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You have just entered room "Godcake Bake Sale."
Wingweaver Hope: ^_^!
drgnelf88: *pokes Kel*
ScurvyPeep: Psychic-Des. ^^
drgnelf88: me put this on Kubbie! *holds up leather gryphon armor*
marsygirl1: hi!
drgnelf88: *waves*
marsygirl1: uh... Kubbie, do you want it on?
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *still has the hat* MINE! ><!
ScurvyPeep: I have decided that I rather dislike Ivy from Soul Calibur II. She's cool, but SO hard to play XD
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *as long as it gets me away from the child...sure*
Wingweaver Hope: Kubbie! >>!
Wingweaver Hope: You're so mean!
marsygirl1: lol
drgnelf88: Kubbie: >.>
Wingweaver Hope: >.>!
marsygirl1: she has too many stances and stuff
Wingweaver Hope: I should put him right on top of you. *mutters*
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *you try being smothered to death by a 3-year-old*
marsygirl1: okay... *goes to help Adel*
drgnelf88: ^.^ yay! She's gunna look so cooool....
ScurvyPeep: Meow.
drgnelf88: *gives Kubbie some sushi while they put the armor on*
drgnelf88: Kubbie: ^.^
Wingweaver Hope: Hey, he's not 3! ><!
drgnelf88: >.> how old is he then...I've heard about five different ages
drgnelf88: cause last time someone said that C Seto was 8 and C Mokuba was 3 or something.....
Wingweaver Hope: year younger
drgnelf88: o.O
drgnelf88: oooookay
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba is 2 and C. Seto is going to be 7.
drgnelf88: *shivers* terrible twos....
marsygirl1: no kidding
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: ;;;;;;;;;_;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: >< I two half!
marsygirl1: <.<
marsygirl1: kids....
Wingweaver Hope: no you arent >.>
Wingweaver Hope: You're like 2 and 3 months.
Wingweaver Hope: c. Mokuba ><!
ScurvyPeep: **goes to sell the ship she stole when she defeated Malik and made him walk the plank** XD
drgnelf88: Pyra: ooookay...Pyralis is tired now...I'm going to rest
Wingweaver Hope: XDDDDDDDDD
marsygirl1: sweet! you made him walk the plank!!!
ScurvyPeep: 'Course. =D Couldn't have the captain lingering behind when I stole all his stuff. XD
Wingweaver Hope: XDDDDD
marsygirl1: lol
marsygirl1: good thinking
drgnelf88: ^_______________^
drgnelf88: *rejoices*
drgnelf88: *finished with Kubbie* ^.^
marsygirl1: you're so good, Kubbie
marsygirl1: and you look so cool, too
ScurvyPeep: ...DUDE! >D I got two gold bars from that ship! >DDD
drgnelf88: it's all BLACK and LEATHER and yeah.....
marsygirl1: huzzah!
marsygirl1: gold bars are good
drgnelf88: Kubbie: ^.^ *likes the armor*
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *sticks hat on Kubbie's head* ^_^
drgnelf88: Kubbie: o.O ......?
ScurvyPeep: Mwahahaha. **buys more guns**
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *helmet...HEAVY!!!!*
marsygirl1: brb
drgnelf88: k
marsygirl1: gtg take care of a rabbit
drgnelf88: hehe
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *looks up at Des* I havh gun?
ScurvyPeep: Nu. These are cannons. CANNONS. For ships. =D
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *blinks* I havh cannon?
ScurvyPeep: Do you have a ship? >.>
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: Yeah! ^_^!
ScurvyPeep: o.O .... Hmm.
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: Pwease?
drgnelf88: *scared beyond all reason*
Wingweaver Hope: Doushite?
ScurvyPeep: ..... I'll give you enough guns to plunder with. Go get your own loot. =P
drgnelf88: a 2-year-old with a cannon? *shakes head* scary
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: Wanna cannon! ><!
ScurvyPeep: Yes, that's what I mean. **drags out the demiculverins**
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: Cannon?
ScurvyPeep: Yes!
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: Foh me?
ScurvyPeep: Mm-hmm. ^-^ Go forth and pursue a life of piracy, young one!
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: Yay! ^_^ *climbs in the cannon*
drgnelf88: o.
drgnelf88: O
drgnelf88: .....
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *waits for it to go off, wanting to get shot out of it*
drgnelf88: straaaange child
Wingweaver Hope: C. Seto: X_X MOKUBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: **ooooh if only Kal where here.......*
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *cannon doesnt go off ><*
Wingweaver Hope: UH, cuz its not light? >>>
ScurvyPeep: And because you forgot to load the gunpowder.
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: ><!
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *drags cannon off*
ScurvyPeep: XD
marsygirl1: I was gonna say... you sorta need gunpowder... and a fuse....
drgnelf88: hehe
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *is gone!*
marsygirl1: O.o
marsygirl1: where'd that little creep get to?
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *finds Seto's secret time machine!!!!!!!!!!!*
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: X_X NO!
drgnelf88: O.O
marsygirl1: X_X
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *fiddles around, presses button*
Wingweaver Hope: *BRIGHT FLASH OF LIGHT!*
ScurvyPeep: Is he going back home? o.o
marsygirl1: {haha, I have cool X's}
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: Ooooooooooh........
drgnelf88: (>.>)
marsygirl1: you mean to mars?
Wingweaver Hope: Voice: ................Where did my ship go?!!!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: *smoke clears to reveal a young man in pirate outfit!*
drgnelf88: o.O
marsygirl1: ooooh
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: Who you?
marsygirl1: {does he have long hair?}
Wingweaver Hope: Man: .............................................. ............... thats of no concern to you >.> *has long hair tied back in a poyntail*
marsygirl1: {and is he pretty?... oh my god, I sound like a prep}
Wingweaver Hope: How old are you? >>
drgnelf88: ^____^
Wingweaver Hope: Man: Why do you care?! >>
drgnelf88: long hair = good...
Wingweaver Hope: I wanna know!
ScurvyPeep: I bet it's Mokuba.
marsygirl1: *nods*
Wingweaver Hope: Man: I'm 18. >.>
marsygirl1: <.< I pray it's not Mokuba
Wingweaver Hope: Man: And My name is Kai. ><
marsygirl1: phew! then I can fall in love
Wingweaver Hope: lol
drgnelf88: HAHA
ScurvyPeep: ... Kai.
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: Excuse me?!
marsygirl1: excuse you what?
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: Fall in love? >>
drgnelf88: Kel...I think you just creeped him out....
marsygirl1: who ever said anything about "fall in love"?
ScurvyPeep: **has plundered two more merchants, rolling in gold** >D
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: You did.
marsygirl1: I never said anythiing, that's for sure
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: ................................ Are you a pirate?
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: *to Des*
ScurvyPeep: Uh-huh.
marsygirl1: wow, now I sound like I have MPD
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: .............................Fellow pirate? >> You don't work on my ship, do you?
drgnelf88: *pats Kel*
ScurvyPeep: Captain Des Dao-Shindou-Tini. No, I don't work on your ship.
marsygirl1: ^_____^
marsygirl1: MPD is fun
Wingweaver Hope: how do you spell konichiwa?
ScurvyPeep: Two N's.
Wingweaver Hope: k
marsygirl1: *singing* We set sail at half past morn, waiting for a new tomorrow
Wingweaver Hope: ?
marsygirl1: don't know when we're comin' home, but we drink and we dance and we drown our sorrow!
drgnelf88: yes! Gaelic storm!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: riaru na sekai ni yureteru kanjyou
marsygirl1: Way, hey! Hey laddy hey!
marsygirl1: Way hey hey we'll drink the night away
Wingweaver Hope: maketakunai
Wingweaver Hope: mou tada hashiru shikanai
marsygirl1: I don't know what there lies in store
marsygirl1: but it's better than this that's why I'm willin'
marsygirl1: to stake my claim on a foreign shore
marsygirl1: with me spoons and me fiddle and a half a shillin
drgnelf88: (;_; you must get Sarah or someone to burn the CD for me, Kel)
Wingweaver Hope: kono mune ni
marsygirl1: Way hey
Wingweaver Hope: kikoetekuru kimi wa
marsygirl1: hey laddy hey
Wingweaver Hope: hitori jyanai
Wingweaver Hope: ~Real Emotion
marsygirl1: {I know}
marsygirl1: Way hey hey we'll drink the night away
marsygirl1: I drempt a place, I know it's true, where the dolphins play and it's always sunny
marsygirl1: the girl's are brown and the ocean blue
marsygirl1: less work to do, but you make more money
marsygirl1: Way hey, hey laddy hey, way hey hey we'll drink the night away
marsygirl1: I must be off, by mornin's light
marsygirl1: I can hear our bosun's whistle blowin'
ScurvyPeep: ^^
marsygirl1: one more kiss and one more fight, and one more song while the beer is flowin'
marsygirl1: *chorus*
Wingweaver Hope: Every day I wake up
Wingweaver Hope: pour myself a cup
Wingweaver Hope: of that rich folgers aroma
Wingweaver Hope: the best part of walking up!
marsygirl1: *fiddle playing*
drgnelf88: weeeee
Wingweaver Hope: *waking
marsygirl1: when the sky is gray, look out to sea
marsygirl1: when the waves are high, and the light is dyin
Wingweaver Hope: its the do whop do whap do whap all i do
marsygirl1: well, raise a glass, and think of me
Wingweaver Hope: yeaaaaaaaah im right in harmony
Wingweaver Hope: do whop do whop diddy
marsygirl1: when I'm home again I'll be buyin
Wingweaver Hope: oh the best part of waking up is folgers in your cup
marsygirl1: *chorus x3*
Wingweaver Hope: oooooooooh the best part of waking up
Wingweaver Hope: is folgers in your cup!
drgnelf88: I prefer Starshumcks...
drgnelf88: *Starshmucks
Wingweaver Hope: X_X YNYL Rockapella when you like the Folgers song JUST cuz they sing it
marsygirl1: -Drink the Night Away by Gaelic Storm
drgnelf88: ^.^
ScurvyPeep: Yee! The Spanish are attacking me!
drgnelf88: o.O
ScurvyPeep: I have a price on my head! *___*
marsygirl1: KILL THEM ALL!!!!
marsygirl1: or just escape to the carribean
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: *fights off Spanish people!* MATE! MATE!!!!!!!!!!!
marsygirl1: but whatever you do,
marsygirl1: don't let a privateer get you
Wingweaver Hope: *thinks thats right...*
ScurvyPeep: I think that's what they are >.>
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: *grabs staff and fights!*
ScurvyPeep: Their commodore won't accept my challenge to duel! ><;
ScurvyPeep: Stand and fight, you lily!
marsygirl1: ack!!!
drgnelf88: ack?
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: PANSIES!
marsygirl1: if it's a privateer, he's gonna fight dirty, probably
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: They won't fight me. *nod nod*
marsygirl1: they're pirates with a royal pardon
drgnelf88: hehe
ScurvyPeep: I KNOW what a privateer is, alright? >.>
HighPriestessKal has entered the room.
Wingweaver Hope: Kaaaaaal!
Wingweaver Hope: *points at C. Mokuba*
HighPriestessKal: Yeah o.o?
Wingweaver Hope: *who is trying to shot himself out of the cannon again*
marsygirl1: I know you know, I'm insulting them
HighPriestessKal: oO
HighPriestessKal: MOKUBA! X__X
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *has gunpowder this time!*
Wingweaver Hope: X_X Where did he get that?!
HighPriestessKal: C.Seto: NUUU! *pulls Mokuba out of the cannon*
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: Oh, he asked me for it.
Wingweaver Hope: WHAT?!
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: *shrug*
HighPriestessKal: O__________O
ScurvyPeep: GAH! >< He's not accepting! FIGHT ME YOU PANSYYY~!
HighPriestessKal: *snatches gun powder away*
HighPriestessKal: Keep this faaaar away from him Ra
HighPriestessKal: Ra: Okie dokey *takes it*
ScurvyPeep: AHA! He's accepted! Your ass is mine Bernal!
marsygirl1: hahaha
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: *lights the cannon C. Mokuba is in*
Wingweaver Hope: X_X!!!!!!!
marsygirl1: ACK!!!
ScurvyPeep: **blinks at Kai**
HighPriestessKal: YO! NO GUNPOWDER!
HighPriestessKal: *points up at Ra*
marsygirl1: KICK HIS ASS DES!!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: ...................... ><
ScurvyPeep: Ra better not have taken MY gunpowder.
ScurvyPeep: I need it to defeat the Spanish.
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: >< My cannon!
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: ><!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HighPriestessKal: *carries C.Mokuba out of cannon* Now sit and be a goooood boy
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: NO! ><!!!!!!!
HighPriestessKal: YES!
marsygirl1: why don't we just take the cannon away and give it to Des so she has more to fight with?
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *wanders off, tries and shoves Kubbie in the cannon!*
HighPriestessKal: o.O!!!!
marsygirl1: NOOOOO!!!
drgnelf88: Kubbie: @.@
HighPriestessKal: C.Seto: MOKUBA! X__X
marsygirl1: *pulls Kubbie out*
drgnelf88: Kubbie: *sighs in relief*
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: ...... *pushes C.Mokuba back in cannon*
marsygirl1: O.o
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Now where's the gunpowder >> <<
ScurvyPeep: ... Hee hee hee. XD
HighPriestessKal: C.YB: .... *hands him stolen gunpowder*
HighPriestessKal: YB! YOU ARE GROUNDED
HighPriestessKal: C.YB: =P
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: I'll take that! *snatches C.Seto's lighter*
marsygirl1: *unceremoniously grabs C Malik and throws him away from the cannon* little freak of nature
HighPriestessKal: C.Seto: X__X GIMME THAT BACK!
drgnelf88: HAHAHA
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: @__@
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: HEY! I'M NOT A FREAK OF NATURE! I may be a freak, but not of nature! >__<
marsygirl1: You are so a freak of nature, kid
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: A freak not of nature
ScurvyPeep: That's MY chibi, you're talking to. =.=
marsygirl1: ^^
HighPriestessKal: Ra: *grabs Mokuba out of cannon and picks up cannon*
marsygirl1: give it back to Des so she can kill the Spaniards
HighPriestessKal: Ra: Why? o.o
ScurvyPeep: The Spaniards are done with. o.O;; Now I'm being attacked by other pirates. Dammit.
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: MY CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!
marsygirl1: and so that I can go back to dancing to my gaelic music
HighPriestessKal: Ra: *holds it up high*
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *burrows back in!*
marsygirl1: okay, so you need it to kill the other pirates
ScurvyPeep: I'm running away. These guys look bad. o.o;
HighPriestessKal: Ra: The kid can fly? -__-?
ScurvyPeep: I know my limits, no da. XD;
Wingweaver Hope: *shrug*
HighPriestessKal: Ra: Cause I'm about more than thirty stories high..
ScurvyPeep: ...Well, they came after me again. >.>
marsygirl1: that's always a good thing
marsygirl1: well, that sucks
HighPriestessKal: Ra: *shakes Mokuba out of cannon*
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *gets Godzilla...... the COOL Godzilla!*
HighPriestessKal: Which one? The new or the original?
Wingweaver Hope: new
marsygirl1: she's gonna need that cannon, and Mokuba is useless as ammo
marsygirl1: but... but....
Wingweaver Hope: thats what YOU think
marsygirl1: the old one ROCKS!!!!
ScurvyPeep: I might HAVE to fire Mokuba as Ammo. >>>
Wingweaver Hope: but the new one looks cooler!
marsygirl1: especially in the fight against Mothra
HighPriestessKal: OOH! *sings Mothra's song*
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: YOU MOST CERTAINTLY WILL NOT! ><!
marsygirl1: and baby Godzilla is even cooler!!!!!
HighPriestessKal: Mothra rullles, specially since she has so many fornms
HighPriestessKal: *forms
Wingweaver Hope: X_X
marsygirl1: lol
ScurvyPeep: Blahhhh. Killed.
marsygirl1: I told you to give it back to her
marsygirl1: but did you listen?
marsygirl1: NOOOOOO
drgnelf88: hehe
ScurvyPeep: Not like I don't die enough.
HighPriestessKal: Ra: Well soooorrryyy
marsygirl1: ack!
marsygirl1: dog!
HighPriestessKal: Ra: *looks in cannon* This thing is dangerous.. *pitches it*
ScurvyPeep: OI!! ><
HighPriestessKal: *from far away you hear 'GAH!'*
HighPriestessKal: >.>
marsygirl1: phew!
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *goes flying* *secretly climbed back in the cannon*
HighPriestessKal: Naruto: Who's cannon is in my Ramen? X__X
ScurvyPeep: That'd be Mokuba's cannon.
marsygirl1: saved another pair of underwear from the devilish jaws of...... MOCHA!!!!!!
drgnelf88: haha
ScurvyPeep: Well, methinks it's time to begin anew. -.-
HighPriestessKal: Naruto: Oh... *pushes it off a cliff*
HighPriestessKal: *watches as it makes a cannon-shaped hole*
marsygirl1: X_x
ScurvyPeep: It doesn't count. Don't push Manta in. =P
HighPriestessKal: Manta: PHew..
drgnelf88: mmmmm....giant sour lollipops are gooood....
HighPriestessKal: Sakura: AUGHHHHHHH X__X
HighPriestessKal: *looks down* Stupid Sakura, holes are for Manta
marsygirl1: hahaha
marsygirl1: dork
ScurvyPeep: ... XD
ScurvyPeep: So Naruto, have you gotten over Sakura? o.O
HighPriestessKal: Naruto: Yeah, what did you think? >>
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *still in the cannon*
marsygirl1: *raises hand high*
drgnelf88: *RAISES HAND!!!!!!*
ScurvyPeep: o.O **shrug**
drgnelf88: oooooh oooh MEEEEEEE!!!!!!
HighPriestessKal: Sakura: *looks down, gets angry* ARUGH! *throw a kunai through cannon*
marsygirl1: GAELIC STORM RULES ALL!!!!!!!
drgnelf88: YES!!!!!
marsygirl1: btw, where did Kai go?
ScurvyPeep: I think the Spanish dogs got him o.O;
marsygirl1: ;;;_;;;;
marsygirl1: NOOOO!!!!
drgnelf88: that just sucks.....
ScurvyPeep: Let us declare revenge on Spain!
marsygirl1: he was pretty! and a pirate!!!!
marsygirl1: YES!!! INDEED!!!!
HighPriestessKal: What did Spain so to us?
HighPriestessKal: *do
marsygirl1: killed Kai... I think
ScurvyPeep: Perhaps.
ScurvyPeep: WAR ON SPAIN!! >D
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: ........I'm still here........
ScurvyPeep: ......**blinks at Kai** ..........War on Spain anyway!
HighPriestessKal: You war on Spain I war on France
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: *practicing sword fighting!*
Wingweaver Hope: HEY!
Wingweaver Hope: I LIKE SPAIN!!!!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: ><!!!!!!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: Go to war on France >>
drgnelf88: haha
marsygirl1: *nukes Paris*
ScurvyPeep: Let's claim loyalty to England! =D
HighPriestessKal: *clams being first dictator of England*
HighPriestessKal: *claims
ScurvyPeep: ...Nah. Loyalty to Piracy is better. ^_^
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: I claim loyalty to no one! ><!
marsygirl1: thus loyalty to piracy
HighPriestessKal: Hey Ra, I'll need your help to throw the royalty in England now
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *............ HELLOOOOOOOO IS STILL IN THE CANNON!*
HighPriestessKal: Ra: .... Uhh... ok... *flys off for England with me on his head*
HighPriestessKal: Sakura: *punched a hole through the cannon* .... What's a kid doing here?
marsygirl1: <.<
HighPriestessKal: Sakura: Oh well, I do not care... this thing made me trip! -.-! *destroys it*
drgnelf88: hehe
marsygirl1: lol
HighPriestessKal: C.Seto: WHEE! *steals cannon parts and burns them to make a monument*
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *destroyed* X_X
ScurvyPeep: o_O
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *............................................. has diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied*
HighPriestessKal: I'm baaack ^__^
HighPriestessKal: o.o whoa, what happened?!
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *ghost angel thing*
HighPriestessKal: >>... MOKUBA SPIRIT BALL MODE!
marsygirl1: no, he'll appear again.... for the sake of the chat
marsygirl1: ... like I said
HighPriestessKal: INTEGRATE!
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: ........?
HighPriestessKal: Now let's find your body...
ScurvyPeep: Whee. o.O
ScurvyPeep: Kal really needs to learn the Itako phrase...thing.
HighPriestessKal: Yeah... I just had some training..
HighPriestessKal: Mr. Asakura.. teach me..
ScurvyPeep: Which I don't remember at the time and will have to get to it later. o.o
HighPriestessKal: .......
SilvermoonSedai has entered the room.
HighPriestessKal: Oh, found it!
SilvermoonSedai: hiyi o.o;
ScurvyPeep: Yo!
marsygirl1: .... do I know you?
SilvermoonSedai: who's doing the baking?
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *has DIED*
SilvermoonSedai: i don't believe so o.o;
ScurvyPeep: ...Don't tell me Sedai hasn't seen our name before?
HighPriestessKal: *holds up Mokuba's body*
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: ............................
SilvermoonSedai: O.o?
Wingweaver Hope: C.Mokuba: *body was BLOWN TO BITS*
ScurvyPeep: Quit being dead Mokuba.
HighPriestessKal: *well pieces of it*
HighPriestessKal: Now to learn how revive him body and soul..
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Super glue?
marsygirl1: Sedai, I'm Amanda, and drgnelf is Amanda
marsygirl1: and I'm Kel
SilvermoonSedai: ^^ ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhkay
SilvermoonSedai: ^^ nice to meetyou
marsygirl1: you too
drgnelf88: Adel!!!!!
drgnelf88: weeeee
HighPriestessKal: ..... ok.... *super glues Mokuba's body pieces together*
marsygirl1: yes, you are Adel, Adel
ScurvyPeep: .... **sweatdrop**
drgnelf88: yes
HighPriestessKal: Now to let it dry.. *sets it near sunlight*
drgnelf88: just like Ed is Ed's name
drgnelf88: Adel is Adel's name
marsygirl1: *nods*
ScurvyPeep: Mokuba's going to be a Frankenmokuba.
marsygirl1: O.o
HighPriestessKal: CLEAR!
marsygirl1: THAT should be interesting
SilvermoonSedai: o.o;
marsygirl1: confused yet?
HighPriestessKal: *turns on electricity, wires attached to Mokuba*
marsygirl1: O_o
SilvermoonSedai: yet? i was always confused...
SilvermoonSedai: what's going on?
marsygirl1: lots
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: X_X
SilvermoonSedai: /nods/ i see...
SilvermoonSedai: and mokuba's dead
SilvermoonSedai: but C. Mokuba's alive?
Wingweaver Hope: No no, CHIBI Mokuba is dead.
ScurvyPeep: And about to become a Frankenmokuba
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba is very much alive.
SilvermoonSedai: right
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: X_X!!!!!
SilvermoonSedai: hiyi very much alive mokuba ^^
SilvermoonSedai: why's your chibi dead?
SilvermoonSedai: and about to become a Frakenmokuba
SilvermoonSedai: *Frankenmokuba?
SilvermoonSedai: which, btw, sounds a lot like a hotdog >>
ScurvyPeep: One would think if chibi Mokuba died, his older form would too..
ScurvyPeep: And it was all SAKURA'S fault. ....And Ra's.
SilvermoonSedai: yeah o.o;
HighPriestessKal: Ra: Yo lemme out of this
HighPriestessKal: Ra: It was Naruto who pushed it off the cliff
HighPriestessKal: Naruto: Cause it landed in my Ramen X__X
ScurvyPeep: But if you hadn't thrown it at him in the first place.
SilvermoonSedai: what is it?
HighPriestessKal: Ra: It was a very dangerous weapon!
ScurvyPeep: It was MY cannon!
HighPriestessKal: Yeah, so? You helped me take over England >>
ScurvyPeep: You should have given it back to ME!
SilvermoonSedai: oh i see
HighPriestessKal: Ra: .........well...yeah.. er... bye! *flys away*
SilvermoonSedai: o.O;
SilvermoonSedai: is he scared of you, Des?
SilvermoonSedai: /blinks/
ScurvyPeep: I terrify the gods...
HighPriestessKal: Ra: Ok!
SilvermoonSedai: lol
SilvermoonSedai: me too!
SilvermoonSedai: please?
HighPriestessKal: Ra: X__X Anyone else? *takes orders*
ScurvyPeep: Because I am! A GREAT SPIRITSU! Looky, I'm secretly a glowy bird. =D
HighPriestessKal: Oh no..
HighPriestessKal: *shields eyes*
SilvermoonSedai: o.o; wow
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *GLOW*
HighPriestessKal: Yeah.. likewise..
ScurvyPeep: **GLOW!**
: *squinty*
SilvermoonSedai: KYAAAAAAAHK X.X
SilvermoonSedai: i like those colors!
SilvermoonSedai: ^______^
SilvermoonSedai: hehehehe o.o;
Wingweaver Hope: X_X
SilvermoonSedai: EHEHEHEHEHE XD;
Wingweaver Hope: *sigh*
drgnelf88: *pokes Kel*
Wingweaver Hope: C. Angel Mokuba: X_X
drgnelf88: heyyyyyoooooo....
SilvermoonSedai: what's the matter?
ScurvyPeep: Well, this bites. I'm starting a new game.
SilvermoonSedai: /blink/ o.o;
HighPriestessKal: C.Seto: >> << HENGE! ^__^!
SilvermoonSedai: hm...
HighPriestessKal: Oh hey, nice skirt Seto >>
SilvermoonSedai: too somger <<
SilvermoonSedai: *somber
marsygirl1: copying something
drgnelf88: oh
SilvermoonSedai: who can take the sunrise
drgnelf88: k
HighPriestessKal: C.Seto: ^___^!
marsygirl1: don't worry, I'm alive
SilvermoonSedai: cover it with dew
HighPriestessKal: Sunrise?
SilvermoonSedai: uhm uhm...
SilvermoonSedai: something something chocolate, and a miracle or two
SilvermoonSedai: the candy man can XD
HighPriestessKal: C.Seto: CANDY! *-* *stuffs his motuh with honey and chocolate*
drgnelf88: *remembers Seto and the Oreos
drgnelf88: *
drgnelf88: this could be bad
SilvermoonSedai: o.o;
Wingweaver Hope: X_X
Wingweaver Hope: C. Angel Mokuba: *wants to eat an oreo.....*
SilvermoonSedai: o.o;
SilvermoonSedai: oreos are so good with milk XD
ScurvyPeep: ...**playing New Horizons as Mokuba-who-is-lookin g-for-Atlantis**
ScurvyPeep: .....He's flirting with a waitress.....
HighPriestessKal: New Horizons?
HighPriestessKal: What's that?
ScurvyPeep: It's a pirate-y RPG set in the age of exploration
SilvermoonSedai: o.o;
SilvermoonSedai: sounds cool
SilvermoonSedai: computer game?
ScurvyPeep: PC, Sega, SNES
HighPriestessKal: C.Seto: O___O WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEE *Runs around, runs into people, runs into walls*
ScurvyPeep: I'm using an emulator.
SilvermoonSedai: ahh
SilvermoonSedai: o.o;
ScurvyPeep: It's Duke Kaiba!! XD
HighPriestessKal: o.o
SilvermoonSedai: O_O
HighPriestessKal: Is this a YGO rpg?
HighPriestessKal: Or did you just name the charries that or..
ScurvyPeep: No, but you can give your character the name of a Yu-Gi-Oh character
SilvermoonSedai: ohh
ScurvyPeep: Ha... Mokuba can play the lute XD
SilvermoonSedai: right right
SilvermoonSedai: O.O that's so.....
SilvermoonSedai: girly <<
HighPriestessKal: C.Seto: *plays guitar* >O<!
ScurvyPeep: Lute. XD
SilvermoonSedai: lmao
Wingweaver Hope: X_X
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: Im so cool ^_^
HighPriestessKal: *uses child reborn*
SilvermoonSedai: /falls over/
HighPriestessKal: *waits for C.Mokuba to get back in his body*
Wingweaver Hope: C. Mokuba: *no longer an angel!*
ScurvyPeep: Mokuba stop flirting with the waitress!
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: X_X
HighPriestessKal: .....
SilvermoonSedai: o.o
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: >D *flirt flirt flirt*
Wingweaver Hope: LOL
drgnelf88: hahahaha
HighPriestessKal: o___O
SilvermoonSedai: o.o;
HighPriestessKal: C.Seto: *has run down* .... my brother likes to flirt?
SilvermoonSedai: YOUR BROTHER LIKES TO FLIRT? O______O
marsygirl1: oh my goodness
marsygirl1: all has gone to hell
ScurvyPeep: Mokuba is a lute-playing ladies man
drgnelf88: haha
HighPriestessKal: *pulls Mokuba away*
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: HEY! ><!
HighPriestessKal: Bad influence to your younger self
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: I LIKE being a pirate! ><!
HighPriestessKal: C.Seto: Hey, is flirting cool?
SilvermoonSedai: NO!
HighPriestessKal: NO IT IS NOT unless you look cool.
SilvermoonSedai: IT'S BAD
ScurvyPeep: **grins at Mokuba**
SilvermoonSedai: yeah
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: It is if ladies think you're adorably cute >D
HighPriestessKal: *pokes Seto* Yeah, flirting material
HighPriestessKal: C.Seto: *is still in girl form* ... can I flirt mom?
Wingweaver Hope: *fixes C. Mokuba's body so he looks normal*
Wingweaver Hope: X_X Change back
marsygirl1: you know, I think Kai makes a better pirate than Mokuba, at least because he's prettier
marsygirl1: and if he heard that I'm going into MPD mode
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: >> Of course I am!
HighPriestessKal: C.Seto: Whyyyyyyy? >> I'm older in this body!
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: ............ X_X KAI!?!
drgnelf88: XD
marsygirl1: what? what's going on here?
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: ............... *gasps!* *falls on his knees!*
HighPriestessKal: o.O
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: X_X How did you get here?!
ScurvyPeep: ..........O_o
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: *points at C. Mokuba*
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: X_X
marsygirl1: *gets angry all of a sudden*
HighPriestessKal: ....?
drgnelf88: *hides from Kel* meep!
marsygirl1: *to Mokuba* YOU BOILED MY MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HighPriestessKal: o.o..........
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: ^^;;;;;;;;; It's a long story. Let's just say....... Uh. Not gunna say it around Seto.
drgnelf88: LMAO!!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: X_X ?
HighPriestessKal: Why Mokuba? Why?
ScurvyPeep: Mokuba is sneaking into the house to get an aquamarine tiara from his mother.... because Duke Kaiba kicked him out because he needed to toughen up and become a good sailor XD
HighPriestessKal: Got something to hide?
HighPriestessKal: Sounds like an interesting game..
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: >.> I dont have anything to hide.
HighPriestessKal: *wonders if its still in stock* ... probably not
marsygirl1: *runs towards Mokuba to strangle him*
ScurvyPeep: You can play a number of different characters.
Wingweaver Hope: Seto: >>! Mokuba.
drgnelf88: haha
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: X_X *pulls out sword to defend himself!*
marsygirl1: *strangling Mokuba*
SilvermoonSedai: o.o
ScurvyPeep: I can send the game and the emulator to you if you like Kal
Wingweaver Hope: I mean staff.
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: *whacks Kel with his staff!* ><!
HighPriestessKal: Oh really?! O__O
ScurvyPeep: Yeah!
SilvermoonSedai: o_O
SilvermoonSedai: eww...
drgnelf88: O.O MOKUBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HighPriestessKal: ONEGAI?! SI VOUS PLE?!
marsygirl1: *grabs staff from Mokuba and hits him with it*
SilvermoonSedai: staff? whack? SICK >_<
SilvermoonSedai: ROFL XD;
marsygirl1: YOU
HighPriestessKal: o.o...
marsygirl1: BOILED
marsygirl1: MY
Wingweaver Hope: Mokuba: KAAAAAAI!!!!!!!!!
SilvermoonSedai: o.o;
marsygirl1: MOTHER!!!!!!!
SilvermoonSedai: /GASP/ O.O
drgnelf88: LMAO!!!!!
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: *comes and attacks Kel* LET GO OF KAICHOU! ><!
marsygirl1: LET GO OF ME!!!!!
SilvermoonSedai: O.O;
drgnelf88: >.< KAI!!!!!!! LETGO OF KEEEELLLLL!!!!!!!
marsygirl1: *fighting w/ Kai*
drgnelf88: >.>
marsygirl1: RAPE RAPE!!!!!!
HighPriestessKal: Oo
SilvermoonSedai: WHAT? O-O
drgnelf88: HAHAHA
Wingweaver Hope: Kai: She's hurting Kaichou! ><!
SilvermoonSedai: /dives under table and cowers/
FullMoonChan450 has entered the room.
HighPriestessKal: *sits down and eats Pocky* ..... oookay..
ScurvyPeep: Yo!
SilvermoonSedai: lol
SilvermoonSedai: hiyi ^^
FullMoonChan450: Allo.n.n
Wingweaver Hope: XD
SilvermoonSedai: heh
marsygirl1: *throws staff at Mokuba and stops fighting*
FullMoonChan450: My school football team sucks...muchly.XD
marsygirl1: ooooh, who do you have?
marsygirl1: as in, who's the team
FullMoonChan450: Myrtle Beach Seahawks
marsygirl1: BWAHAHA!!!!
FullMoonChan450: n.n;;;
drgnelf88: our team rules muchly....
SilvermoonSedai: ours too! X_X
marsygirl1: number 11 in the nation, you know
SilvermoonSedai: we lost FORTY ONE TO ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_____________T
SilvermoonSedai: FORTY ONE!
SilvermoonSedai: TO ZERO!
marsygirl1: ouch
drgnelf88: >.<
FullMoonChan450: Sounds like last weeks game.X.o;;;
marsygirl1: we just won against Long Beach Poly, who WAS number 2 in Orange County... until we beat the crap out them yesterday
marsygirl1: XD
SilvermoonSedai: wow o.o;
FullMoonChan450: XD
SilvermoonSedai: lol what was your score?
marsygirl1: 28-27
marsygirl1: but most of our varsity team is composed of sophs and juniors
SilvermoonSedai: i see /nods/
FullMoonChan450: aH..
drgnelf88: ^.^
SilvermoonSedai: no seniors/ o.o?
SilvermoonSedai: *?
marsygirl1: we have some
marsygirl1: like Marty Tadman, and that other dude
drgnelf88: and we were against a REALLY hard team....
marsygirl1: do you remember his name, Adel
SilvermoonSedai: ah
marsygirl1: yeah, other than CIF finals, that was probably going to be the hardest team of the year
drgnelf88: uuuuuum....Jed Collins?
drgnelf88: or is he not a senior?
marsygirl1: yeah, that's it
marsygirl1: I'm pretty sure it's Collins
drgnelf88: yeah...he's in ASB and Football....
marsygirl1: huzzah for him
marsygirl1: ^^
ScurvyPeep: o_O
drgnelf88: and he keeps a 3.0 average
marsygirl1: yeah
SilvermoonSedai: O.o
SilvermoonSedai: i don't know who you're talking about
marsygirl1: Johnson says this is probably his smartest team yet
drgnelf88: hehe
marsygirl1: <.<
SilvermoonSedai: >_>
marsygirl1: keep an eye on fox sports net and fox sports net 2
marsygirl1: they
FullMoonChan450: ^^
marsygirl1: 've made our last few games games of the weeks
marsygirl1: wow, I botched that up
drgnelf88: ^.^;;
SilvermoonSedai: <<
FullMoonChan450: Really pretty line: Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangibles, and achieves the impossible
marsygirl1: niiice
ScurvyPeep: http://uwnh.freeserver Here's where you can download New Horizons if anyone wants it
SilvermoonSedai: that is pretty
marsygirl1: very... poetic and... lyrical
SilvermoonSedai: yeah
drgnelf88: preeeeeettttttttyyyyyyyy.... .
FullMoonChan450: It's on my LJ icon that is always changing currently!!^^;; *cannot decide on which to use currently*
SilvermoonSedai: ah
SilvermoonSedai: is there a picture with it?
FullMoonChan450: Yup
marsygirl1: do you have to pay for it?
marsygirl1: or services and such?
ScurvyPeep: For NH ?
marsygirl1: yeah
ScurvyPeep: Nope!
SilvermoonSedai: yeah o.o
SilvermoonSedai: coOol
FullMoonChan450: n.n
marsygirl1: huzzah!
ScurvyPeep: You just have to download it. If you don't have an emulator you'll have to get that too, I think there are links
SilvermoonSedai: o.o
marsygirl1: what does an emulator do, exactly
ScurvyPeep: I started over and named this guy Des... ............. And apparently I'm a professor o.O;;
marsygirl1: lol
FullMoonChan450: ^^;;
ScurvyPeep: The emulator makes it so that you can play the game...
ScurvyPeep: Otherwise there is nothing to play it on
marsygirl1: <.<
SilvermoonSedai: >>
marsygirl1: I see
marsygirl1: said the blind man
ScurvyPeep: Not sure if that's the case if you download the PC version though
marsygirl1: which version did you d/l
ScurvyPeep: I am playing the SNES version, but they're the same game
marsygirl1: ah
ScurvyPeep: I'm going to download the PC version
marsygirl1: coo
drgnelf88: Heart of the Ocean = prrrreeeeeeeetttttttttyyyyy y song
marsygirl1: oooooh yeah
marsygirl1: soooo gorgeous
drgnelf88: I love the flute in there!!!!!
SilvermoonSedai: o.o;
SilvermoonSedai: okay i'm going to leave now >>
SilvermoonSedai: not really paying attention
FullMoonChan450: Okie.n.n;;; Oyasumi Sedai!
drgnelf88: okay....bye
SilvermoonSedai: oya ^^ /wave/
marsygirl1: ooog
SilvermoonSedai: may the cows of fortune moo for you /bows/
marsygirl1: *oooh
drgnelf88: Down below...where the black waters roll
marsygirl1: nice meeting you!
SilvermoonSedai: lol
SilvermoonSedai: nice meeting you too ^^
ScurvyPeep: Tell me if you like the game...
SilvermoonSedai: okaly dokaly
FullMoonChan450: Mesa not gonna download it tonight...I'm not planning on being online for too long.n.n;;; Gots a loooong day tomorrow
marsygirl1: lol
marsygirl1: same here, really
SilvermoonSedai: ah
marsygirl1: I'm going to try to go to the stables for all four hours
marsygirl1: whether my dad wants me to or not
drgnelf88: which he won't.....
marsygirl1: uh... since I was sick?
marsygirl1: he might
SilvermoonSedai: o.o;
SilvermoonSedai: cool
marsygirl1: ?
SilvermoonSedai: stables o.o;
SilvermoonSedai: that means you have a horse...?
Wingweaver Hope has left the room.
marsygirl1: I don't own any, but I work every saturday (when I'm not sick) and take lessons
SilvermoonSedai: coolies ^^
SilvermoonSedai: well bye again
SilvermoonSedai: ja ne
FullMoonChan450: Ja ne!
drgnelf88: bye
marsygirl1: k
marsygirl1: bye
SilvermoonSedai has left the room.
drgnelf88: >.>
drgnelf88: now what?
marsygirl1: where'd she go???
drgnelf88: dunno
FullMoonChan450: Who? RC-chan?
marsygirl1: yeah
marsygirl1: should I invite her back in?
drgnelf88: you could try
drgnelf88: she might have just closed it on accident
HighPriestessKal: So what happened?
HighPriestessKal: Sorry I was away ^^;;
ScurvyPeep: Nothing really.
marsygirl1: yeah
marsygirl1: we discussed high school football a bit, and then, everything sorta got quiet
ScurvyPeep: I still hate the Spanish by the way.
FullMoonChan450: Yup.n.n;;
HighPriestessKal: *rings gong*
marsygirl1: ^^
marsygirl1: >.<
FullMoonChan450: o.o;;;
marsygirl1: where is she????
HighPriestessKal: Who?
HighPriestessKal: Wait.. where'd RC go?
marsygirl1: RC
HighPriestessKal: ...
FullMoonChan450: She left for some reason..
marsygirl1: we don't know why
HighPriestessKal: *walks to England palace* Leeesen citizeeeeens of Eeeeengland!
ScurvyPeep: Bloody Spaniards!
drgnelf88: hehe
HighPriestessKal: I am your new dictator! You shall only listen to me! Now BRING ME ALL THE POCKY YOU HAVE
marsygirl1: RC says she has to go
HighPriestessKal: British: .............................................. .....................criminy..
drgnelf88: lesson lesson....if you see a stranger, fallow him!
FullMoonChan450: XD
drgnelf88: >.>
drgnelf88: tired...
marsygirl1: lol
marsygirl1: same her
marsygirl1: e
ScurvyPeep: We hates them. ><;
drgnelf88: *falls off her chair sideways*
HighPriestessKal: Want me to order the palace's army to attack Spain?
drgnelf88: @.@
FullMoonChan450: Sure.n.n;;;
FullMoonChan450: Why not?XD
ScurvyPeep: Okay!! =D
FullMoonChan450: Can I sic the scooter pixies on them too?:D
drgnelf88: *hit her head on the broken heater* x_X
marsygirl1: O_o
HighPriestessKal: Army: *march march march march* ......
HighPriestessKal: Hey you people *points at people wheeling large cannons* you go too
ScurvyPeep: Yaaaaay!
ScurvyPeep: Meanwhile, I'm going to steal their ships.
FullMoonChan450: ^^
marsygirl1: lol
drgnelf88: Piggy piggy piggy....potato *twitch twitch*
ScurvyPeep: I think this Sir Gilbert chap has it in for me <.<
marsygirl1: the humans are more trouble than they're worth
drgnelf88: Attention dissofficer, dissofficer. Attention deficite dissofficer....apparently I'm not paying attention...what where you saying, hi?
HighPriestessKal: *screeches into Walkie Talkie* ARE YOU THERE YET?!
HighPriestessKal: General: Almost
HighPriestessKal: WELL HURRY UP! >O<
FullMoonChan450: o.o;;;
marsygirl1: this is like the worst ever
HighPriestessKal: *turns off Walkie Talkie* Being a dictator is fuuun
marsygirl1: like, ouchie
marsygirl1: the head go explode like a thing gone dead
ScurvyPeep: This guy who is supposed to be my first mate doubts my skills. We will do battle. >.>
marsygirl1: and extra medication for all
drgnelf88: I say the baby, with the big mouth and the whining and the crying and should be DIED!!
ScurvyPeep: ...Oh shit. I forgot to equip my sword and armor.
marsygirl1: O_O
ScurvyPeep: ..................... And yet, I'm still winning.
marsygirl1: reeealll good
HighPriestessKal: o,O
marsygirl1: O_o
ScurvyPeep: I think I'm stabbing him with a fork.
marsygirl1: lol
HighPriestessKal: O.o
drgnelf88: *listens toooo...TANK!!!!!*
drgnelf88: bwahahahahahaha
marsygirl1: HUZZAH!!!!!
drgnelf88: *high on sugar from huge lollipop she had*
FullMoonChan450: HUZZAH!!!*dives into a pool of gobstoppers*
drgnelf88: *twitch*
ScurvyPeep: Let's try that again... with armor and sword. >.>;
FullMoonChan450: XD "Let's see what happens when we set Zack's hair on fire." "Hee hee! Okay!"
ScurvyPeep: Oooh!! I just discovered Stonehenge!
marsygirl1: ooooohhh
marsygirl1: sweetness
drgnelf88: ^.^
HighPriestessKal: WHERE? >> <<
ScurvyPeep: ....I think my first mate Matthew is drunk...
marsygirl1: haha
HighPriestessKal: Stonehenge is in England right...
marsygirl1: hai
ScurvyPeep: Yes it is...
HighPriestessKal: Any druids there? >>
ScurvyPeep: ...I'm not telling unless you pay me. =D
HighPriestessKal: *will pelt them with muffins if they are hanging around there*
HighPriestessKal: Alright -.- how much?
ScurvyPeep: Er....
ScurvyPeep: 5 thousand gold? O.o
HighPriestessKal: .................
ScurvyPeep: It IS a mysterious ruin thing what I discovered! >D
HighPriestessKal: Here... *hands her it*
ScurvyPeep: Neat!
HighPriestessKal: Now where is it?
ScurvyPeep: **gives her the lat and long**
HighPriestessKal: Oooo, fly Ra!
HighPriestessKal: Ra: *flys there*
HighPriestessKal: OI! DRUIDS! AWAY FROM THE RUINS! >.>!
ScurvyPeep: I plundered those druids. =D
ScurvyPeep: Stole 20 barrels of food, I did. >D
HighPriestessKal: *jumps down and snatches away rose cards* No no no, do not summon anymore people
HighPriestessKal: Bad druids, go to time out. GUARDS!
FullMoonChan450: Mesa go to bed now.n.n Oyasumi!
HighPriestessKal: Guards: *ARRESTS druids*
HighPriestessKal: Bye!
ScurvyPeep: Oh, I remember that. They summoned me there once. Pissed me off so I joined Rosenkreuz. XD
HighPriestessKal: Me too ^.^;;
FullMoonChan450: XD
ScurvyPeep: Which is really something. Because I am the anti-Kaiba.
FullMoonChan450: ^^
ScurvyPeep: Rosenkreuz talks like he's hitting on you.
HighPriestessKal: *hugs C.Seto* I like Kaiba! He's kawaii!
HighPriestessKal: Yeah o__o
HighPriestessKal: Smooth-talker >>
FullMoonChan450: Really?o.o;;; I did not know that
ScurvyPeep: Why is the video game Kaiba so much sexier than the anime version...
HighPriestessKal: ..................*shurgs*
FullMoonChan450: I dunno..
HighPriestessKal: I love his armor though ^^
FullMoonChan450: I can't tell the difference!XD
ScurvyPeep: Yeah, it was neat!
FullMoonChan450: Yasumi!^-^
HighPriestessKal: >.>!
FullMoonChan450 has left the room.
ScurvyPeep: Videogame Kaiba is one smooth bastard. If he could even get ME to join him. XD
HighPriestessKal: Hey! Oi, guards, bring a druid back
HighPriestessKal: Druid: ...
ScurvyPeep: Is it that stupid Simon guy?
HighPriestessKal: Send me back to the War of the Roses.. er... around the time you summoned me before..
HighPriestessKal: Simon: -___-..
ScurvyPeep: Ooh! I wanna come let me come!
HighPriestessKal: Yoo hoo, rose cards.. *puts them down*
HighPriestessKal: Ok, you can come with me! ^^
ScurvyPeep: Yey!
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *does whatever he did before*
ScurvyPeep: **portal BIIMU!**
HighPriestessKal: *looks around at the unruins of Stonehenge*
ScurvyPeep: Yey!
ScurvyPeep: We are back in time!
HighPriestessKal: Sweeeet
HighPriestessKal: HENGE!
HighPriestessKal: Now to raid his closet...
ScurvyPeep: Wonder if Rosenkreuz is going to hit on me again
ScurvyPeep: Smooth bastard!
HighPriestessKal: >> <<
HighPriestessKal: What if Yami goes to the ball with you?
HighPriestessKal: And you meet his DM
ScurvyPeep: DM would be jealous of me because I got to go with Yami
HighPriestessKal: *sees a white horse* AH!
HighPriestessKal: *jumps on it and rides away*
HighPriestessKal: Some peasant: OI!
HighPriestessKal: *arrives at the castle* ......... must not be found must not be-
HighPriestessKal: Guard: *spots!*
HighPriestessKal: Guard: Rosenkreuz! What are you doing here? You should be at the meeting!
HighPriestessKal: ..........err... *lowers voice* Of course! *runs into castle*
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *from this time* Ah! The Duelists I summoned! ^_^ *points at Des*
HighPriestessKal: *erases one s*
ScurvyPeep: **blink**
ScurvyPeep: Yo. o.o
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *explains everything blah blah blah, all you can seriously hear is blah blah blah*
ScurvyPeep: **blink** ...Yeah.... uhuh..... .....Um...... ..........STOP SAYING BLAH DAMN YOU!
HighPriestessKal: ((Err, someone else be Rosenkreuz or Seto or whoever...))
ScurvyPeep: (( Am I the only other person who has played DoR? XD ))
HighPriestessKal: Simon: I'm not saying blah... *blink* I was saying *repeats speech of blah blah blah*
ScurvyPeep: .........
ScurvyPeep: <.<
HighPriestessKal: *rides back to spot* Yo Des! How's it going? *is wearing the really cool BEWD armor*
ScurvyPeep: ....Nice armor.
HighPriestessKal: ^__^
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *gasps!*
HighPriestessKal: Uhh, hi Simon?
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Seto!
HighPriestessKal: Err... *looks at script* Oh yeah
ScurvyPeep: You know, mate, I may have been doing something important when you *cough* abducted me. -.- Why should I help your king? ............... Kal, are you going to hit on me? o.o;;;;;
HighPriestessKal: " Only members of the Rose Crusaders may call me by that name. Of you may recall I told you once before you may call me Rosenkreuz or does memory fail you old man?"
HighPriestessKal: Nooooo >.>! o.0;;
ScurvyPeep: Oh good. o.O;
HighPriestessKal: Err... *looks at script again*
HighPriestessKal: " And must be the dreaded Rose Duelist..."
ScurvyPeep: Yes. I'm very...very dreaded. ....Yes.
HighPriestessKal: I believe an introductions is in order, I am Rosenkreuz Leader of the Rose Crusaders. There are member of our little group who to call me by my real name Seto Kaiba
HighPriestessKal: And I already know you are D-E-A-T-H DES!
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *is now confused*
ScurvyPeep: .....GASP! Why how did you know, Seto-who-is-Kal?
HighPriestessKal: Because I am psychic ^.^
ScurvyPeep: You too? =D
HighPriestessKal: Simon: ....he's smiling?
HighPriestessKal: Yeah! ^__^!
ScurvyPeep: ....... I am afraid.
HighPriestessKal: Wait.. errr must not smile... *scowl scowl*
HighPriestessKal: This hurts my face..
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Anyhoo I ask you again what brings you here Rosenkreuz?
HighPriestessKal: You never asked me before..
HighPriestessKal: Simon: THAT'S NOT THE POINT
HighPriestessKal: Do not shout at me..
HighPriestessKal: Simon: I can if I want!
ScurvyPeep: -.- I still don't see why I'm here
HighPriestessKal: Puny little annoying druid blue guy in a huge hat
ScurvyPeep: He's the reincarnation of Yugi's grandpa don'cha know
HighPriestessKal: *fast forwards to the choosing rose part*
ScurvyPeep: **sweatdrop**
HighPriestessKal: *holds out red rose and a white rose, doesn't kneel though* Err pick one, both are pretty to me..
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Rosenkreuz has gone insane...
HighPriestessKal: *glares at him*
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ScurvyPeep: ... o.O ....
HighPriestessKal: So, which do you want? *looks at the red and white one*
HighPriestessKal: AHA!
HighPriestessKal: *pulls out one from pockey*
ScurvyPeep: Well this is a predicament. White rose isn't sexy anymore, but red rose is still an old guy, even though Yami is the leader.
HighPriestessKal: *pocket
HighPriestessKal: BLUE rose! >D
ScurvyPeep: ... I didn't know there were blue roses. o.O
HighPriestessKal: Simon: ............................
HighPriestessKal: I painted it, that's why ^^;
ScurvyPeep: What color was it originally? O.o
HighPriestessKal: Black why?
ScurvyPeep: Cool!
HighPriestessKal: Yeah, there's this little private garden with black roses >>
ScurvyPeep: Nifty.
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HighPriestessKal: So which do you pick?
HighPriestessKal: *arms are getting tired of holding roses out*
ScurvyPeep: ...I'm going to roll a dice! =D
HighPriestessKal: Good choice!
HighPriestessKal: Simon: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ScurvyPeep: Odds will be the red rose, I suppose. n.n
ScurvyPeep: Evens the white.
HighPriestessKal: First roll is for red
ScurvyPeep: ...Oh, that works too.
*OnlineHost*: ScurvyPeep rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 2
HighPriestessKal: o,o
HighPriestessKal: Fate I tell you
ScurvyPeep: Eight. That's gonna be tough to beat.
ScurvyPeep: Now for the white!
*OnlineHost*: ScurvyPeep rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 3
HighPriestessKal: Yep, red wins!
ScurvyPeep: ...... Wellp, looks like I'm going with the blue guy. Sorry Kalba.
HighPriestessKal: *hands Des red rose* Keep it, I dun't want it.
HighPriestessKal: Eh, it's ok!
HighPriestessKal: Simon: o.o...
HighPriestessKal: I mean...
ScurvyPeep: ... Rejoice, old man. -.- I'm on your team.
HighPriestessKal: How disappointing.oh well. You made your choice and I respect that for now. I will guarantee your safe passage until you've met with Prince Yami. After all, I don't want our little game to end to quickly.that wouldn't be sporting
ScurvyPeep: ... Lovely. Kal's going to try to kill me. ^_^
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Err.. right then..
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Come lady Des!
ScurvyPeep: ... Well, I suppose it's better than everyone in Forbidden Memories calling me "Prince Des" and then I turned into Yami.
ScurvyPeep: And off I go. n.n **trots off**
HighPriestessKal: Yeah I remember ^^;;
HighPriestessKal: Prince Kalitra ...
HighPriestessKal: Hey wait even here people are calling me Rosenkreuz..
HighPriestessKal: n/m.. --;
ScurvyPeep: What happened to Kaiba himself? o.o
HighPriestessKal: Hee hee hee ^^
HighPriestessKal: *zooms to a forest*
ScurvyPeep: =DDD Good girl! Did you tie him up so he couldn't seduce me?
HighPriestessKal: *well the scene zooms to a forest*
HighPriestessKal: Real Kaiba: MMPPHHH! ><! *is tied to a tree and is gagged*
ScurvyPeep: **He is in his boxer shorts, for Kalba stole his armour**
HighPriestessKal: *back to where the poeple are*
HighPriestessKal: Hee hee ^^ *cape whooshes*
ScurvyPeep: **going over archaeic dueling techniques with the PERFECT RULE and shit** ............... This is crap. <.<
HighPriestessKal: Oh yeah, you forgot about the Deck leader and stuff..
HighPriestessKal: *rolls eyes at Simon* Geez, do your job!
ScurvyPeep: Naturally, my deck leader is Dark Necrophia.
ScurvyPeep: I'll have it no other way. -.-
ScurvyPeep: DM: Aww, I wanna be the deck leader. o.o
ScurvyPeep: You can be my sidekick. ^^
ScurvyPeep: .... WHEN DID YOU GET HERE!?
HighPriestessKal: *fast forwards to when they are at the castle except me*
HighPriestessKal: *pauses*
ScurvyPeep: DM: I'm hiding in your head. =D
ScurvyPeep: ........ Oh. Alright then.
HighPriestessKal: It's so sweet to have a remote control for time..
HighPriestessKal: So can I press play now?
ScurvyPeep: Okay. ^_^
HighPriestessKal: *presses play, AT the castle*
ScurvyPeep: **is AT the castle!**
HighPriestessKal: Mai: Now we must choose the right dress for you for the bal!
HighPriestessKal: *ball
ScurvyPeep: ......
ScurvyPeep: Can I wear a suit ?
HighPriestessKal: Mai: N-O!
ScurvyPeep: **flail!** But I'm a legendary duelist~! **whine!**
HighPriestessKal: Mai: I DON'T CARE LADY DES! >O< *forces a dress on Des*
HighPriestessKal: Simon: .... that looks painful..
ScurvyPeep: ... At least get me something black.
HighPriestessKal: Mai: It's red live with it =P
ScurvyPeep: ......Fine, but no way in hell am I wearing a corset.
HighPriestessKal: Tea: *pulls Des's hair back into a bun*
ScurvyPeep: !
HighPriestessKal: Simon: That looks really painful..
HighPriestessKal: Mai and Tea: *put about 1000000 lbs of jewerly on Des*
ScurvyPeep: **takes it back down** I do NOT wear my hair up, TEA. You will leave it alone, or I gouge out your EYES. ><
HighPriestessKal: Them: There, now you're presentable
HighPriestessKal: Tea: Except for your manners!
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Lady Tea I don't think you should make her mad..
ScurvyPeep: ...Jewelry is fine. Treasure is fine.
ScurvyPeep: -.- That's right. Don't piss me off, I'm the hope of your nation.
HighPriestessKal: Tea: *grumbles*
ScurvyPeep: **examining the jewelry she is wearing, trying to decide on how much she'll get when she sells it all** >3
HighPriestessKal: Mai: Just to tell you.. it's not gold >>
ScurvyPeep: ...Nani?
ScurvyPeep: <.<
ScurvyPeep: You're loading me up with fake goods, miss?
HighPriestessKal: Them: Oh! I think the ball is starting! See you! *runs out*
HighPriestessKal: Simon: You should join them, the prince would like to meet you
ScurvyPeep: **removes all traces of jewelry** -_- If I can't consider it booty, I'm not wearing it. -.- Hold up, Simon, if I have to wear a dress I'm gothing it up.
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Er....
ScurvyPeep: **quickly pulls together something black with tons of lace** >3
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Not bad...
ScurvyPeep: **silver-studs her eyepatch** Alright.
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *pushes Des to ball room*
HighPriestessKal: *at the ball room*
ScurvyPeep: Ouf! **pushed out** <.< That hurt!
HighPriestessKal: Yami: This is the young women you were talking about Simon?
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Yes your highness!
ScurvyPeep: ...Ossu! o.O **raises a hand, little wave**
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *takes it and kisses it*
ScurvyPeep: o.O!
HighPriestessKal: Tea: *fuming with jealousy*
HighPriestessKal: Mai: Psst, Tea, calm down everyone's looking
ScurvyPeep: DM: **likewise, but he is safely hidden within Des's head**
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *walks down the marble stairs*
ScurvyPeep: =^^=
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *follows as does Mai and Tea*
ScurvyPeep: ...Matte yo! o.o! **scurries after**
HighPriestessKal: *fast forwards intros*
HighPriestessKal: *stops*
HighPriestessKal: Joey: My lady, would you care to dance? *offers hand to Des*
ScurvyPeep: ... o.O ....Sure, why not.
ScurvyPeep: **party mood! Whee!**
HighPriestessKal: Joey: AWRIGHT! *drags Des to dancefloor and does very fast dance*
ScurvyPeep: Wai! **pulled, tries to keep up. This is difficult in lace.**
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *taps Joey's shoulder* May I cut in Sir Joey?
HighPriestessKal: Joey: Of course your highness *bows and walks away*
ScurvyPeep: DM: Des is popular. o.O >.>
HighPriestessKal: *meanwhile at the other castle*
HighPriestessKal: *is half asleep due to all the boring meetings*
HighPriestessKal: *back at Yami's castle*
ScurvyPeep: n.n Did I mention I don't know how to waltz?
HighPriestessKal: Yami: .... *his foot is getting stepped on many times*
ScurvyPeep: Sorry! o.o;
ScurvyPeep: I'm used to leading! ^.^;
ScurvyPeep: In anything, really. o.o
HighPriestessKal: *fast forward to next day!*
ScurvyPeep: **is ASLEEP. Dancing wears her OUT.**
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *walks into Des's room* Good morning, Lady Des! ^^
ScurvyPeep: Zzzzz.
HighPriestessKal: Simon: ..... Lady Des? *pokes her*
ScurvyPeep: DM DID IT!! IT WASN'T ME!! **falls off the bed**
ScurvyPeep: Ouf.
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Woah o.O
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Are you ok?
ScurvyPeep: **squints up at him** ...Er, sure.
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Err, I need to take you to the Breakfast Meeting, so if you'll follow me.
ScurvyPeep: ... Right. **scratches her head, getting up a bit woozily. NOT wearing the dress anymore, by the way. Can you say floofy white pirate shirt? I can!**
HighPriestessKal: Simon: ...........ah why bother.. *walks to the meeting*
ScurvyPeep: There's a good man. ^^
HighPriestessKal: *meanwhile at the other castle*
HighPriestessKal: -____- life is soooo dull...
HighPriestessKal: *back to the meeting*
ScurvyPeep: **calling Kal up on a cell phone** =D Hey, Kalba! How's the evil bit going -- ...Oh, crap. Gotta go. **turns it off FAST and hides it**
HighPriestessKal: *cell phone rang* ... *it stops, looks up at others* WHAT?! Stop looking at me like that?!
HighPriestessKal: Everyone: *arguing on how to attack and blah*
HighPriestessKal: *again all you hear is blah*
ScurvyPeep: What is it with you people and the word blah? o.o
HighPriestessKal: Yami: ...EVERYONE SHUT UP! *slams fists on table, some food topples over*
HighPriestessKal: Everyone: .....
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Everyone, just go now...
ScurvyPeep: Forceful. =D
HighPriestessKal: Everyone: *leaves muttering*
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *blahs on about how he is a terrible leader and blah*
HighPriestessKal: *calls Des on cell phone*
ScurvyPeep: **catches things amongst the blahs** .... You're not that bad. o.O ...Oh, hang on. **picks up**
HighPriestessKal: Ello? Des? Bad time?
ScurvyPeep: Er, I think everyone stormed out. o.O
HighPriestessKal: I can only spare a few minutes, how's it going?
HighPriestessKal: And why do I keep hearing blahs in the background..
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *blahs on and on and on*
ScurvyPeep: I think it's the local language. They don't realize they're doing it. Anyway, things are going swimmingly, even if I didn't get any treasure and had to dance.
ScurvyPeep: ...Aw hell, that WAS kinda fun.
HighPriestessKal: Better than me..
ScurvyPeep: Not going so well, Rose? XD
HighPriestessKal: I HAD TO DANCE WITH A BUNCHA STUPID err excuse me ladies at the ball after a long and *whispers* boring as heck meeting
HighPriestessKal: To put it simply.. no..
HighPriestessKal: I can't wait till I can get out of here..
ScurvyPeep: ....What ladies would those be? o.o Doesn't your entourage consist of Weevil and such? O.o;
HighPriestessKal: Though the food is pretty good..
HighPriestessKal: Well at the ball..
ScurvyPeep: Oh lord. Were they in drag?
HighPriestessKal: ........................
ScurvyPeep: ......
HighPriestessKal: Well there were a lot of them that's for sure..
HighPriestessKal: Grr gotta go, it's always Rosenkreuz this, Rosenkreuz that... curse these meetings *hangs up*
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Who was that?
ScurvyPeep: ...Er, Kalitra. o.O
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Funny, it sounded like Seto...
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *narrows eyes* You aren't a spy for them are you?
ScurvyPeep: Neu. o.o
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Let me use that... thing you just used then
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *grabs cell phone*
ScurvyPeep: ... You'll break it.
HighPriestessKal: Yami: ..... How do you use this?
ScurvyPeep: ... Er, here I'll show you. **teaching him how to use cell phone! Gives him my senile grandma's number** o.o
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *calls, waits*
HighPriestessKal: ((you be your grandmother))
ScurvyPeep: Nanny: Hello-o!
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Rosenkreuz?
ScurvyPeep: Nanny: Oh he's here around the place... I'll get him for you **puts Naruto-neko on the phone**
ScurvyPeep: Naruto-neko: Mew?
ScurvyPeep: I should warn you, she's crazy, your highness. I have to check up on her sometimes.
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Rosenkreuz.... are you in a right state of mind..
HighPriestessKal: *has somehow psychically heard that, bursts out laughing*
HighPriestessKal: Weevil: Seto?
HighPriestessKal: *covers mouth* What?
ScurvyPeep: Naruto-neko: **squirming and trying to get away from Nanny**
ScurvyPeep: Nanny: Oh stop that. You're being a bad little boy ... little bird.
HighPriestessKal: Yami: o.0;;;;;
ScurvyPeep: Nanny: Just hold on there honey.
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Rosenkreuz has a girlfriend... Rosenkreuz has a girlfriend..
ScurvyPeep: ....... It's a 72 year old grandma.
ScurvyPeep: She has Althziemer's. She's obsessed with Naruto-neko and she has nothing to do with the war. -.-
HighPriestessKal: Yami: ROSENKREUZ! I THOUGHT YOU HAD BETTER TASTE THAN THAT! *falls over laughing his head off*
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *has somehow disconnected call, cell phone rings*
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Yeah?
ScurvyPeep: .... **thinking Yami is rather daft at this point**
HighPriestessKal: OI! PRICE-GUY! I HAVE NOT LOST MY MIND AND I DO HAVE BETTER TASTES! *thinking* Seto better thank me for trying to make his name not be mud....
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Oh yeah?! I just heard you awhile ago with your girlfriend!
HighPriestessKal: What girlfriend... PUT DES ON THE PHONE
ScurvyPeep: -.-;;; That wasn't his girlfriend, that was my grandmother!
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Oh no, I'm not letting you get more secrets out of her
HighPriestessKal: WHAT secrets?! Geez!
HighPriestessKal: Don't you trust your enemy more?
HighPriestessKal: Yami: No..
ScurvyPeep: I haven't been telling her anything. o.o
HighPriestessKal: I'm hurt..
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Her?
ScurvyPeep: My grandma. I never called Rosenkreuz. o.O
ScurvyPeep: Don't know how he got my number. *blink*
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Is this true Rosenkreuz?
HighPriestessKal: Yeeeaaaaahhhh
HighPriestessKal: Yami: I still don't trust you, but I do trust Lady Des
HighPriestessKal: Right... *turns off phone*
ScurvyPeep: Because I'm trustworthy. ^^v
ScurvyPeep: ...Now that that's been cleared up, is there anyone else you wanna call?
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Uhmm.... yeah....
ScurvyPeep: ...Really? Who? O.o
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Got the number for those idiots who promised to read my fortune?
HighPriestessKal: Yami: They're five months late..
ScurvyPeep: Psychic friends network or Miss Cleo ?
HighPriestessKal: Yami: .... err first one
ScurvyPeep: Alrighty. **dials**
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *walks in* My prince what are you doing?
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Calling those idiots..
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Which ones? There's a thirty foot list on people you labled idiots
HighPriestessKal: Yami: The 'psychic friends network' I think..
HighPriestessKal: Simon: ...oh..
ScurvyPeep: Yes, the psychics.
HighPriestessKal: PFN: Hello?
HighPriestessKal: PFN: ...........who is calling?
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Prince Yami -__-
ScurvyPeep: **grabs phone** You're psychic, you oughta know!
HighPriestessKal: PFN: Uhh uhh.. oh yeeah!
HighPriestessKal: PFN: Well err you're going to have many successes in life and umhhh you'll err never be put in history books, bye! *phone turns off*
HighPriestessKal: Yami: .........
ScurvyPeep: .... Are you really Henry Tudor? o.o
HighPriestessKal: ((who?))
HighPriestessKal: ((Sorry, I'm rusty on history ^^;; ))
ScurvyPeep: (( The monarch that Yami is supposed to be portraying, in the game Yami says "I am Henry Tudor, but the name is tiresome, you can call me Yugi"
HighPriestessKal: ((Oh ok!))
HighPriestessKal: ((How do you get Yugi from Henry Tudor? o.O;; ))
ScurvyPeep: (( That's what I was thinking. XD ))
HighPriestessKal: ((....stupid prank callers... *slams phone down*))
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Yeah >>
ScurvyPeep: ....Alrighty. o.O
ScurvyPeep: Not even going to ask where you got "Yugi" from that.
HighPriestessKal: Yami: It's very complicated
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *cough cough*
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *throws a book at him*
ScurvyPeep: DM: **jumps out of Des's head and glomps Yami** <3
ScurvyPeep: ....... >.> ........
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Hi DM *laughs*
HighPriestessKal: *calls Des*
ScurvyPeep: DM: Yami-sama! ^.^
ScurvyPeep: **picks up** Moshimoshi, Densetsu no Duelist Des-sama desu...
HighPriestessKal: Deessss you're holding up the script! -.-! Unless you want to change the results >>
ScurvyPeep: ...I don't have the script, you know.
HighPriestessKal: *sends script via cell phone copier machine thingy...*
ScurvyPeep: Wow, I didn't know cell phones could fax. Technology today!
HighPriestessKal: You're supposed to go to a town, Simon has to give you a crystal ball thing.. and blah blah blah.. great I'm startin to speak like them..
ScurvyPeep: Stay strong Kalba, stay strong.
HighPriestessKal: Yes, must resist talking like them!
HighPriestessKal: Blech, another meeting, see you! *turns off cell phone*
ScurvyPeep: Ja!
HighPriestessKal: Simon: .... *just stands there*
ScurvyPeep: **ahem** Anyway...
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *whistling*
ScurvyPeep: **point!** I need a map and some red and white action figures of sort.
HighPriestessKal: Them: *looks up* .......Whut?
ScurvyPeep: Des is being a tactician. ^.^
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Ahh ok..
ScurvyPeep: Since neither of you are. >.>
HighPriestessKal: Yami: .... Err..
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Come then m'lady! *drags Des out to the library*
HighPriestessKal: Yami: uhm.. ok... *blinks*
ScurvyPeep: Wai! **drug**
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *hands her map, it's already marked*
ScurvyPeep: Well that's handy. =D
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *hands capes and blah...*
ScurvyPeep: And seeing as I am a densetsu no duelist, I can surely win by myself. ^.^
ScurvyPeep: **puts on a cape** Cool. I feel evil.
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *hands her the crystal ball thingy*...
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Good luck!
ScurvyPeep: ...What's this for? O.o
HighPriestessKal: Simon: If you ever need anything or should I need to inform you on anything
ScurvyPeep: ....... Can't I just give Yami another cellphone?
HighPriestessKal: Simon: He won't allow you to go...
ScurvyPeep: ...Well why NOT? o.o
HighPriestessKal: Simon: He cares for your safety and blah
ScurvyPeep: If I'm not supposed to be going out and crushing his enemies, what'd he bring me for? o.o ...Don't tell me he was going to hit on me too. ...Some more.
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *coughs* Hem hem, you should really be going now.
ScurvyPeep: ......... Did you just Hem hem? **glare**
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Time is money >
HighPriestessKal: *>>
ScurvyPeep: You're not paying me.
HighPriestessKal: Simon: .....ah that does not matter
ScurvyPeep: It does if time is money. =P
ScurvyPeep: Since this IS kind of a waste of my time. I was plundering when I was summoned you know. n.n
HighPriestessKal: *is watching scene with a vid camera tied around a bird's neck*
HighPriestessKal: XD!!!!!
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Alright then! Ten gold pieces a day!
ScurvyPeep: Yay! .......Wait a minute. You don't care about my safety? ._.
ScurvyPeep: Comforting. Well, I'll see you then.
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Errr blah blah blah blah ect.
HighPriestessKal: *fast forwards to Chester, England*
ScurvyPeep: **had to ride a HORSE** ...
HighPriestessKal: Horse: Hi my name is Repona, what's your name?
ScurvyPeep: ... It's Guapo, now move. o.o
HighPriestessKal: Repona: Okie dokey Guapo! *gallops*
ScurvyPeep: Yee! o.o
HighPriestessKal: *fast forward to palace*
ScurvyPeep: (( Which palace o.o ))
HighPriestessKal: ((in da town...))
ScurvyPeep: (( ...Oh. ))
HighPriestessKal: ((Chapter 8))
ScurvyPeep: (( Yes I know. XD ))
HighPriestessKal: *bird is still following Des, bird lands next to Des*
ScurvyPeep: ... This bird is following me.
HighPriestessKal: Camera around bird's neck: *becomes a projector*
HighPriestessKal: Hi Des, are you at Chester now?
ScurvyPeep: This bird is projecting on me. o.o
ScurvyPeep: ...Yes, I think so.
HighPriestessKal: Couple of villagers: ROSENKREUZ! O__O
HighPriestessKal: *looks around* Eh? o.O
HighPriestessKal: Err anyhoo, have you met Weevil yet?
ScurvyPeep: ...... No cause for alarm! :D This is not Rosenkreuz, it is a bird. You should all cut down on your LSD.
HighPriestessKal: Villagers: .... right.... *turns back to drinking rum*
ScurvyPeep: No I have not met Weevil .... **cough** TALKING BIRD.
HighPriestessKal: Ah, well, be nice to my bird and feed it some pastries and water please?
ScurvyPeep: ... **gives it a bagel** o.o
HighPriestessKal: Everyone in INN: ................................. *think they're going crazy*
HighPriestessKal: Bird: *kicks bagel* -.-
HighPriestessKal: Yeah it's kinda picky since it's a ROYAL bird..
ScurvyPeep: ...... <.< The pastries are MINE.
HighPriestessKal: Bird: *nod nod*
HighPriestessKal: Bird: .... *steals pastries and swallows them whole*
ScurvyPeep: ....... **shoots bird** -.-
HighPriestessKal: DES!
ScurvyPeep: >.> It stole my pastries. Besides we're supposed to be enemies. o.o
HighPriestessKal: Ah, wait for another animal to trail you, and this time do not shoot it..... signing off..
HighPriestessKal: Villagers: *looks at their rum and throws it out*
ScurvyPeep: Can we go back to the cell phone method? ~_~
HighPriestessKal: *too late, has signed off*
ScurvyPeep: ...Oh well.
HighPriestessKal: *fastforwards to next morning*
ScurvyPeep: **calls Simon** Requesting more pastries. o.o
HighPriestessKal: *pauses*
ScurvyPeep: (( No, that was next morning. XD ))
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Uhm..... ookay.. there'll be a bird delivering a package with pastries in it
ScurvyPeep: ...Make sure it's bulletproof, then.
HighPriestessKal: Ra: Yo, how ya doing?
HighPriestessKal: Ra: *hands Des her pastries*
ScurvyPeep: ...Hey Ra! What's up? o.O ........Ooh! Domo domo! =D
HighPriestessKal: Ra: I don't know what happened but some druid back in the present sent me here....
ScurvyPeep: o.O ...Druids are rather presumptuous, ain't they?
HighPriestessKal: Ra: Meh, I have to go back to the palace.. a lot more delieveris to make.... I'm sooo going to scream at Kalitra when I find her
ScurvyPeep: ... Oh! Ra, do me a favour? >D
HighPriestessKal: Ra: Yeah?
ScurvyPeep: Seto's somewhere tied to a tree in the forest in his boxer shorts. Take a picture for the scrapbook, wouldya? =D
HighPriestessKal: Ra: Ok! ^^
HighPriestessKal: Ra: *flys off*
ScurvyPeep: Saaaaaankyu! ^-^
HighPriestessKal: Ra: OH YEAH BTW! *throws another package at Des&
HighPriestessKal: *
ScurvyPeep: Ouf! **catches it*
HighPriestessKal: Package: Waaaaiii @__@
ScurvyPeep: Nani kore? o.o
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *is in package* WHERE AM I?! LEMME OUT! I SWEAR I AIN'T THE SACRIFICE!
ScurvyPeep: o.O;;;; Malik-chan!?
HighPriestessKal: *package is addressed to the castle in England*
ScurvyPeep: ...
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: MOMMY!
ScurvyPeep: **glomp!** What are you doing here? =DDD
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Well.. some blue guy in this huge hat... did something.. and I landed in a castle.. and they put my in a box..
ScurvyPeep: -.- **contacts Simon** Stop summoning people! >.> It's annoying!
HighPriestessKal: YM: *in background* So that means you hate my cake?
ScurvyPeep: (( Present day Simon would be Yugi's grandpa, Kal... ))
HighPriestessKal: ((so he is no longer a druid?))
HighPriestessKal: ((*is confused* THe story had Lord Mutou in it...))
ScurvyPeep: (( ... Well that might be a secret he's hiding. XD ))
ScurvyPeep: (( Ah well. Forget it. XD ))
HighPriestessKal: ((Let's just say he likes to dress up like that and has the power to do that))
ScurvyPeep: Well then Malik, I guess you get to be my kawaii sidekick while I make legends. Fun.
ScurvyPeep: .......... Is Weevil hiding from my might or what? >.>
HighPriestessKal: Weevil :*laughs evilly or tries to, ends with a fit of coughing and gagging*
ScurvyPeep: .... Would you like a cough drop? -.-
HighPriestessKal: Weevil: Hehehehehehehe..So you're the legendary Rose Duelist. Prepare to face the sting of my pets
HighPriestessKal: *blah blah blah, Weevil lost*
ScurvyPeep: o.O ... You've got to be kidding. XD I have a bee army.
ScurvyPeep: ...You lost. And I didn't even have to do anything. HA.
ScurvyPeep: **glomps Necrophia-Deck Leader** Koibito yo! ^o^
HighPriestessKal: Weevil: It failed me and its of no use to me anymore *kicks Insect Queen* ><!
ScurvyPeep: Harsh. I'll steal it then. =D
HighPriestessKal: Weevil: !!!!
ScurvyPeep: **snatch** >D I am, after all, a pirate. Now give me your rose card. ^^
HighPriestessKal: Weevil: >P *throws it down*
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *crystal ball rings*
ScurvyPeep: .... And now, just to be a bitch, I'm going to steal all of your pimp coats -- eh? o.o **picks up crystal ball** What? I'm stealing pimp coats.
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Nice job m'lady for getting the first rose vard!
HighPriestessKal: *card
HighPriestessKal: Weevil: NUU NOT THOSE! ANYTHING BUT THOSE! @__@
ScurvyPeep: ....Oh. Right. The rose card. Thanks. ^^v
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Good luck getting the others! *signs off*
ScurvyPeep: **sits on Weevil** I'm on the phone, boy. ... Okay, now I'm not.
HighPriestessKal: Weevil: *protects his coats, his precious coats*
ScurvyPeep: >3 **is already wearing one of them** I bid you farewell, BEE-YATCH.
ScurvyPeep: **drops a red rose petal on him, just for style**
ScurvyPeep: Owari. **walks off**
HighPriestessKal: Repona: Nice job
ScurvyPeep: Thank you, horse thing. ^^
HighPriestessKal: Repona: TO THE NEXT CARD! *zooms off*
ScurvyPeep: ...... **wasn't on the horse**
HighPriestessKal: Repona: *runs back* Sorry ^^;;
ScurvyPeep: S'allright. **mounts Repona** NOW you may zoom!
HighPriestessKal: Repona: *zooms off*
HighPriestessKal: *they reach Tewkesbury in only six hours*
HighPriestessKal: Repona: Oh yeah, I'm da fastest around, even better than Epona
ScurvyPeep: **is playing a gameboy** o.O .... Oh, we're here!
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: X___X;;;; *has fainted*
ScurvyPeep: ... **sticks ChibiMalik in a backpack, hoist** o.o;
HighPriestessKal: Repona: Brr, this place is creeeepy
HighPriestessKal: Rex: *laughs* The Rose Duelist, eh? Take the Duelist away Two Headed King Rex!
ScurvyPeep: ....... O.o .......
HighPriestessKal: Repona: o.o!!! *backs away*
HighPriestessKal: THKR: Mwa ha ha >3
ScurvyPeep: o.o;;;
ScurvyPeep: **throws a muffin at its head** >.>
HighPriestessKal: ((you know that looks like 'thinker' to me...))
ScurvyPeep: (( It does. XD ))
HighPriestessKal: THKR: *snaps at Des and Repona*
HighPriestessKal: Repona: EEP X_X
ScurvyPeep: Stupid dinosaur.
ScurvyPeep: It's like a stupid dragon.... but ....more stupid.
HighPriestessKal: Rex: I'm not impressed that you got here Rose Duelist, I'm Rex Raptor *munches on raw meat*
ScurvyPeep: ... Ooh, blood. =D
HighPriestessKal: Rex: I would offer you some, but that wouldn't leave my pets anything now would it *tosses it to the Urabys* Weevil, was stupid to send a pack of bugs after you I knew that wouldn't stop you
ScurvyPeep: >.> Why would I want it if you already took a bite out of it? That's unsanitary. -.-
HighPriestessKal: Rex: ................................*tosses Des in the dungeons*
ScurvyPeep: o_O .....
ScurvyPeep: Hmm. A dungeon.
ScurvyPeep: ........ **locates the iron maiden, pokes a hole in it, starts making wine cheerfully**
HighPriestessKal: Captured people: Can we have some? ^__^
HighPriestessKal: Little girl with rag doll: Me too!
ScurvyPeep: Sure~!! We'll have a party and we won't invite Rex Raptor and then we'll LAUGH at him and he'll feel sorry for capturing you all because it ALIENATED HIM and he doesn't get Maiden Wine. >D
HighPriestessKal: Them: WHOO HOO!
HighPriestessKal: *snake with vid camera around it's neck pokes Des*
ScurvyPeep: **takes Malik out of her backpack, pulls a disco ball out of it and starts hanging it up** ............ **stares at snake**
ScurvyPeep: **pulls out a gun** o_O
HighPriestessKal: Yo Des! ^_^ *projected* Hey how come you're a t a party?!
HighPriestessKal: Snake: *wearing buller proof vest* -.-
ScurvyPeep: ...Oh! Hey Kalba. Your dudes captured me, so we're making them regret it.
HighPriestessKal: *bullet
ScurvyPeep: Having our own little soire if you will. ^^
HighPriestessKal: ... idiot.... *looks around for Rex*
ScurvyPeep: Wine for all! Don't be shy, toothless lady!
HighPriestessKal: TL: *takes wine and drinks it*
HighPriestessKal: Rex: Woah woah woah, but the Red Eye's tooth what's going on?!
HighPriestessKal: *by
HighPriestessKal: LGWRD: We're having a partay and we didn't invite you =P
ScurvyPeep: That's right!
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *became consious* Where am I?
HighPriestessKal: Rex: WHY WASN'T I INVITED?!
ScurvyPeep: We're in a dungeon having a drinking party.
ScurvyPeep: Because you captured us, dumbass. We're doing this JUST to spite you. =P
HighPriestessKal: Everyone: Because you captured us in the first place and that is very uncool
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *has taught them the word in two seconds* ^__^
ScurvyPeep: I bet you're all wondering where I'm getting the stuff to do all of this. >D
ScurvyPeep: **pulls Mokona from Rayearth out of her backpack** =D DM and Clef go way back. They let me borrow.
ScurvyPeep: Mokona: Pupupu! ^-^
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Big backpack X__X
ScurvyPeep: Tell you what Rex... **sips some Maiden Wine** You can come in here and try and get some wine... but you have to leave that door open ... and give me your rose card. ^^
HighPriestessKal: Rex: .................................well.. ok...
HighPriestessKal: IDIOT! *screams*
ScurvyPeep: Yey! =D **grabs Rose card, lets Rex in** Join the party, luv. ^-^ Wine's great.
HighPriestessKal: Rex: *drinks to his heart's content*
ScurvyPeep: **turns on disco lights: Dungeon Rave!!**
HighPriestessKal: Everyone: *paaaartaaaays*
ScurvyPeep: **gives Malik a ton of beads and dresses him up like a candy kid** ^___^
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *dances* Whoo hoo! ^.^
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *crystal ball rings*
ScurvyPeep: **can't hear it over the giant speakers**
HighPriestessKal: Simon: ....... *receiving busy signal*
ScurvyPeep: **eventually parties her way out of the dungeon, looking tipsy and bumps into the red-eyes** Heehehe... my ass is beeping. **she's keeping the ball in her pants pocket**
HighPriestessKal: REBD: .........
ScurvyPeep: **offers REBD some maiden wine** =^-^= Join in the luv, luv.
ScurvyPeep: **finally answers crystal ball** Moshimoshi, densetsu no duelist Des-sama desu-yo~ ^.^
HighPriestessKal: REBD: *sips wine*
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Good j- what is going on there?!
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: PARTY! ^__________^
ScurvyPeep: We're having a rave. ^-^
HighPriestessKal: Simon: ...who is the kid..
HighPriestessKal: Simon: And why is Rosenkreuz there?
HighPriestessKal: Oh sorry.. *signs off*
ScurvyPeep: He's my son type thing. .......And Rosenkreuz isn't there. You must be seeing things.
HighPriestessKal: Snake: *is now drunk from slithering in the wine*
ScurvyPeep: See, take a closer look he is not there. It is a snake.
ScurvyPeep: And to think you haven't even been drinking any maiden wine. Heehee.
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *blinks* Uhm.. ok.. anyways congratulations and blah blah blah, *signs off*
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *calls again*
ScurvyPeep: **picks up again** Nani yo? o.o
HighPriestessKal: Simon: BTW! Forgot to tell you!
ScurvyPeep: o.O
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Yami has been missing for two days and he left without a trace with his Dark Magician. I believe his going to invade England on his own
HighPriestessKal: *he's
ScurvyPeep: He left with DM? Are you sure they're not going to elope?
HighPriestessKal: Simon: I dunno... anyhoo try to find him
ScurvyPeep: Will do. o.O
ScurvyPeep: **meanwhile, she has been giving Red-Eyes a ton of beads too and being friendly** ^-^
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: So what's this about Yami?
ScurvyPeep: I'm helping him win a war. o.O
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: That sounds like fun!
ScurvyPeep: Yes! ^^
ScurvyPeep: So Redo-Aisu, do you want to come with me? ^___^
HighPriestessKal: REBD: *hic* Who meh?
ScurvyPeep: Haiii~! ^.^
HighPriestessKal: REBD: Sure why *hic* not, it'll be a blast! *swaying, hics some more*
ScurvyPeep: **is too drunk at the moment to care about his being a dragon** ^-^
HighPriestessKal: *fast fowards to Exeter*
ScurvyPeep: Grand~ ^-^ Well, see you later Raveprisoners, Rex-kun~! Thanks for the rose card and enjoy the wine!
HighPriestessKal: *well in between*
ScurvyPeep: **right, so then they fast forward to Exeter, and Des is still not sober.**
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *is still dressed like a candy kid* ^^
ScurvyPeep: **has somehow managed to shove insect queen and Red-eyes into her backpack**
HighPriestessKal: Repona: Woah, forest ahead
HighPriestessKal: *calls Des*
ScurvyPeep: ... **answer** Naaaaaani? **still wearing a pimp coat**
HighPriestessKal: You're suppposed to be sick about now >>
ScurvyPeep: ..... Would you settle for very drunk?
HighPriestessKal: Eh, sure, signing off
ScurvyPeep: **gets sick anyway**
HighPriestessKal: *fast fowards*
ScurvyPeep: **sick, and having a hangover. Lovely.**
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *is sitting near Des* You alright?
HighPriestessKal: Yami: No child you may not be king >> *bonks C.Malik on the head*
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Awww..
ScurvyPeep: **looks up** ... Hi Yami. @_@ I'm fine. No really. **thump**
HighPriestessKal: Yami: What happened?
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Party, have some wine *saved some in a bag*
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Err no thanks..
ScurvyPeep: Either a hangover, or I got sick for no apparent reason, or both. Weh. @_@
HighPriestessKal: *de next morning*
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Zzzzzzzzzz --
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Zzzzzzzz
ScurvyPeep: **wakes up to chirping birds, idly raises a gun in sleepy disgruntledness**
ScurvyPeep: DM: **in a tree with DN** OI! Watch where you're pointing that.
ScurvyPeep: **grunts unintelligibly**
ScurvyPeep: DM: ...Oh alright. **DMAs the birds for Des**
HighPriestessKal: Repona: *munches the grass and flowers*
ScurvyPeep: DN: **feeds the bird's souls to her doll**
HighPriestessKal: Snake: *eats the bird's bodies*
HighPriestessKal: *birds'
ScurvyPeep: Well, that works out well. **puts her glasses on and sits up**
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *sits up and rubs eyes* MMphh..
ScurvyPeep: ... **too lazy to do work**
ScurvyPeep: DM: ......... I don't wanna do it. -_-
ScurvyPeep: DN: I'm too evil to do it.
ScurvyPeep: ...... -.- **goes to do work**
HighPriestessKal: REBD: *has blasted random trees* THere, firewook --
HighPriestessKal: *wood
ScurvyPeep: ..... Domo~! =D
ScurvyPeep: Guess not all dragons are stupid. Well that leaves fishing. That's a lazy enough task. Alright. **fishes**
HighPriestessKal: IQ: *has fresh honey from trees on the table*
HighPriestessKal: ((IQ ^^;;;; ))
ScurvyPeep: (( Yeah. IQ. XD;; ))
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: FEEEEESH! *dives in water*
ScurvyPeep: **laughs**
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *comes up holding ten medium sized fishies in his hands*
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Am I good or what? ^^
ScurvyPeep: ... You are good! >D
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *throws them in fire*
ScurvyPeep: Great, I don't have to cook then. =D **sits down by the fire**
HighPriestessKal: REBD: Oi, put them on sticks first ....
ScurvyPeep: ... **stabs fish with sticks** There.
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *takes out salt and a variety of sauces from his pockets*
ScurvyPeep: =DDD See Malik, I told you raver pants with too many pockets would come in handy.
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: ^__^ Listening to mom pays off
ScurvyPeep: Yes it does! ^-^ **beeps Malik on the nose, while meanwhile wiping a spot of sauce off it**
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *pokes fish* It ish done!
ScurvyPeep: Sugei! ^-^
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *yawns and sit down*
ScurvyPeep: ...When'd you wake up? o.o
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Just now --..
HighPriestessKal: IQ: You really must tell me what you did to your hair..
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Shut it, I ran out of whale oil
ScurvyPeep: Ah. ^.^ ...Y'know you look cute when you're asleep. Tonikaku.. **hands him a fish**
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Thanks *eats it*
ScurvyPeep: So why're you out here? *blink*
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Errr *looks at DM then back at Des* Heh heh ^^;;
ScurvyPeep: Aren't you supposed to be somewhere cushy being Princelike? *blink*
ScurvyPeep: Or did your psychic friends tell you to go attack King Richard by yourself? -.-
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Err well uh.. I uhh.. yeah..
ScurvyPeep: DM: **arches an eyebrow**
HighPriestessKal: Yami: What? >.> Quit looking at me like that
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: ..... pass the ketchup
ScurvyPeep: **passes the ketchup**
HighPriestessKal: REBD: You eat ketchup with your fish?!
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Yah, so? -,.
HighPriestessKal: *-,-
ScurvyPeep: ... Fire's going out. Go get firewood DM, DN. =P
ScurvyPeep: DM: I don't take orders from You~ =P
ScurvyPeep: DN: I'm too evil.
ScurvyPeep: Collecting firewood is evil. We'll leave it burning and start a forest fire.
ScurvyPeep: DN: ... Fair enough. **leave**
HighPriestessKal: IQ: NO! ><!
HighPriestessKal: IQ: *throws dirt over fire*
ScurvyPeep: -.- IQ, I was LYING...
HighPriestessKal: IQ: ...
HighPriestessKal: brb
HighPriestessKal: Yami Don't tell Simon I'm here though >>
ScurvyPeep: ..... Alright. But you still haven't told me what you're doing here in the first place.
ScurvyPeep: DN: **dragging DM off and making him collect firewood with her** -_-
HighPriestessKal: Yami: The REAL reason?
ScurvyPeep: ...You haven't even given me a fake reason. o.o
ScurvyPeep: Real reason would be nice though.
HighPriestessKal: ((the one in the story or the random one?))
ScurvyPeep: (( Doesn't matter o.O ))
HighPriestessKal: Yami: WellDMtoldmeonedaythath ehadthishugecrushonme seeandIkindahadoneonhim tooandwe'regettingmarried today. *pant*
ScurvyPeep: ...... That's so cute! =D
HighPriestessKal: Yami: You reall think so?
ScurvyPeep: Hai~! ^-^
ScurvyPeep: Might cause some political scandals, but I say screw the press, that's adorable! ^^
HighPriestessKal: Yami: yeah, just do not tell Simon or he'll lecture me long and hard... >>
ScurvyPeep: Homophobe? o.o
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Ehh I think so
HighPriestessKal: Yami: He always told me to marry that one lady in that one town but brrr, she's UGLY! X____X
ScurvyPeep: I know what you mean. n.n;
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Let's get to Exeter!
ScurvyPeep: An excellent suggestion!
HighPriestessKal: Repona: *is ready to zoom off like light*
HighPriestessKal: REBD, IQ: *zip back into backpack*
ScurvyPeep: DM: **floats back over, followed by DN who is playing with her doll**'
HighPriestessKal: *ff to Exeter*
HighPriestessKal: Yami: A chruch ahead...
HighPriestessKal: Snake: *slithers close by*
ScurvyPeep: A church~! Is that where you and DM are getting married? =3
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Heh heh =^____^=
ScurvyPeep: DM: ^__^ <3
HighPriestessKal: Yami: >.>! The villagers say they are being attacked by ghost and zombies at night if they are on the street. I'm guessing that Bones Necromancer is up to this he is the master of zombie monsters.
HighPriestessKal: Bones: Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh ! My zombies hungers for a taste of you your Highness and Rose Duelist.
HighPriestessKal: *is projeted* Bones you are sick, you know that? -.-
ScurvyPeep: ....**sees Bones** Wai! Ghost Kotzuka! Kawaiiiii~! **glomps**
HighPriestessKal: Bones: Err, excuse me..
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Is there a priest around here? >>
ScurvyPeep: ^.^ You remind me of Spooky!
HighPriestessKal: Bones: Yeah but..
HighPriestessKal: Yami: TO DA CHURCH *gallops in*
ScurvyPeep: DM: **floaaaaaats after** <3
ScurvyPeep: ... Wait for them to elope before you attack us with zombies, will you, Kotzuka-kun? ^-^
HighPriestessKal: Bones: Uhhh oookaaaay...
ScurvyPeep: DM: Wedding! I love weddings! Drinks all around! **quoth Captain Jack Sparrow**
HighPriestessKal: Snake: *slithers inside*
ScurvyPeep: **passes out the Maiden wine** Where's the priest?
HighPriestessKal: YM: Cupcakes anyone? ^__^
HighPriestessKal: .... stupid druid..
ScurvyPeep: Tell me he's not the priest.
HighPriestessKal: YM: Priest? What priest?
ScurvyPeep: Good.
HighPriestessKal: Yami: We are to be wed! Send the priest out now!
HighPriestessKal: YM: What are you talking about? I'm the only one here besides that short kid Bones..
ScurvyPeep: DM: Yes! >o< We are to begin our lives as a nifty yaoi pairing!
HighPriestessKal: ...priest YM... wow..
ScurvyPeep: ... I know!
ScurvyPeep: I'll quickly get a liscence over the internet and then marry you! =3
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Ok!
ScurvyPeep: **gets Mokona to create a huge computer set up**
ScurvyPeep: Mokona: Pupupu =^^=
ScurvyPeep: **logs on, looks bored**
ScurvyPeep: **a few minutes later**
ScurvyPeep: Alright! I am now liscenced to perform weddings, by the state of Las Vegas.
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *is playing gold fish against DM*
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *puts down cards* Ok then!
ScurvyPeep: **ahem, skitters over to the pedestal** Do you Prince Yami take this Dark Magician for your ...... **pause** is he your husband or your wife ?
HighPriestessKal: Yami: I'm the dominant >3
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *pats DM* Good little uke ^^
ScurvyPeep: Yay! Then do you Yami-seme take DM-uke for your semi-lawfully wedded wife in sickness and health to love and protect him and stuff?
ScurvyPeep: DM: **ting-a-lings**
HighPriestessKal: Yami: I DO!
ScurvyPeep: And do you DM-uke take Yami-seme as your semi-lawfully wedded husband in sickness, health, to love and win duels for him and always be on the underside?
ScurvyPeep: DM: ...I do! ^-^
HighPriestessKal: *sniffles* So sweet
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *doesn't notice me because he's so happy*
ScurvyPeep: Then I now pronounce you seme and uke. You may kiss the uke. ^_^
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *smooches DM*
ScurvyPeep: DM: **kisses back, awwr**
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Is this fun to do? o.o *watches*
HighPriestessKal: EEep indecent exposure to a little kid..
HighPriestessKal: Unless he wants to go and marry the same gender just like Yami later on.. >>
ScurvyPeep: Well maybe he'll end up marrying Yami Bakura and making a ton of fangirls happy.
HighPriestessKal: Hmmm *thinks of her chibi back home in the present*
HighPriestessKal: Bones: NOW can we battle? -.-
ScurvyPeep: **pinches his cheek** ^-^
ScurvyPeep: Kawaiii~. Okay, we can fight now I suppose, you cute spooky thing. ^_^
HighPriestessKal: Bones: ........
HighPriestessKal: *rose card is hovering over a coffin*
ScurvyPeep: ..... I'm not that stupid.
HighPriestessKal: Bones: Of fine -.- Pumpking attack the rose duelist *takes card away*
HighPriestessKal: *oh
ScurvyPeep: Wai! **jumps back, grabbed by a vine. Whips out her deck, licking the corner of it not completely intentionally but it looks cool** Ike-yo, Opticlops!
HighPriestessKal: *blah blah blah, Bones gets locked in tower..*
ScurvyPeep: **saved herself! Does not cry!** >3
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Onward!
ScurvyPeep: Don't forget the rose card. **grabs it up**
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *keeps grinning* ^_____^
ScurvyPeep: DM: **huggling Yami** ^__^
ScurvyPeep: ........ I think the two of them just became useless, Malik. o.o;
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: ...I agree..
HighPriestessKal: Repona: You two lovebirds wanna stay here?
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Well we do need to kick King Richard's butt and all..
ScurvyPeep: DM: Oh, I do love a good ass-kicking. >D
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Yeah! ^^ So let's go then!
HighPriestessKal: Repona: *horse shrug* Ok
HighPriestessKal: *ff to St. Albans
HighPriestessKal: *
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Soooo boooored X__X
ScurvyPeep: Let's sing camp songs. o.o
HighPriestessKal: Repona: Yami and DM haven't been bored for four days straight X__X
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *looks up* Farmer ahead..
HighPriestessKal: Farmer: Good day strangers can I help you with something?
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Yeah, what's going on there?
HighPriestessKal: Farmer: It's the Harvest Feast! Why don't you come and join us?
ScurvyPeep: DM: .... Honeymoon. >3
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Yeah! ^__^!
HighPriestessKal: *at the HV*
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *is having fun playing with the kids*
ScurvyPeep: **doesn't have to wear a dress, because Yami isn't hitting on her!** ^-^
HighPriestessKal: *suddenly the moon is blocked off*
HighPriestessKal: Yami: YO! YOU RUINED THE MOOD BIG TIME! >O<
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Cool castle! ^^
ScurvyPeep: DM: ........No, Yami. Don't you see? It's completely dark. We like that.
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Oh yeah, who cares about the moon
HighPriestessKal: Whiptail Crows: *destroying everything*
ScurvyPeep: DM: ...THAT, however, is a mood-ruiner. Ass is to be kicked.
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Yep..
HighPriestessKal: Panic: You dare challenge the Dark Army of the Darkness Ruler? Prince Yami you don't stand a chance.
ScurvyPeep: DM: Dark Magic Attack!!! **takes down three of them**
ScurvyPeep: DN: **feeds them to her doll** >3 **fires laser beams around**
HighPriestessKal: Yami: You seriously ticked me and my koi, you will PAY
ScurvyPeep: **walks over** Besides, your deck doesn't have any advantage. I use demons exclusively, just like you.
HighPriestessKal: *Panic loses*
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *grabs White Rose card*
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Whooo hoo! One step closer!
ScurvyPeep: DM: ^_~V !
HighPriestessKal: *ffs to Towton*
ScurvyPeep: ...Oh look, newlyweds. Ground zero. ^-^
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *is nearly hit by a missle* o.O
HighPriestessKal: Yami: What's Ground Zero?
ScurvyPeep: ... >.> Don't missile my chibi! **takes out her gun, caps Bandit Kieth and steals his white rose card**
HighPriestessKal: Yami: That was easy..
ScurvyPeep: Wasn't it though? =D
HighPriestessKal: *skips the hotsprings and moves story along to Lancashire*
ScurvyPeep: ** Yes, die "You" x Yami, die! XD **
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Hey, what's that? *shields eyes from blinding glow*
HighPriestessKal: Ra: Yo dudes! What's up? ^__^
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: RA?!
HighPriestessKal: Ra: Yeah, just trying to work this here camera..
ScurvyPeep: **puts on sunglasses** Yo, carrier-pigeon. What's up?
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: O_____O *turns away*
HighPriestessKal: Seto: *is still gagged and tied to tree*
ScurvyPeep: Oh yeah. Spiff. Could have picked a better time to show up though.
HighPriestessKal: Snake: *stops a distance away*
HighPriestessKal: Uh ok >> <<
HighPriestessKal: Ra: Help me with this camera, my talons are to big for it..
ScurvyPeep: ...Oh.
ScurvyPeep: **runs up Ra's back and along his arm, operates camera**
HighPriestessKal: Camera: *snap snap snap snap*
HighPriestessKal: Seto: ><!!!!!
ScurvyPeep: ... I think I heard something. o.O
HighPriestessKal: Heh? >>
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: What?
ScurvyPeep: I sense! Damsel in Distress!
ScurvyPeep: **skitters off and finds Cecelia**
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Who cares? -.-
ScurvyPeep: -.- ... Yami you've changed a bit I think. **waking up Cecelia, smiles** Hey, welcome back. Want some Maiden Wine? ^_^
HighPriestessKal: Cecilia: Thank you..
ScurvyPeep: You're welcome. **smile** What happened? It's not every day you find a beautiful lady lying unconsious in the road. If it was, Tristan would be a happy man. =3
HighPriestessKal: Cecilia: I need to get my husband he's probably starting to worry, I don't know how long I've been out.........
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Not too long from the looks of things..
HighPriestessKal: Cecilia: *looks around* Rosenkreuz?!
HighPriestessKal: Ra: *opens wings to hide Seto* Nobody here by that name!
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Uhh, let's go and try to find where you live, shall we? ^__^;;
HighPriestessKal: Cecilia: Yes, alright *gets on her horse and trots*
ScurvyPeep: Yes, I'm sure you were seeing a pigeon. That happens a lot. Must be a side effect of the Maiden wine. Yes, I, Densetsu no Duelist, Seigi no Senshi Des-sama will escort you!
ScurvyPeep: **and she is escorted home!**
HighPriestessKal: ((you be Pegasus))
ScurvyPeep: Pegasus: Cecelia love! ;_; **runs out** Cecelia my darling! Are you injured?
HighPriestessKal: Cecilia: No Maximillion! I'm fine! Thanks to these kind people
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Yeah, we're really kind people ^____^
ScurvyPeep: Quite. ^-^
ScurvyPeep: Pegasus: I could call the doctor, luv...
ScurvyPeep: Pegasus: **glances at Des**
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: I'm hungry..
ScurvyPeep: Well, we'll get some lunch later.
ScurvyPeep: Pegasus: Well, well, I can hardly believe my eyes~. Is this not the famous Rose Duelist I see before me? ^-^
HighPriestessKal: Yami: How'd you know?
ScurvyPeep: Pegasus: I'm Maximillion Pegasus, the Champion of the Northlands, the noblest of Yorkist and Master of the Rose Crusaders!! Seto told me so much about you dear Duelist! ^-^
ScurvyPeep: Pegasus: I would kill you right on the spot but you saved my dear Cecelia and I never forget such things, so come on in and eat, my dear child!
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: YAAAAAAAAAAY
ScurvyPeep: ........... o_O Comforting.
ScurvyPeep: Pegasus: ^-^ **grabs Des by the hand and leads her off**
HighPriestessKal: *at the dining room*
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: o.o.... *stares at Toon monsters*
ScurvyPeep: o.O **pokes them**
HighPriestessKal: Toon Monsters: *serves them, ignoring them*
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *stuffing his face full with food*
HighPriestessKal: *afterwards...*
ScurvyPeep: **also stuffed herself** ^.^ Wai.
ScurvyPeep: Pegasus: Just for fun, how about a duel? **smile smile** Don't worry, I won't kill you.
ScurvyPeep: ...... Realize every time you say that it makes me more uncomfortable. >.>
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: >.>!
HighPriestessKal: *blah blah blah, he loses*
ScurvyPeep: **collapses, for some reason.**
ScurvyPeep: DN: **uncharacteristically runs to her aide!!**
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *will NOT do anything, just sits there*
ScurvyPeep: Pegasus: You must be joking. Me? Lose? Nevahhh. Oh dear you must be stronger than Seto.
ScurvyPeep: ...Well YEAH. Seto's an idiot. o.o
HighPriestessKal: HEY!
HighPriestessKal: Oh shoot... *signs off*
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *turns and glares at snake*
HighPriestessKal: Snake: Hss?
ScurvyPeep: Pegasus: I've learned a lot from you! By the way, I don't have any rose cards. Sorry. <3
ScurvyPeep: .......... <_<
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Ah well, the food was good ^^
ScurvyPeep: This is true. =^^= **gets up**
ScurvyPeep: Well, a match well fought Pegasus. Can I borrow your manga?
HighPriestessKal: *next day, breakfast, goodbyes, race!*
HighPriestessKal: Yami: I'll beat you!
HighPriestessKal: Repona: Not on your life! *zooms off(
HighPriestessKal: *
ScurvyPeep: ...
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: X______X *nearly falls off*
ScurvyPeep: **cackles as Yami and DM are left in the dust** XD
ScurvyPeep: Wooohooohooo!!!
HighPriestessKal: Repona: *nearly runs into the water*
HighPriestessKal: Repona: *puts on breaks*
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *cough coughs from the dust and smoke* .....
ScurvyPeep: **gracefully alights and gives a graceful and yet mocking bow of victory** >3
ScurvyPeep: **And yes, I do realize I used the adjective graceful twice.**
HighPriestessKal: *past the ferry ride*
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Nice maze..
HighPriestessKal: Silver Fang: *attacks!
ScurvyPeep: Oi, oi! ><; **sends IQ after it**
HighPriestessKal: IQ: AUHHHHH!
HighPriestessKal: IQ: *disappears*
ScurvyPeep: Nani? >.O
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Crush card virus!
ScurvyPeep: Wonderful. And I suppose you... you're immune to it Malik because you're a kid. Weh. Not feeling good. x_o WHY does this keep happening to me? **falls against the fountain, twitch**
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *shrugs* Because you're the rose duelist?
ScurvyPeep: Figures.
HighPriestessKal: Yami: WHO ARE YOU?!
HighPriestessKal: Isis: I am Isis Ishtar, one of the members of the Rose Crusaders
HighPriestessKal: Like nan no duh... -.o
HighPriestessKal: *signs off quickly*
ScurvyPeep: >___>
HighPriestessKal: Isis: I know what your here for Rose Duelist, and I can give it to you for a price
HighPriestessKal: *you're
ScurvyPeep: Oh yeah? x_o
HighPriestessKal: Isis: You and you alone have to make it out of the maze alive, the Crush Virus has infected you and you can't use any strong monsters or it will kill you.
HighPriestessKal: Isis: I can't use any strong monsters because I will be infected. If you make it out of the maze alive I'll give you the Rose Card
ScurvyPeep: ... I hate how these things work out. -.-;
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *sits back* Have fun!
ScurvyPeep: <.< ......
ScurvyPeep: Tell you what Ishizu. n.n Show me the way out of this maze and I'll join the Rose Crusaders. Prince Yami has become quite the nonchalant jerk.
HighPriestessKal: Isis: tricks?
ScurvyPeep: DN: Yay! Evil! >D
ScurvyPeep: **points at Yami** >.> He doesn't even CARE!
HighPriestessKal: Yami: OI! O__O
HighPriestessKal: Yeeehaw! ^_____^
HighPriestessKal: Yami: ROSENKREUZ!
HighPriestessKal: *signs off*
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Yami has also gone crazy..
ScurvyPeep: No tricks. o.O Do you guys get perks?
HighPriestessKal: Isis: Excuse me?
ScurvyPeep: ... Yaknow. Perks. Nifty stuff. o.O I wanna know if switching over to your side will benefit me financially, Simon IS paying me for this you know. ^-^
HighPriestessKal: Isis: I assure you King Richard is very wealthy
HighPriestessKal: Yeah, you should see his private gold room
HighPriestessKal: Yami: *is wondering why only Seto's head is there*
ScurvyPeep: Consider that since I'm the legendary Rose Duelist, there is probably no way in hell you'll win to me. ^.^ So if you play your cards right, you get all the white rose cards back, and Yami gets screwed. ^.^
ScurvyPeep: ...<.< Are you even going to TRY to stop me? Geez.
HighPriestessKal: Isis: Alright, agreed, but first give me one for insurance
ScurvyPeep: **hands it over, after all, if it's a trick she can just take it back by winning**
HighPriestessKal: Isis: Alright, follow me *starts walking*
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *follows!*
ScurvyPeep: **follows too**
HighPriestessKal: *later*
ScurvyPeep: DN: **also follows!**
HighPriestessKal: Isis: *leads them to the end safetly*
ScurvyPeep: Sweet. So I'm not infected anymore, right? >.>
HighPriestessKal: Isis: Yep
HighPriestessKal: Isis: If you do join our side you'll get one hundred gold coins for each card you bring back
ScurvyPeep: .... Awesome. >D
HighPriestessKal: Yami: Traitor
ScurvyPeep: <.<;; It's your own fault. Show a LITTLE respect, would you?
HighPriestessKal: Cool! Now me and Des are on the same side!
ScurvyPeep: -.- Or at least try to persuade me not to join Rosenkreuz, perhaps? Baka.
HighPriestessKal: Yami: I don't care anymore, I'll go defeat King Richard myself *rides off on his horse*
ScurvyPeep: You're gonna get your ass kicked. And I'm stealing all your red rose cards so NYAH
HighPriestessKal: Isis: First lets go to main castle in England and tell everyone the news
ScurvyPeep: 'Kay. =D
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Aw maaaan, all that travelling agan?!
ScurvyPeep: .... No hard feelings about killing your other agents, yes? o.o
HighPriestessKal: Repona: WHO HO! ^__^!
HighPriestessKal: Isis: Not really, they were idiots..
ScurvyPeep: Oh good.
ScurvyPeep: Well, I didn't kill all of them. n.n Stole their leaders and pimp coats, yes...
HighPriestessKal: *sooo about a week later*
HighPriestessKal: *at the castle*
HighPriestessKal: Des! Hello! ^__^! *greets them at door*
ScurvyPeep: Kalba! =D
ScurvyPeep: (( ... What page are we on now? XD ))
HighPriestessKal: ((I dunno, second? ^^;;; ))
HighPriestessKal: ((Nuh wait))
HighPriestessKal: ((three))
ScurvyPeep: (( Alrighty. .....This RP just got that much longer. XD ))
HighPriestessKal: ((XD!!! ))
HighPriestessKal: *pushes Des into room* White dress now!
ScurvyPeep: Oh for crying out loud.
HighPriestessKal: What it's in da script.... unless you want a black one?
ScurvyPeep: ...It's not the color that bugs me. XD;
HighPriestessKal: Oh, you just don't want to wear a dress? ^^;;
HighPriestessKal: But you'll be seeing the king o.o
ScurvyPeep: ....Aww fine. -.-
ScurvyPeep: White's fine I guess. I look good in white.
HighPriestessKal: Alright then! *walks out and waits*
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Who are you? o.o Seto? Didn't I just see you back at that forest?
HighPriestessKal: Errr I travel quickly
ScurvyPeep: ...Quite.
HighPriestessKal: Ready to meet everyone else?
HighPriestessKal: Well those who were not eliminated ^^;;
ScurvyPeep: **comes out in a white dress. Has stolen the diamond jewelry.** Alrightythen. ...Really, I think Panic is the only one who died. o.O
HighPriestessKal: Well... Weevil would not stop being in depression... Rex would not leave his dungeon, and we haven't heard from Bones yet
ScurvyPeep: Weevil I stole his Insect Queen and Pimp coat, Rex I actually got on pretty good terms with, Kotzuka ... I don't think he died. o.O
ScurvyPeep: ...Bandit Keith died.
ScurvyPeep: That or he just fainted from being shot. o.O;
HighPriestessKal: What.. oh yeah..
ScurvyPeep: I didn't feel like dealing with missiles. n.n
ScurvyPeep: It was an instinct I tell you.
ScurvyPeep: ....Sorry about that by the way.
HighPriestessKal: So all that's left now is King Richard , Isis Ishatar, Mokuba Kaiba, and Maximillion Pegasus,
HighPriestessKal: *Ishtar
HighPriestessKal: Mokuba is kind of suspicious of me though >.>;;;
HighPriestessKal: So don't give a hint of what happend to the real one ^.^;;
HighPriestessKal: Well lesgo! *walks to meeting room*
ScurvyPeep: **follows** o.O
HighPriestessKal: *walks into room*
HighPriestessKal: King Richard: Ah, is this her Isis?
HighPriestessKal: Isis: Yes your majesty
HighPriestessKal: K.Richard: Well I am quite pleased about the news Lady Des!
ScurvyPeep: ^_^ I don't think I could have put up with Prince Yami for much longer. Hopefully I'll have a better time in your service, Richard-sama. ^.^
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: ....*sneaks in*
HighPriestessKal: C.Richard: *is flattered* ^__^
HighPriestessKal: *so everyone sits and eats.... then party room!*
ScurvyPeep: (( Chibi Richard? XD))
HighPriestessKal: ((XD!))
HighPriestessKal: ((Sorry typo))
HighPriestessKal: *K.Richard
HighPriestessKal: Uhhhh ohh, here it comes.. *takes deep breath and opens door to ballroom*
HighPriestessKal: Ladies: *crowd around like vultures to a carcass*
HighPriestessKal: -__- I'm very sorry ladies, but I'm not in the mood to dance..
HighPriestessKal: Them: Awwww! But please! *starts tugging my arms*
HighPriestessKal: Uhh, maybe next time *escapes!*
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *blinks* Mom.. where are we?
ScurvyPeep: This, Malik, would be a fancy shmancy party. ^.^
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Where's the big shiny ball?
ScurvyPeep: Not that kind of party. n.n
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Awwww! ><!
HighPriestessKal: Little girl: Want to dance?
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Uh sure *walks off*
HighPriestessKal: Ra: They grow up sooo fast *sniffles*
HighPriestessKal: Ra: *is outside at the rose garden looking in the party room*
ScurvyPeep: Haiii...
ScurvyPeep: ...Wanna dance Ra? =D
HighPriestessKal: Ra: Sure! ^___^ *changes to human form and dances with Des*
ScurvyPeep: **dance~** ^-^
HighPriestessKal: *next day!*
ScurvyPeep: **asleep after a party again. However opposite of the story, she is out of her dress and still in the diamonds. XD**
HighPriestessKal: Isis: *knocks on door*
ScurvyPeep: **wakes up a little and grunts** Deja vu. >.> **walks over to the door** Yo. n.n
HighPriestessKal: Isis: His Highness wishes to see you my Lady
HighPriestessKal: Isis: Follow me *walks to library*
ScurvyPeep: Ah. Right. Sure. n.n
HighPriestessKal: o.O;;;
HighPriestessKal: ((random notice: This chat is 44 pages long))
ScurvyPeep: (( Neat. XD ))
HighPriestessKal: K.Richard: Good morning Lady Des, come sit with us
ScurvyPeep: **sits across from Kal, gives her the V** ^-^V
HighPriestessKal: K.Richard: Lady Des, I'm going to ask you to retrieve the Red Rose Cards from the Lancastrians. This is because there is a threat of invasion from Prince Yami Yugi and his followers
HighPriestessKal: Hey, I thought they were the Yorkist...
ScurvyPeep: With all due respect, your highness, I'm well aware of that, since I just got through with being a part of that invasion?
HighPriestessKal: Bleah =__=
HighPriestessKal: *is rusty on history*
HighPriestessKal: K.Richard: Yes yes, very well then. You know what to do?
ScurvyPeep: Pretty sure I do. o.O
HighPriestessKal: K.Richard: Great! I'll send you on your way then!
HighPriestessKal: Crystal ball: *ring!*
ScurvyPeep: Lemme guess, alone?
ScurvyPeep: ... **blinks at crystal ball. Sweatdrop** Hang on, let me get this.
HighPriestessKal: K.Richard: *nod*
HighPriestessKal: Simon: LADY DES! I DON'T BELIEVE THIS!
ScurvyPeep: **skitters off into the other room, picks up** ...Yo? o.o
ScurvyPeep: I'm starting to wonder that myself. -_-; Maybe he wouldn't have become such an ass. Lemme guess, Kingdom's in ruins now?
HighPriestessKal: Simon: Oh and why did you join with the Rose Crusaders?
ScurvyPeep: Because your "Prince" was pissing me off and I suck at mazes.
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *sigh* Fine then...
HighPriestessKal: Simon: *signs off*
ScurvyPeep: .... Well, now I regret it a LITTLE more. o.o Ah well. Not my problem anymore.
ScurvyPeep: **tucks it into her backpack** <.<
ScurvyPeep: **skitters back in**
HighPriestessKal: *everyone explains why Des needs to go alone*
ScurvyPeep: **listens intently, but is pretty sure the real reason is so that she can't get pissed off at her partners and end up changing sides AGAIN**
HighPriestessKal: K.Richard: Will you do it?
ScurvyPeep: Sure. o.O Nice change of pace.
HighPriestessKal: K.Richard: Very well, you will leave immediately
HighPriestessKal: *follows Des to her room* Hey, mind if I come with you?
ScurvyPeep: **hitches up her backpack** ...... o.O Sure.
HighPriestessKal: Thanks *looks around, closes door* YES! HOH YEAH! NO MORE MEETINGS NO MORE PARTIES! ^______^
HighPriestessKal: *at Windsor*
HighPriestessKal: Ah, Mokuba wouldn't mind anyway.. he probably knew I wasn't his real brother >>
ScurvyPeep: Yeah. n.n
HighPriestessKal: Flowers...
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Mom I'm tired..
ScurvyPeep: ... Why do I suddenly feel like we've stepped into the wizard of oz? ._.
HighPriestessKal: Ra: *shrieks in high pitched voice* PANSIES! PANSIES!
ScurvyPeep: .........OW, Ra.
HighPriestessKal: Ra: ^_____^;;
ScurvyPeep: **sits down** Alright Malik, you can take a nap but Necrophia-sama is keeping guard no da. n.n
HighPriestessKal: Tea: How dare you betray the hopes of Prince Yami! I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!
ScurvyPeep: (( That's quite appropriate. XD ))
HighPriestessKal: Why hellooooo there Lady Tea..
ScurvyPeep: Think she's calling me out, Kalba. **stands back up** >.>
HighPriestessKal: Tea: This is for what happened back at the palace too! *makes a swipe at Des's face*
ScurvyPeep: **dodges easily** Leave the fighting to the monsters, creampuff. >.>
ScurvyPeep: -.- And by the by, what happened at the palace did not reflect Yami's feelings at all. Wanna know why? It's because he's GAY.
HighPriestessKal: Tea: HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT?!
HighPriestessKal: .... uhh..yeah it's true..
HighPriestessKal: Well excuuuuuse me.....
ScurvyPeep: ^-^ Well, if you wanna believe he liked me more than you, that's fine too. Either way you're screwed. Want me to add hot steamy defeat to that? ^_^
HighPriestessKal: Tea: It'll be YOU who'll be defeated!
HighPriestessKal: *sits down in flowers* That'll be the day..
ScurvyPeep: Well then, let's see whether demons or faeries are more powerful. >3 Necrophia-sama, Ikou-yo!
HighPriestessKal: Tea: ..... Go Shing Friendship!
HighPriestessKal: SF: >.>
HighPriestessKal: OH my gosh.. cream puff against DN Des has got this one in the bag..
ScurvyPeep: ... **cracks up**
ScurvyPeep: Ahahahahaha...haa.... oh... oh, I'm sorry. Let's go. >D
ScurvyPeep: **And so Des and Tea duke it out. Des finishes Tea off with her trademark Death Kuriboh maneuver!**
HighPriestessKal: Tea: X__X
HighPriestessKal: Yay! *claps*
ScurvyPeep: **glomps Kuriboh** Suteki na~! ^o^
ScurvyPeep: Kuriboh: Kuriii~! ^o^
ScurvyPeep: **the monsters all disappear except for DN, now** God. I hope Yami's defenses get better than her. **takes the red rose card**
HighPriestessKal: Onward!
ScurvyPeep: To LONDON! =^^=
HighPriestessKal: *at London*
HighPriestessKal: *sweatdrops at street merchants*
ScurvyPeep: ... **joins in the rabble, ends up getting half the crowd drunk off Maiden Wine and making quite a nice profit** ^-^
HighPriestessKal: *falls over*
HighPriestessKal: Taking all the Rose cards while making a profit? ^^;;
ScurvyPeep: Kalba. Look at these coins. These don't even EXIST in our time. If I bring these to the future, I'll be a freakin' millionare.
HighPriestessKal: True
HighPriestessKal: And why do you keep calling me Kaiba?
ScurvyPeep: Kal-ba.
ScurvyPeep: It's an L.
HighPriestessKal: *squints* Oh!
HighPriestessKal: L and i look similar in dim light
HighPriestessKal: *nightfall*
HighPriestessKal: Okay, here we go *walk to the mansion*
HighPriestessKal: Tristan: Who goes there?!
ScurvyPeep: It is I, Des-sama! Densetsu no Rose Duelist!
HighPriestessKal: Yeah, forget the lowly traveller part ^^;
ScurvyPeep: Do I LOOK like a lowly traveller? ^-^ I eminate greatness.
HighPriestessKal: Tristan: If you wanna go any further you'll have to beat me! Tristan Taylor, servant and loyal follower of his highness Prince Yami!
HighPriestessKal: Who is gaaay very much sooo
HighPriestessKal: Tristan: How dare you say that about our prince!
ScurvyPeep: Dude, I married him to his male lover. o.O
HighPriestessKal: Tristan: .... MORE SO I MUST DESTROY YOU!
ScurvyPeep: Homophobe. ~_~
HighPriestessKal: -___- oh gosh..
HighPriestessKal: *blah blah blah, Tristan loses*
ScurvyPeep: Now get down your knees and accept your Prince's sexual orientation!
HighPriestessKal: Canterbury is our next stop!
HighPriestessKal: Tristan: NEVA
HighPriestessKal: Stubborn -.-
ScurvyPeep: ... Then I'm stealing your ladies phone book! >D
HighPriestessKal: Tristan: o.0!!! NOOO!
ScurvyPeep: Or at least your red rose card. **takes that first**
ScurvyPeep: ... Yes! To Canterbury!
HighPriestessKal: *spots Mokuba at Canterbury* ...............
HighPriestessKal: Hello Mokuba! ^__^
HighPriestessKal: Mokuba: Big brother! I missed you!
HighPriestessKal: Uhm, I did too! ^^;;
HighPriestessKal: Well let's go, we have no time to waste
HighPriestessKal: Mokuba: I-
HighPriestessKal: HL: *swoops down and snatches him away*
ScurvyPeep: o_O
ScurvyPeep: Up in the air! It's Harpie Lady and Hostageboy!
ScurvyPeep: **cue theme music**
HighPriestessKal: Mai: If you want to make it past Canterbury and get the kid back you'll have to face me. Meet me at the top of the mountains at noon. Climb to the top without your strongest monsters
HighPriestessKal: PFfttt -.- that's not exactly fair is it?
ScurvyPeep: .......
HighPriestessKal: *Changes it to Mai's note*
ScurvyPeep: And what if I don't care about Mokuba? -.-
HighPriestessKal: Then the real Seto would somehow find us like Sakura did with Naruto and strangle all of us to death?
ScurvyPeep: But he's tied naked to a tree.
ScurvyPeep: Ah well. I'll do it because you probably have a rose card... <.<
HighPriestessKal: *nod nod* Mai definately has one*
HighPriestessKal: *noon*
ScurvyPeep: Well then, we'll climb the mountains.
ScurvyPeep: **hops on Kuriboh and floats up**
ScurvyPeep: **hops off** He's not my strongest monster. ^^
HighPriestessKal: Mai: I think you know who I am *narrows eyes* How dare you betray those that summoned you! Especially after the dress we gave you!
ScurvyPeep: Good times, those were. o.O However, I'll say it once and I'll say it again, it was rather dodgy how you summoned me in the first place, with no warning or anything when I may well have been doing something important..
ScurvyPeep: ..And just ASSUMING I would help...
HighPriestessKal: Actually you wanted to come here ^__^;;
ScurvyPeep: ... We're going from a game standpoint now. XD
HighPriestessKal: Mai: ... anyway... attack my Harpies Ladies! *sics them on Des*
ScurvyPeep: Attack, whatever demon monster I have summoned at the moment!
ScurvyPeep: By the way, did you know that Prince Yami is gay?
HighPriestessKal: Mai: Yeah, I've known it for quite some time now..
ScurvyPeep: Well that's good. 'Least someone did. ^.^
HighPriestessKal: Mai: What's Rosenkreuz doing here?! Ah, come for your brother, eh?
ScurvyPeep: Nah, he's with me ^.^
HighPriestessKal: Yeah pretty much ^__^
HighPriestessKal: *blah blah blah, Mai loses*
HighPriestessKal: Mai Losing to the likes of you makes my skin crawl! You shall not be so lucky when you reach the Continent!! For Prince Yami and his followers is a force to be reckoned with! That is if you get there!
ScurvyPeep: Yes, Rose Crusader-Des has won! Prince Yami can go screw himself. =.=
ScurvyPeep: Because it is -entirely- his fault that I switched sides. **takes Mai's card** Where's our next stop ?
HighPriestessKal: Straight of Dover
HighPriestessKal: *at Straight of Dover*
ScurvyPeep: Ah! A boat trip then. Cool. Maybe I'll hijack it.
HighPriestessKal: Mokuba: Arrrgh! Abast land lovers! We shall set sail!
ScurvyPeep: It's landLUBBERS, Mokuba. Get it right.
HighPriestessKal: Whee a ship all ready for out journey! *walks on deck*
HighPriestessKal: Mokuba: Land lubbers -.-
ScurvyPeep: **walks onto deck too**
HighPriestessKal: *reads script* You need to wear a dress?
ScurvyPeep: ...
ScurvyPeep: No, don't think so. If I get the pirating urge, I won't be able to do it in a dress. n.n
HighPriestessKal: Yeah let's skip that then ^^;;
HighPriestessKal: *fast forwards*
HighPriestessKal: *sees cannons*
HighPriestessKal: EEk, red rose ship ahead
ScurvyPeep: ...WE have cannons, do we not? -.-
HighPriestessKal: You stay in the cabin Mokuba *pushes him in and locks the door*
HighPriestessKal: W-e-e-elll..
ScurvyPeep: .........We don't have cannons.
ScurvyPeep: We're sailing in a ship. Without cannons. Are you mad!?
HighPriestessKal: Ra: *is now God form, grabs a ton from the enemy ship and puts them on out ship
HighPriestessKal: *
HighPriestessKal: I didn't design this ship..
HighPriestessKal: Oh hey, thanks Ra!
ScurvyPeep: Sweet. **fires back** >D
HighPriestessKal: Mako: *his ship siiiiiinks*
ScurvyPeep: ...
HighPriestessKal: *drops a net and pulls Red Rose card from ocean*
ScurvyPeep: I think we just sunk a rose card...Oh good!
HighPriestessKal: That was easy..
HighPriestessKal: Onward then!
ScurvyPeep: To France!
HighPriestessKal: *at Boulogne*
HighPriestessKal: *gets on horse* Two days ride oh brother..
ScurvyPeep: **Now she beats KAL in a horserace.** XD
HighPriestessKal: Oi! o.O
HighPriestessKal: Mokuba: ;___; I wanted to win!
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: Well tough! XD!
ScurvyPeep: Yehoo! >D
HighPriestessKal: ((*has read the first part of chatper* o.O;; ))
HighPriestessKal: *chapter
HighPriestessKal: *skips to the part where they meet Joey*
ScurvyPeep: (( Seto ... is so OOC and fanservicey. This is sad. XD ))
HighPriestessKal: ((Yeah XD ))
HighPriestessKal: Joey: I never wouldn't guessed..
HighPriestessKal: That your prince was gay? Yeah me niether
HighPriestessKal: Joey: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HighPriestessKal: *would've
ScurvyPeep: ... Tonikaku, what were you about to say? o.o;
HighPriestessKal: Joey: THAT IS NOT TRUE!
HighPriestessKal: Just ask your dear prince -.-
HighPriestessKal: Joey: Grrrrrrrrrr anyhoo, I challgned you to a Leader Battle!
ScurvyPeep: Figures.
HighPriestessKal: *blah Joey loses*
HighPriestessKal: Or.. not..
HighPriestessKal: Wait.. grr *reads more*
HighPriestessKal: TO PARIS! >O<
ScurvyPeep: ...... **has two Red-Eyes now**
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: I'm hungry! =___=!!
ScurvyPeep: Wai! We shall get ze French foods. XD
HighPriestessKal: Yep! ^^
HighPriestessKal: *walks in an Inn*
HighPriestessKal: Inn Owner: Est-ce que bonjour Messieurs et Dame, que je peux vous obtenir?
HighPriestessKal: 2 verres de vin et pain et beurre
HighPriestessKal: IO: Très bien monsieur
HighPriestessKal: ((IO, he's one of Jupiter's moons! XD! ))
ScurvyPeep: (( XD ))
HighPriestessKal: Mokuba: Monsieur, peut j'avoir un verre de lait.
HighPriestessKal: IO: Oui monsieur
ScurvyPeep: **looking bored**
HighPriestessKal: *waits for orders, reads script* Ehh, sooner or later we'll be attacked by .....................
HighPriestessKal: Marik?
ScurvyPeep: .........
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *looks up* Huh? Someone say my na,e?
HighPriestessKal: *name
ScurvyPeep: o.O;
HighPriestessKal: Three two one..
ScurvyPeep: **looks unphazed, this happens a lot**
HighPriestessKal: MG: *carrying Mokuba*
HighPriestessKal: Marik: Monsieur Seto I believe this is you little brother
HighPriestessKal: Comme ce comma ca, Marik..
ScurvyPeep: Why is Marik talking in french.
HighPriestessKal: Marik: What do you mean so so?!
HighPriestessKal: Firm la bouche, Marik
HighPriestessKal: Marik: !!!!!!!!
HighPriestessKal: Uhm.. let's see..
HighPriestessKal: Votre fammille est un morceau de merde! Ja cranche sur vos tombes d'antcetres!
HighPriestessKal: Marik: *is fuming*
ScurvyPeep: Why the HELL does Marik speak French...
HighPriestessKal: *shrugs* He learned it in school?
HighPriestessKal: C.Malik: *is confused @__@
HighPriestessKal: *
HighPriestessKal: MG: *attacks*
HighPriestessKal: Your turn Des
ScurvyPeep: ... Yeah, I know.
ScurvyPeep: **Another battle that Des wins.**
HighPriestessKal: Mokuba: *picks up Rose Card*
HighPriestessKal: To Le Mans!
ScurvyPeep: This is getting old. o.o
ScurvyPeep: I think I should be getting to bed, Kal XD;