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Shinkuu Buttagiri - Fires a slicing burst of energy from Harusame.

Amidaryu Gokoujin - I think this is like, a bigger form of the Shinkuu Buttagiri.

[Nameless] - I have no idea what this was, but it was really effin' huge.


Chuuka Zanmai/Golden Chuuka Zanmai/ Chou Golden Chuuka Zanmai/Perfect Chuuka Zanmai - This is where he stabs an opponent with his glaive, a lot. Since he uses it the most often, one assumes it's his favorite attack.


Golden Punch - Here Ren made his oversoul really big by putting more furyoku into it, and then as the title suggests, delivered a big punch.

Golden Double Sledge Hammer - This is a stronger attack than Golden Punch - Bason's hands form a pose as if he is holding a sledgehammer and he slams down in a devastating blow.


[Nameless] - This is a special technique Ren used to oversoul Bason into his horse, Hakuo. I think this made the Oversoul stronger, or something. Not sure why. o_O;



Kau Kau Furi Wenfe - Shoots many blocks of ice.

Ebishingu Tessepe - Forms a very large icicle on the bottom of his snowboard and uses it to impale an opponent from above.

Mososo Kurrupe  - Freezes the ground and then forms a bridge of icicles


[Nameless] - This is more of a defensive technique. Kororo blew cold air from the snowboard to propel it away from an attack. 

Epikari Kyuupashi Horusuke - Summons a HUGE ASS wave of snow to avalanche on opponent.

Nipopo Punch - Freezes an opponent with cold air. Opponent can then be shattered.

Emushinoki Pekonru - This creates a shield of ice to block an opponent's attack.

Hashinau Sankahe Inakri Kafune - A technique Horo Horo used to break out of Team Sabbath's Rainbow in the Dark, this turned the false world into a field of coltsfoot and allowed him to break his opponent's furyoku.

Jigoku Ryu Beni Tokage - I think it's just basically a sword attack, nothing really special..


[Nameless] - By activating some rings on his fingers, he is able to reach into a person's body and grab their internal organs (such as their heart.)

 Bone Dead Reborn - An attack that allows Faust to bring to life every skeleton in a graveyard and sic them on his opponent.


Homing Pendulum - An attack using dowsing. Oversouls through wire and crystal to track and surround an opponent.


Big Ben Wire - The wire forms the shape of the famous clock, Big Ben, and can be used to pierce an oversoul from above or to trap someone. Other names he has called it are "Storming Big Ben Wire Frame" and "The Big Ben Wire of Friendship."  (( This happens to be Des's favorite attack in Mankin. XD ))


[Nameless] - A result of his fusing with the jaguar Mic, Chocolove gets heightened senses and the keen ability to notice things others don't. He also becomes faster.

Ayer's Rock - Chocolove's *ahem* ultimate technique.  With this he uses all of his furyoku to make his belly button (navel) imitate Ayer's Rock (The biggest rock in the world, located in Australia,  nicknamed Earth's navel) which is underneath him. A pun which causes an opponent to forget about attacking and releases spirits who are haunted by evil. More or less .... it's a really, really big distraction.

Shaft - A quick pounce.