Gevanni: **SPK BUILDING O___o**
HighPriestessKal (6:52:14 PM): Lidner: He must mean the laundry room.
Macrocosm says (6:52:20 PM): Gevanni: ... Oh!
Macrocosm says (6:52:28 PM): Gevanni: Thanks Halle. :-D
HighPriestessKal (6:52:38 PM): Lidner: ... *shoots Gevanni*
Macrocosm says (6:52:43 PM): Gevanni: **SHOT**
HighPriestessKal (6:52:51 PM): Lidner: *only in the leg tho'*
HighPriestessKal (6:53:01 PM): Lidner: What did I say about calling me that, SLAVE?
Macrocosm says (6:53:13 PM): Gevanni: YOU DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING. D<
Macrocosm says (6:54:05 PM): Gevanni: **owieeee ;o;**
HighPriestessKal (6:54:41 PM): Lidner: Hmph.
Macrocosm says (6:55:15 PM): Gevanni: **considers jumping out the window :<**
Macrocosm says (6:56:21 PM): Gevanni: **buuut puts Matsuda on the WEIRD ELEVATOR THING that goes to the laundry room. :/**
Macrocosm says (6:57:26 PM): Gevanni: **and stumbles off**
HighPriestessKal (6:58:20 PM): Matsuda: MHMHMMHMH!!!
HighPriestessKal (6:58:31 PM): Matsuda: *kicks Gevanni in the hurt leg*
Macrocosm says (6:58:44 PM): Gevanni: **THIS IS NOT MY DAY. floored**
Macrocosm says (6:59:02 PM): **ohhh Gevanni. It's NEVER your day**
HighPriestessKal (6:59:04 PM): Matsuda: *keeps kicking!*
Macrocosm says (7:00:09 PM): Gevanni: ** it really isn't.*
Macrocosm says (7:02:01 PM): Lester: **just kind of watches with a cup of coffee** ... What a weenie. <<;
HighPriestessKal (7:02:55 PM): Lidner: Hmph. Why is he even on this team.
Macrocosm says (7:02:57 PM): Lester: **locks them in together :-D/**
HighPriestessKal signed off at 7:03:00 PM.
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HighPriestessKal signed on at 7:04:07 PM.
HighPriestessKal (7:04:16 PM): Lidner: now what.
Macrocosm says (7:05:24 PM): Lester: Hm...
Macrocosm says (7:05:59 PM): Lester: **eyes Near** Anyone else you want kidnapped? Oo **IT KILLS TIME**
HighPriestessKal (7:06:35 PM): Near: ....well there is one person...
Macrocosm says (7:06:57 PM): Lester: **sips his coffee**
HighPriestessKal (7:07:04 PM): Near: ..... Nah.
HighPriestessKal (7:07:11 PM): Near: For now we wait... Oh and Lester.
HighPriestessKal (7:07:17 PM): Near: *hands him a list of toys he wants*
Macrocosm says (7:07:45 PM): Lester: ... Right.
HighPriestessKal (7:08:02 PM): **SO BACK TO...STUFF**
Macrocosm says (7:08:18 PM): **that...didn't provide any insight at all!**
HighPriestessKal (7:08:42 PM): Mello: You want Matsuda back right?! Keep going! *has Far on a treadmill, a fishing pole overhead with two pictures, one of an L and one of Matsuda*
Macrocosm says (7:09:06 PM): Far: **hamster**
Macrocosm says (7:09:54 PM): Far: .... un......
Macrocosm says (7:10:03 PM): Far: **IS A DETERMINED HAMSTER THOUGH. >(**
HighPriestessKal (7:11:21 PM): Mello: GO FASTER! *ups the speed to 130*
Macrocosm says (7:11:37 PM): Far: @@ **tries to keep up**
Macrocosm says (7:12:06 PM): Far: **...yeah, goes flying**
HighPriestessKal (7:13:05 PM): Mello: ... *sees Far hit a wall*
Macrocosm says (7:13:18 PM): Far: **...sliiiiiiides down it**
Macrocosm says (7:13:39 PM): Far: **emo-ball. :<**
Macrocosm says (7:14:12 PM): Matt: Man. What else can we think of to do? ~~;
HighPriestessKal (7:14:39 PM): Mello: .....hmm..
HighPriestessKal (7:14:42 PM): Mello: ..oh I know
HighPriestessKal (7:14:51 PM): Mello: *stands Far in front of a TV*
HighPriestessKal (7:14:57 PM): Mello: *pops in Taibo*
Macrocosm says (7:15:02 PM): Matt: FIGHTING GAMES? \o/ .... oh.
Macrocosm says (7:15:29 PM): Far: o_o
HighPriestessKal (7:15:49 PM): Mello: Follow the people on the screen. Here are your weights. *gives him Scar's dumbells*
Macrocosm says (7:16:08 PM): (( Scar's... ? XD ))
HighPriestessKal (7:16:35 PM): (( "sometimes Mello uses ninja powers to fight bananas"))
HighPriestessKal (7:16:41 PM): ((Yeah you know those stone ones? XD)
Macrocosm says (7:17:16 PM): (( ... I don't remember that at all. O___o **it's been a looong time since I watched FMA** ))
Macrocosm says (7:18:48 PM): Matt: When're we going to try out the mecha? I spent a lot of work on that D:
Macrocosm says (7:18:58 PM): Far: **attempts the Taibo :x**
HighPriestessKal (7:19:05 PM): (( Awh well it was when he was at the Isbalan camo(
HighPriestessKal (7:19:08 PM): ((*camp)
Macrocosm says (7:19:32 PM): (( ... **has another paint doodle** ))
Macrocosm says (7:19:52 PM): (( XDD ))
ATTENTION (7:20:18 PM): Transfer complete: niahhh.JPG.
Macrocosm says (7:21:38 PM): Matt: **watches Far, eatin' a cookie**
HighPriestessKal (7:21:57 PM): (( .... XDDD )
HighPriestessKal (7:22:10 PM): ((Well it IS Matsuda)
Macrocosm says (7:22:18 PM): (( Yes :-D ))
HighPriestessKal (7:22:23 PM): Mello: After he's physically ready!
HighPriestessKal (7:22:31 PM): Mello: If he's not then all our work will be in vain
Macrocosm says (7:22:45 PM): Matt: Define ready. **munch**
HighPriestessKal (7:22:50 PM): Mello: *grabs Matt's shoulders, SHAKE* DO YOU WANT THAT? ALL THAT HARD WORK TO BE IN VAIN?
Macrocosm says (7:22:58 PM): Matt: @@ NO!
Macrocosm says (7:24:07 PM): Matt: But what's the goal exactly? >o>; Like. When will you KNOW.
Macrocosm says (7:24:55 PM): Matt: **whiny**
HighPriestessKal (7:25:16 PM): Mello: ....oh we'll know... we'll know..
Macrocosm says (7:25:58 PM): **Mr. Dumbell, meet Mr. TV.**
Macrocosm says (7:26:00 PM): Far: .....................
HighPriestessKal (7:26:23 PM): Mello: ...he's ready.
Macrocosm says (7:26:36 PM): Matt: .... o0b Rock on.
HighPriestessKal (7:26:48 PM): Mello: FAR suit up!
Macrocosm says (7:26:58 PM): Far: ah?
Macrocosm says (7:27:05 PM): Far: **I was not aware there was a suit involved**
HighPriestessKal (7:27:25 PM): Mello: *POINTS TO THE CHANGING ROOM*
Macrocosm says (7:28:40 PM): Far: ... I see. **goes over then! 'least he didn't get his clothes ripped off for the third time in one segment. 8D/**
HighPriestessKal (7:29:09 PM): *CHANGY SEQUENCE*
HighPriestessKal (7:29:20 PM): Mello: *puts Far on a converyor belt with screens*
HighPriestessKal (7:29:27 PM): Robot arms: *RIPS FAR'S CLOTHES OFF*
Macrocosm says (7:29:42 PM): Far: **...whatever.**
HighPriestessKal (7:29:52 PM): Shower heads: PPPSSHT!
HighPriestessKal (7:29:58 PM): Dryers: WHOOOSH
HighPriestessKal (7:30:20 PM): Tiny little bottle of perfume: *spray*
Macrocosm says (7:30:36 PM): Matt: ... Wow. It's like a car wash.
Macrocosm says (7:30:46 PM): Matt: .... Far wash. o_o;
HighPriestessKal (7:30:58 PM): Mello: *at the controls, singing* Workin' at the Far wash yeah...
Macrocosm says (7:31:33 PM): Matt: **HE'S HAVING TOO MUCH FUN WITH THIS. 8D**
Macrocosm says (7:32:10 PM): Far: **tiny twitch at the perfume.... what the hell, is this chocolate scented? I didn't know they made-**
HighPriestessKal (7:32:47 PM): Robot arms: *CLOTHES RAPEZ*
Macrocosm says (7:32:57 PM): Far: **iyaaaan**
Macrocosm says (7:33:27 PM): (( IT EXISTS&nbsp;-))
Macrocosm says (7:34:08 PM): (( whoa man ))
Macrocosm says (7:34:09 PM): ((;-))
HighPriestessKal (7:35:49 PM): (OMG.... )
Macrocosm says (7:36:12 PM): (( THEY HAVE CHOCOLATE SOAP. o_O ))
Macrocosm says (7:36:53 PM): (( don't drop the chocolate soap, Far! ))
HighPriestessKal (7:37:02 PM): (( DES))
Macrocosm says (7:37:09 PM): (( WHAT XD ))
HighPriestessKal (7:37:16 PM): (( >.> ))
HighPriestessKal (7:37:35 PM): Machine: *pops Far out with a little chocolate scented thing around his neck*
Macrocosm says (7:37:45 PM): Far: **.... is that IT?**
HighPriestessKal (7:37:57 PM): **like those pine tree scented stuff in cars**
Macrocosm says (7:38:21 PM): Far: **yes but you can hardly call it a suit now can you.**
HighPriestessKal (7:39:15 PM): Machine: *duh the mecha suit is skin-tight*
Macrocosm says (7:39:56 PM): Far: **...I wonder... why do I even question these things**
Macrocosm says (7:40:02 PM): Far: **it's Mihael**
Macrocosm says (7:40:58 PM): Far: ... **tugs at the air freshener absently**
Macrocosm says (7:41:09 PM): Matt: Well then!
HighPriestessKal (7:41:11 PM): Mello: Now then...
HighPriestessKal (7:41:16 PM): Mello: The moment we've all been waiting for.
HighPriestessKal (7:41:30 PM): Mello: *leads Far to the room with the mecha*

Macrocosm says (7:41:32 PM): **dum dum dum dum DUNNN. DUNNNN. DA NAHHHH**
Macrocosm says (7:41:53 PM): (( ... what does O Fortuna sound like because if it's what I just did... XDD ))
Macrocosm says (7:42:05 PM): (( Then that is DAMN impressive. ))
HighPriestessKal (7:42:14 PM): (( XDD ))
Macrocosm says (7:42:38 PM): Far: **looks up at it. ....waaaay up.**
Macrocosm says (7:43:16 PM): Matt: **babbles on about the mech :-D**
HighPriestessKal (7:43:19 PM):
Macrocosm says (7:43:50 PM): (( ... do I even have my headphones **dig** ))
Macrocosm says (7:44:09 PM): (( ))
HighPriestessKal (7:44:16 PM): (( DX ))
Macrocosm says (7:44:45 PM): (( ... I'll find it later 8D ))
HighPriestessKal (7:44:53 PM): (( Ok >> )
HighPriestessKal (7:44:56 PM): (( You should ))
HighPriestessKal (7:45:30 PM): Mello: MATT
HighPriestessKal (7:45:36 PM): Mello: You talk too much
HighPriestessKal (7:45:46 PM): **although coming from HIM of all people...**
Macrocosm says (7:45:54 PM): Matt: But it's important that he knows about the workings of the machine and D:
Macrocosm says (7:46:09 PM): Far: ...
HighPriestessKal (7:47:25 PM): Mello: Far...
HighPriestessKal (7:47:36 PM): Mello: *clenches fist* Step forward and claim your DESTINY
HighPriestessKal (7:47:51 PM): Neji: ..... *looks up at the sky, standing just outside of the room*
HighPriestessKal (7:48:00 PM): Neji: There are ten airplanes flying overhead...
Macrocosm says (7:48:24 PM): Far: ... aa.....
Macrocosm says (7:48:52 PM): Far: **walks toward the mecha**
HighPriestessKal (7:49:15 PM): Mello: *sniffle...*
HighPriestessKal (7:49:29 PM): Mello: There he goes off to destroy NI-A.... do you have a tissue? *to Matt*
Macrocosm says (7:50:25 PM): Matt: Uh... **hands over the tissue box o0**
Macrocosm says (7:50:44 PM): Matt: ... He's come a long way. **satisfied nod**
HighPriestessKal (7:51:00 PM): Mello: *honk*
Macrocosm says (7:51:25 PM): Far: **staaaaaaares up at the towering behemoth of a mech**
Macrocosm says (7:51:38 PM): Far: **looks back towards Matt and Mello**
Macrocosm says (7:52:30 PM): Far: ........
HighPriestessKal (7:53:35 PM): Mello: ... Pst Matt. How does get in?
Macrocosm says (7:53:43 PM): Far: .... ah...... you read my mind.
HighPriestessKal (7:54:05 PM): Mello: *kind of a common sense thing that time... but whatev*
Macrocosm says (7:54:43 PM): Matt: .... uh.  **cellphone** >>; Hey Noa, where do you get in?
HighPriestessKal (7:55:10 PM): Noa's voicemail: I'm sorry. I'm in Mourning right now. Please leave a name~~~
Macrocosm says (7:55:13 PM): Far: ...... he knew everything about the mech............. but that......
Macrocosm says (7:55:17 PM): Matt: **doteyes**
HighPriestessKal (7:55:28 PM): Mello: ..what..WHAT? What's 'appened?!
Macrocosm says (7:55:43 PM): Matt: He's not picking up!
Macrocosm says (7:56:34 PM): Far: ..........
Macrocosm says (7:57:44 PM): Matt: >__> **tries again**
HighPriestessKal (7:59:26 PM): Noa's voicemail: I'm sorry. I'm in~
Macrocosm says (7:59:42 PM): Matt: >_O
Macrocosm says (8:00:12 PM): Far: ....... **goes to look himself**
HighPriestessKal (8:02:05 PM): Mello: ...MATT WTF
Macrocosm says (8:02:31 PM): Matt: .... Shut up!
Macrocosm says (8:03:24 PM): Matt: D: I designed the INTERNAL workings!
Macrocosm says (8:03:44 PM): Matt: Software! D<
Macrocosm says (8:04:36 PM): Far: ... mitsuketa.
HighPriestessKal (8:05:05 PM): Mello: .... *turns to look*
Macrocosm says (8:05:58 PM): Far: ...... **it's a warp pad**
Macrocosm says (8:06:12 PM): Far: **poof!**
Macrocosm says (8:07:12 PM): (( ... I gotta go! 8D ))
HighPriestessKal (8:07:19 PM): ((Eh? EH D: )
HighPriestessKal (8:07:22 PM): (( Bai bai Des ;; )
HighPriestessKal (8:07:25 PM): ((tomorrow? >D )
Macrocosm says (8:07:51 PM): (( ... oh screw it. I'm not making the bus ))
Macrocosm says (8:07:57 PM): (( I have two minutes to run there. ))
HighPriestessKal (8:08:02 PM): (( O_o )
Macrocosm says (8:08:08 PM): (( **staying** -- ))
HighPriestessKal (8:08:19 PM): (( G-gomen ne)
Macrocosm says (8:08:24 PM): (( It's okay XD ))
Macrocosm says (8:08:35 PM): (( I stayed cause I wanted to :-D ))
HighPriestessKal (8:08:40 PM): (( :-D ))
Macrocosm says (8:08:44 PM): (( Mom just called and was like "WHERE ARE YOU O_o;" ))
HighPriestessKal (8:08:47 PM): Mello: Alright how do I talk to him...
HighPriestessKal (8:08:50 PM): (( XDD )
Macrocosm says (8:09:42 PM): Matt: I programmed our cell phones to work with the mech, but there's a communications room too if we want to go for that cool space center vibe
HighPriestessKal (8:09:54 PM): Mello: *already thar*
Macrocosm says (8:10:12 PM): Matt: ... maybe I do talk too much. Oo **follow**
Macrocosm says (8:11:20 PM): Far: **so. Sittin' in the ... **
Macrocosm says (8:11:51 PM): Far: **.... cockpit.**
Macrocosm says (8:12:04 PM): Far: **thesaurus you have failed me**
HighPriestessKal (8:12:25 PM): Mello: .... *speaks into the mic* FAR
Macrocosm says (8:12:38 PM): Far: **looks up** ....yeah.
HighPriestessKal (8:12:38 PM): Mello: You know what to do..
Macrocosm says (8:13:21 PM): Far: ... aniki....... **grips the controls~**
HighPriestessKal (8:15:03 PM): L: *appears on a screen*
HighPriestessKal (8:15:10 PM): L: Far. *voice-over though*
Macrocosm says (8:16:11 PM): Far: L...!
HighPriestessKal (8:16:33 PM): L: .... *smile* Gambatte ne.
HighPriestessKal (8:16:37 PM): L: I have faith in you.
Macrocosm says (8:17:00 PM): Far: **looks amaaazed**
Macrocosm says (8:17:33 PM): Far: .... arigatou.....
HighPriestessKal (8:17:49 PM): L: ... *nods* Now, go.
Macrocosm says (8:18:11 PM): Far: **n-nod** ...
Macrocosm says (8:18:59 PM): Far: **pulls on some sort of SERIOUS LEVERS.**
HighPriestessKal (8:19:16 PM): **WHOOOOSH**
Macrocosm says (8:20:12 PM): Far: **soon as L's face flickers off the screen - GETS THIS BADASS EXPRESSION. 8DDD**
Macrocosm says (8:21:35 PM): Matt: WHOA. Oo; **camera in the cockpit, kind of spins around in his chair**  Near's gonna die. 8DDD
HighPriestessKal (8:21:53 PM): Mello: ....... he is...
HighPriestessKal (8:21:58 PM): Mello: Suteki...
Macrocosm says (8:22:14 PM): Matt: I never knew....
Macrocosm says (8:23:18 PM): Mecha: **GOIN' TOWARD .... EPIC BATTLE LAND.**
Macrocosm says (8:24:02 PM): Mecha: **you know. That stretch of the Earth that is ridiculously vast and exists for no other reason than for two people to kick eachother's asses while not causing any property damage.**
HighPriestessKal (8:27:21 PM): Near: *flies to the 'meetng place'*
HighPriestessKal (8:27:24 PM): Near: Far....
Macrocosm says (8:27:34 PM): Far: ......aniki.....
HighPriestessKal (8:27:50 PM): Near: ....heh. What are you doing in that junkheap?
HighPriestessKal (8:28:03 PM): Winry: *in the communications room* WHAT?!
HighPriestessKal (8:28:19 PM): Winry: *grabs the mic, screams into it* FAR! *thumbs DOWN* TAKE HIM DOWN OR I'LL KILL YOU
HighPriestessKal (8:28:29 PM): Mello: ...who let her in?
Macrocosm says (8:28:34 PM): Far: **wince** ....aa...ahh....
Macrocosm says (8:28:50 PM): Matt: She's got a card key. D:
HighPriestessKal (8:29:00 PM): Mello: Ah....
HighPriestessKal (8:29:09 PM): Mello: *turns off the sound* ...
Macrocosm says (8:30:19 PM): Far: *already sweating :<** .... **takes a moment to recover from Winry** ...aniki.... I....
HighPriestessKal (8:30:28 PM): Near: Oh Far.
HighPriestessKal (8:30:36 PM): Near: I think he'd like to extend a greeeting to you.
HighPriestessKal (8:30:47 PM): Near: *projects a screen of tied up Matsuda over a boiling vat*
HighPriestessKal (8:30:51 PM): Matsuda: X_XMHMHM!
Macrocosm says (8:31:04 PM): Far: .... I will......
Macrocosm says (8:31:09 PM): Far: .... completely destroy you.
HighPriestessKal (8:31:19 PM): Near: .... *narrows his eyes*
Macrocosm says (8:31:25 PM): Far: **DOOOOOOOOM sound effect**
Macrocosm says (8:31:39 PM): (( ... THE COMPS ARE GONNA SHUT THEMSELVES OFF. 8D ))
HighPriestessKal (8:31:41 PM): Near: We shall see won't we? *turns off the screen*
Macrocosm says (8:31:42 PM): (( CLIFFHANGER ))
HighPriestessKal (8:31:46 PM): ((OMG XD)
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